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Across The Universe

Genre: Musical/Drama

Director: Julie Taymor

Screenplay: Dick Clemet and Ian La Frenais

Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, and Joe Anderson

This is the story of Jude, a young Englishman, who is finally able to go to America to search for the father he has never met. The New World, broken by war, opens up opportunities of friendship and love. Using the music of The Beatles to propel the story, Jude finds a inspiration and himself.

This is an artistic film. It has a strong story line as it follows the lead character, Jude, and his friends, but the film reflects a painting with colorful and imaginative scenes that interpret the music it follows. This film would probably be more enjoyable if you are indeed a Beatles and art film fan. It is possible that you could still appreciate the beautiful cinematography and story without knowing of or liking The Beatles music, but it is the main draw to this film. It also follows the main elements of a musical with singing and dancing, which I felt were stunningly choreographed. The actors even provided their own vocals, which I feel is always a plus and adds another layer of respect to the actor. The main feature is still the art of the film, not the story. This is what the film was intended to be seen for, and that may not be of interest for some. As an art and Beatles lover, myself, I really enjoyed this movie.

The actors are not exactly well known just yet, the most famous probably being Evan Rachel Wood. Best known for her role in Thirteen, she seems to be selective about her roles, sticking mostly to independent films. She is a growing talent who has the potential of being a great and respective actress of her generation. Her work in this film does not disappoint either. Most of the characters she has played have always seem to be driven by some kind of edge or hardship. Though her character, Lucy, has some hardship, this does not propel her character. The hardship in this film was simply the way of life for most Americans during this time. In fact, this is probably one of the more normal roles she’s played so far with the added touch of a very sweet and pleasant voice.

Both Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson, being British, have had sporadic roles here and there. This is probably their most distinguished film. The both carried their large roles well. I had hoped that we may have seen more of both of them as a result from this film, but their roles still seem to be varied as of late.

I give this film 3 Buttery Kernels.

Coming Soon: Adventures In Babysitting

New Contest Featuring Belle Butters!

                                                      Taken from Belle Butters facebook site!

I am excited to announce a new give away today on The Tale of Going Natural. I have teamed up with Tasha from Belle Butters to give you a special opportunity.

We all know the benefits of shea butter both for your skin and your hair. But it doesn’t smell the greatest. That is where Belle Butters come in.

Tasha makes the smoothest creamiest whipped shea butters I have ever seen. Not only that, they have delicious scents that make you want to eat it! But don’t... Not for human consumption.

I’ve been in love with her orange dreamsicle. She has many other flavors, but that seems to grab a hold of me and pull.

Today Tasha of Belle Butters is giving not one, but three of my readers a chance to try some of her delicious smelling shea butters!

Remember, this isn't just for my curly girls! Shea butter is great as a moisturizer for skin.

So here are the rules!


  1. Contest ends Sept. 6th
  2. You must be following my blog publicly. You cannot do any of the extra things without doing this. 
  3. You must go to Belle Butters Etsy site and tell me what flavor you would want to try.
Please fill out this spreadsheet so I can keep track!


Be Funny Friday- The Student ID Edition.

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There are a couple of things that you need to know about me. I am messy. My desk right now, would scare the living day out of someone. It is littered with bottles, bags, lotions, potions, conditioners, cords, scrapbooking stuff, camera stuff, just everything. 

I am disorganized. In order for me to get stuff done, I need a list. That list has to state every single thing I need to do on a project, or shit gets scary. I've many a time woken up in a cold sweat at 3am in the morning, because I realized a project is due at 8am, and I forgot to write it down.. Meh. I am doing better with this though..I put everything in my outlook calendar and it syncs to my phone. 

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, so you will understand why the rest of this entry is so funny.

I lost my student ID. 

I don't really use my Jag Tag much.. just for food when I am on campus late, or for restaraunts downtown when me and the hubs go out. I keep at least 50 dollars on it per semester for that right there. 

My husband and I really wanted to go out to eat, but we didn't want to tinker with the budget, so I had the grand idea of going downtown and using my jag tag...
Couldn't find it. 

I tore my office apart, I tore the bedroom apart. Nothing. It couldn't be anywhere  else because the rest of the house is tidy. I worked hard to keep it tidy. In the end, we couldn't find it and I resigned myself to getting a new one.

I purchased a new one on Wednesday. Yesterday Jeff and I were catching up on Mad Men (If you do not watch this show.. please, go, now and rent it!! Love it!) and I was fiddling with stuff on the table... What is this!? Why.. it's my old student ID!! On the living room table.. Under the keyboard...ARGH!

I just sighed. What else can you do? LOL

Good Hair by Chris Rock.

I requested this movie from the library several months ago. The way the library in Indianapolis works is that there are several branches. A lot of times they won't have what you want on the shelves. You go into your account on the computer, request what you want, and they send it from another library. The central library is downtown, and while I have never been there, I am guessing that is where the main quantity of books are stored.

Anyway, I have had Good Hair on request for several months. I was somewhere around number 60 to get it. It finally was available to me yesterday. My husband and I sat down to dinner in front of the television and watched it. 
For those of you that do not know, Good Hair is a documentary that Chris Rock made. The idea was spawned by his little 3 (at the time) year old daughter. She came in the house and asked her father "Daddy, why don't I have good hair?" He was baffled at this statement.  
He then proceeded to make a documentary. He talks about relaxers, weaves, natural hair, and the African American hair industry as a whole
A lot of the information I knew already. For example, a lot of the African American hair product industry is ran by large primarily White companies. The beauty supply shops are primarily Asian owned. I knew a lot of the hair came by India. What I did not know however, is that Indian women get their hair cut off in a religious ceremony. That hair goes to the highest bidder within the hair merchants. Another fact I did not know. Some people (beauticians) dealing in weaves make as much as doctors!
What kind of impacted me the most was the high school seniors talking. They were saying how natural hair as far as afros go, do not seem professional to them. They said that if you walk into a law firm, looking for a job with a huge afro on your head, you won't be taken seriously.
That statement gave me pause. 
I consider myelf an IT professional. Since I have big chopped though, I have not had a job, I have not had an occasion to test this issue. I know for a fact though, smaller afros are considered professional, and even matronly. I have had interviews though, and some of them have gone really well. Could it be that my hair is the cause for me not getting a job?
Another thing that struck a chord in me was the little girls getting relaxers. One little girl, she was about 6 years old..maybe, talking about she's had relaxers for a long time.. and her mom gave her a texturizer once and it burnt off all her hair and so after that she started getting her relaxers professionally done. 
A dermatologist was on there talking about how she gets phone calls and visits from moms who do not know how to deal with their childs hair, and so at age 1 1/2-2 they want to give them a relaxer. Your childs hair follicles are still growing and changing. Giving them a relaxer at that age can perminately damage their hair, their follicles, everything! 
I am glad that I have had relaxers. I am glad that I am now natural. I feel like that when I have kids, and if I have a girl, I know what needs to be done to give her a healthy head of hair. I know what needs to be said to give her the confidence she will need to have in her hair. 
All in all this was an interesting documentary. It was also hilarious because Chris Rock is just silly at times. It kind of opened my husbands eyes a bit as well. 

Product Review: Hydrating Hair Butter by Fleurzty

I have reviewed a product by Fleurzty before. It was okay. I was not uber impressed, but it did get the job done. Today's product. I did not like. AT ALL.

The product is Hydrating Hair Butter. This product is anything but hydrating. Let me type out the label for you.

This butter is very rich and intensely hydrating. It melts instantly and provides softness, shine and moisture to your hair without being greasy or heavy.

First things first. The scent I chose was lemon and ylang ylang. I have no clue what ylang ylang is supposed to smell like, but I am a sucker for anything lemon scented or flavored. I opened up the jar, and took a whiff....and gagged. This stuff smells awful. There is nothing lemony about it at all. I just figure the ylang ylang is the primary scent here.

I proceeded to apply it to my hair. It does feel rich and it does melt instantly. That is where the label information ends for me. About 15 minutes after I put it in.. my hair felt.. weird. It felt crunchy and grainy. To make sure I wasn't going insane, I called my husband over and asked him to feel my hair. His response? "Your hair feels crunchy and greasy...what did you put in it?"

So yeah, Hydrating hair butter? Not so much. I would stay as far from this product as possible.

Healthy Diet= Healthy Hair

As my readers, I feel that we have a relationship. We can laugh together, we can cry together, and I can tell you anything. So I am here to tell you something...

I  am a junk food ADDICT.
I love candy, chips, cake, and pie. I will be the first person to admit it.

A couple of weeks ago I made mention of the fact that my husband and I are making a bit of a lifestyle change. Re-reading the entry, I realize I did not make mention of the fact that we are changing our food habits as well. Out with the chips, cookies, chicken nuggets (mmm, nuggets), fried cheese, and in with healthy eating, moderate portions, and finding delicious and healthy snacks.

I know there are some people out there reading this and groaning and thinking with drastic measures such as these, I am doomed to fail. But I don't think I am... and I will tell you why.. I love a challenge. I like the idea of trying to find something as delicious as my beloved salt and vinegar potato chips, but healthy. For me fixing the hubs healthy snacks is kind of easy. I can add seasonings to nuts for him, and BAM instant salty craving satisfied. It is not as easy for me. As an adult, it seems that I am developing food allergies. As a kid I never had any problems with food. Now everything makes my throat swell up and itch. So far: Soy Milk, almonds, and pistachios. There is more on that list, but that is what i can come up with right now.

Though we have only been doing this for maybe three weeks. I can tell a difference in my hair. It doesn't dry out as fast, and doesn't feel like straw. The hubs was commenting on the length of it last night. I can't wait to see further down the road what this lifestyle change has in store for my hair.

No Poo

Feeling much better a lot quicker than last time.

So on this blog we have talked about pre-pooing before. We talked about it's benefits, if I do it, if you do it, that sort of thing. Today (yesterday) there was an article on MSNBC talking about no-pooing or low pooing.

Americans are a little crazy with the shampooing. I know some women are mortified if they do not wash their hair every day. They claim that it gets greasy and unmanageable. The article talks about the hair health benefits to  not shampooing your hair every day. Some people do it just to ease up a bit on their carbon footprint, which is very admirable.

I consider myself a "low-pooer" I do not shampoo my hair every day. It doesn't need it. If I shampoo'd every day, I would strip my hair of natural oils that I am constantly trying to put in my hair. I do however condition every day. If I do not condition my hair, it seems as if it curls up onto itself a lot easier.

What is your shampooing regimen? Have you ever thought of modifying it?

Oh Dear lord, I think I am dying

I have not updated with very good reason.

My Doctor has switched some medication on me.

With that switch I have gotten serious intestinal issues.

I will be back asap..