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Why natural hair works for me.

Now that I am natural, it seems obvious to me that I should have gone natural YEARS ago. Relaxed hair never worked for me. My mom would take me to a hair shop every two weeks to get my hair done. Occasionally, the lady at the time (not my beloved Margie) would put French twists and the like, in my hair. Why would you put a French twist in an 11 year old tomboy's hair? That thing would last like 2 days, if that!
When I got older and sought out my own beautician, things became a bit better. Margie was great. She knew I was inept at hair care. She would give me a simple wrap. If I had some place to be for an extended period of time (like when I went to Europe) and she wouldn't see me she would braid my hair. See?
*Snort* Love this picture. Taken in London.
She was good to me. She was really nice and not condescending at all. I was (am) a book nerd with a word vomit problem, and she saw it as endearing. 
But I moved. 
I moved an hour away to be with my honey bunny. This wasn't gonna work. So I began my quest for a new beautician. 
My mother's friends who live in Indianapolis gave me some leads. There was the one woman on the East side of town, who looked at me like i was psychotic because I brought in a scrapbook that had a picture of me of how I like my hair. 
She used a curling iron. Margie never used a curling iron. She was awkward and standoffish, and it was one of those shops where a man comes in with a plastic garbage bag selling fake Gucci and bootleg dvd's. Uh, no.
Then there was the guy. The guy that told me my hair was a hot mess, cut off all my hair (AFTER I TOLD THIS MAN I COULD BARELY DEAL WITH MY EAR LENGTH HAIR, LET ALONE SHORT HAIR SHAVED IN THE BACK!!!), and when I asked him how I was supposed to deal with this nonsense, he told me to call him and make an appointment. This cost me $150 dollars for a relaxer and cut by the way. I just blinked. 
A woman at work told me about her cousin. I decided to try one more time. If this did not work, I was going to shave my head, wear big hoop earrings, and mumble. 
Cherilyn was (is) NICE. She is sweet, smart, and knowledgeable about her craft. I didn't feel uncomfortable,  no one tried to sell me a bootleg dvd, and I just was happy. 
Cherilyn was the catalyst for me going natural, and I hope she knows how thankful I truly am to her. 
I am no longer scared to play in my own hair. I can actually do stuff with my own hair (when I am not lethargic), I am learning, and have learned, loads about my hair. 
I will always be grateful to both Cherilyn and Margie. Both really sweet, down to earth people that helped me with what I needed hair-wise, when I needed it. 

I have to do better!

Because I am unemployed, and I don't leave the house EVER very often, my hair care gets tossed by the wayside. I'll go a week without detangling (which is death with my hair texture), I'll try to make sure there is moisture in my hair. But even that falls by the wayside as seen in these photos I took last night.

slothiness at its finest.
Don't know if you can tell from the photo, but my hair is a  HOT MESS. It's dry, it's just ugh. When I do have to go out to go to the library or get cupcakes to feed my addiction  groceries, luckily the weather in Indiana is freaking crazy. It got up to almost 70 at one point last week. Today though, it is supposed to snow. We won't talk about that though. It will make my eye twitch and start to water.  Anyway, it is cold enough so that I can wear a hat. So I stuff said hot mess under a hat and go. 
After taking these pictures last night, I decided to get proactive (the action, not the skin system) again. Before I went to bed, I slathered on coconut oil as a pre-poo. That is a start.
While I am talking about pre-poo, I have a question for you that deep condition overnight. Do you wear the plastic baggie caps overnight!? I can't do it. the "crinkle crinkle" sound drives me batty. As well as the feel of it. I tried to do it last week. I put on that awful cap and put my satin cap over it. Just walking around with it on makes me shudder in revulsion. Look at this face!!
Plastic caps = this
If you are like me, and can't stand it, what do you do to deep condition your hair. I would love a hutiful hair steamer, but that is like a Christmas present or something. I can't just drop money like that. I'm unemployed. We are on a budget .
The house is a disaster and the dogs (two chihuahuas) are getting into fights, so I must dash now. But before I go, I wanted to show you some music that I have been digging on lately. It is a group called Ahmir, and they remake songs. I found them on Youtube initally, and quite frankly, you have to be damn good for me to purchase your music. They are damn good. Check em out. 
Here is a little taste of them:

This features Traphik AKA Timothy Delaghetto.

Other Natural Hairs

What are some of your favorite natural hair blogs? What are some of your favorite blogs period?

School, Accessories, and Hair Length.

First off, a non-hair note: I had to go to school yesterday. I know that is an odd statement, seeing as how I am IN school, but 99% of my classes this semester are currently online. Let me back up a second. This semester I am at two schools. The majority of my classes are at IUPUI. All of these classes are online. I got lucky this semester with that. I hate physically going to class. Let us also not forget that I am a computer information technology major, which means I generally get stuck in classes that include only guys. Last semester I had a class of all girls, but it was an English course I needed for the technical communication certificate that want to get.

However, Math 153 and I have been having issue at IUPUI. I discovered that Ivy Tech has a comparable class. Plus it transfers over to IUPUI. So I am taking it there. I went to Ivy Tech for my associates degree, so I knew what to expect. It has been a bumpy ride over there. The administration is kind of horrible. But I just need this class and one more math class (which I plan to take online) and I am done there. FOREVER!!!

Anyway, I had to go up to IUPUI yesterday for a couple of reasons.

  1. There is a job fair next week, and I want to go. However, I have only been to one job fair in my life. Said job fair was not hiring for IT positions. Boo. Plus, I didn't really know how to act or what to do at a job fair. This clarified a lot for me. Shout out to Laura Bernal in the Academic and Career development area of IUPUI for hosting that. Needed it!
  2. I had an appointment with my academic advisor to get my classes set up for summer and fall semester. Shout out to Danny King who worked my schedule like a champ! He kind of looks like Bobby Flay...except Bobby Flay's eyes are like a washed out denim blue. Danny King's are bright blue. I digress
Anyway, come to find out, I GRADUATE MAY OF 2012!!! I am almost there people! Then we shall party like it is 1999. Or, if you were in my 9th grade French class, we shall party like it is mille neuf cent quatre-vingt-dix-neuf!!!!! I may go back for my masters one day. But for now, my bachelors IS IT!!!

So, my friend Melissa, has an Etsy shop located here. She is a crocheter (like me), but unlike me, she has put her talents to use. Recently she has learned how to make hair accessories, Like this cute crochet flower
She will add either an alligator clip or a barrette for you, making this the perfect hair accessory. Gotta love it! While she only has the one flower in her shop, she is making more, and if you message her, she can customize flowers for you. She also can make a rose, which shows you how much I know about flowers, as I thought this was a rose. She also does crocheted hair kerchiefs, and scrunchies, which I think would be really good to pineapple your hair with.Melissa can also crochet the flowers onto a headband! So stop by, say hi, and let her know I sent you!

Each day I am noticing more and more how much longer my hair is getting. It has been a long time coming. In November of last year when my hair got chopped it was SHORT.

My beautician put my hair in these cute little coils, She was trying so hard to make sure I didn't cry I think. I didn't do short hair. At all. Usually anytime anyone came near me to cut my hair, I cried. 
Now, I am here:

Sorry they are of poor quality, they are off my phone. 
I can't wait to see where my hair goes from here!

Hair Haul/Really?

I wanted to show you all of the nifty things I got from the hair store around the corner yesterday. But before I could do that, I ran into this on facebook. Enjoy...

Do you know how hard I would laugh and stare at someone who was carrying this around?! Where would a man put it while he is out and about!?

Anyway. Onto my hair/accessory haul.

This has been an incredibly rough week for me. I have had a death in the family and a serious falling out with family members. I decided to treat myself a little bit. Since this shop is in the same plaza as my grocery store, it wasn't an extra trip. 
These two sets of earrings did not actually come from the store. They came from Sarenzo's Beads. I have been ogling them for a while. The photo does not do them justice. They are huge! I love them and I can't wait to wear them. She also has a neat program. You buy 5 items (and you do not have to purchase them all at once) and you can get a 6th item free. I'm working on that LOL.
I'm a big believer in the fact that you can never have enough hoop earrings. I believe they set off my fro perfectly. While they are large, they are nowhere near as large as the Sarenzo earrings. Let me get a pic so you can see the difference.
This is the largest of the hoop earrings. 
Fabulous yes?
The hair shop by me has really inexpensive flower accessories. I could do without the brown wavy things flailing about, but if it looks weird while it is on me, I can always clip them. You can see the price in the upper right hand corner. I usually clip these to a headband, not directly to my hair. I will show you why in a second. 
I thought this was cute in theory. Now that I look at it more and more, it reminds me of the 80's. I will try and and see if I like it, if not, it was two bucks. I can always find another use for it. 
These flowers always crack me up simply because whoever creates them wants to give you OPTIONS for wearing them. See?
In case you can't see to well, the back of the flower comes equipped with a hair tie, a pin (for clothing and whatnot), and an alligator clip.

Opening the alligator clip.
Finally, because I am a bit of a product junkie, I picked up:
Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning repair cream. I won't be using this for a little bit, as I am in the middle of a coconut oil challenge, and I want to leave my regimen as stable as I can for now to see if I progress in hair growth.  Have you ever used this product? Tell me what you think.
That is about all for today, I hope you guys have a great weekend!
Hey Camilla! What do you think about my new items girl?
You deserve 'em mommy! Can I have a treat?


There has been a death in my family. I will return to write in a couple of weeks.

First day of the challenge.

Last night I did not pre-poo. I just didn't have time. I have been kind of running ragged making sure the house is in decent condition for my dad. It is, with the exception of my desk. My desk looks like a bomb blew up on it. That won't be helped until after the semester is over.

Today though I pre-poo'd/ deep conditioned my hair using coconut oil, and put one of those plastic baggie hair things over my head. I have hated those things since I was a kid. They irritate me badly. But I kept it on for a couple hours as I did homework, answered e-mails and did laundry. I forgot my husband told me that the people were coming over to clean the gutters and I actually answered the door in that thing. Poor guy.

I showed and conditioned as I usually do, and took a little bit of time to detangle my hair.

Now? My hair feels really soft. It felt softer than it normally does after I get out of the shower. Maybe there is something to this after all.

Flat twists and coconut oil.

Since my gel problem has been solved, I needed to find a hair style that I wanted to try. I keep flashing back to my relaxed hair days and my unruly attempts as styling my own hair. I can't wield a curling iron if my life depending on it. I always got this really weird dent in the end of my hair. I never really had any creativity as far as styling my relaxed hair.

Because of this, I am leery of trying anything over the top or over dramatic with my hair to start out with. I think my first order of business is going to be doing flat twists in the front of my head. I will take pics and show you how everything goes. If I end up doing it well, I will make a youtube video of it.That is kind of where I learned the technique, but all the videos I went to were really low quality. I have decent camera equipment here, so maybe I can do a better one.

In other hair related news, I have decided to join the Coconut Oil Challenge over at Hairlista's Inc. I am incredibly late to the party (it started in November of last year) But it can't hurt. The rules are simple(taken from the site):

-Deep condition or prepoo with EVCO at least 2x a wk. You can do this however it works for you, you can condition w/ heat or w/out before you wash, you can do a hot oil treatment and keep it in overnight, you can also use the plastic cap and steam effect overnight with this if you'd like.

-Moisturize with your moisturizer of choice and seal with EVCO nightly or however often your hair desires it.

-After washing hair use EVCO as a leave in** Caution- use just enough to lightly cover hair, becareful not to use too much, maybe a dime size amount**

I can do that, easy peasy.I already use coconut oil as a prepoo.  I think I am going to go ahead and start tonight. If you end up joining the challenge, please let me know! We can be friends on Hairlista. I don't know much about the site, I am slowly exploring it. 

You guys have a great evening!

Feeling accomplished this morning.

Hey guys.

I hope your weekend was stellar. Mine started out with the intent to pamper myself, but I just didn't get the time. If you follow me on twitter (@mrsckugs) I had pre-pooed my natural hair with coconut oil, and I was going to deep condition, detangle and attempt to style my hair. None of that came to pass really. I was just too busy. I had school work, my dad is coming for a visit, so I had to get the craft room presentable so that he had some where to stay.

In hair news, something kind of exciting is happening in Indianapolis! They are having a natural hair workshop! Here is the link for the information:
One thing I am not keen on is the price. I will probably go, but 35 dollars seems a bit steep. That is probably just me though. Any of you that have attended these workshops before, please let me know if it is all in my mind. A twitter friend of mine and I were talking about attending together. And we once again grumbled together about the price.

Something that both my husband and I noticed the other day. When I got out the shower, with my dripping wet hair, he gaffawed and told me I am the proud owner of a mullet. Not cool dude.

You can't really see it well, but you get the point.
The longer my hair gets, the more mullited (yeah i made that up) it looks. But it only looks like that after I have gotten out of the shower. Once it has been styled, you can't really tell, but it bothers me just a tiny bit.
In other news, I finally have Gel! I met a friend at Justice to get my crack Girl Scout Cookies and right next door is a Sally's beauty supply. They were having a sale on Eco Styler Gel. So I got the one with Olive oil in it. Now I need to find a cute hair style that I want to do.. and possibly some time in which to do that hair style. 
This was the fun part of my day. Now I must go and work on Math, as I have a test tonight, and it is making me want to bang my head against a wall. A WALL PEOPLE!!! I hope you are having a great day and a great hair day! 

Too cute for school!

The YMCA Indianapolis was holding a contest on Facebook. Winner received tickets to the Indianapolis home show. I won. I get excited about simple things like that, so I made my husband take a pic of me. It turned out pretty good and my hair was adorable!

My boobs look super pointy. Instead of my normal Lane Bryan Cacique bra, I was trying out a Just My Size Bra. It's comfy, but pointy boobs are a no no. 
We had fun, saw a lot of things we couldn't afford. I would like to say something I have noticed. When I was in Wisconsin, we had a couple hours of layover in Chicago. Every other person I would see had natural hair. It was amazing! I loved it!
Here in Indianapolis, not so much. That makes me sad. 
Love your hair, love yourself!
In other news, I have outgrown my favorite spring/summertime dress. I love this dress. I got it on ebay. I looked at the tag and contacted who I think are the creators of this dress, in the hopes that I can get like 5 of them. I will keep them in the back of my closet, and have to deem which events I consider dress-worthy. Kind of like Elaine on Seinfield when her sponges weren't going to be made anymore. 
Love this dress. LOVE IT!!