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Fabulosity at its finest!

Before I start this entry, I was using the phrase "Teeming with fabulosity" Before Kimora Lee Simmons. I love her show, I just thought I would throw that out there.

This past Sunday was Easter. I didn't have any major plans. It was going to be, my programming homework (shoutout to visual basic 2008!), some math homework and an organizational communication paper. My husband requested that I go with him to his family's Easter Sunday dinner. I told him I would if I finished my programming assignment. Surprisingly, it went smoothly this week. It took maybe an hour and a half (usually I go at it for like 4-5 hours) so I had plenty of time to go with him.

I decided since I rarely leave the house (I haven't had a face to face interview in so long.. I NEEDS A JOB!!), and when I do leave the house I am going grocery shopping, or somewhere that just jeans are required, that I would dress up. It was going back to that whole making myself happy. I love to dress up, even if I am the only one who does so.

I also decided to do something different to my hair.  For all of you that follow me on Facebook, you'll know that for the past few days I have had my hair in two strand twists. When my hair is in two strand twists and I have to go somewhere, usually I take them out and put my hair into a poof. I then wear it free for a couple of days because I get a HUGE 'fro. Instead of the poof, I untwisted my hair and kind of parted it to the side, so I would have side bangs. My twists are crazy. They will be bent at odd angles and just stick straight up on my head. I took a handful of duckbill clips, and clipped like 5 of those bad boys to my bangs, weighing them down. I then clipped more of them wherever I had crazy twists flailing about. I then went about my business, applying my makeup and getting dressed. When it was close to the time to leave, I removed the clips. I was still a little flyaway in the back, but it was cute. I then put a headband on (just a stretchy one that I normally use) behind my bangs. My bangs were threatening to creep up, so I searched high and low for a bobby pin. I can't believe I don't own any bobby pins! I eventually found one, it had a jewel on the end of it, and so it looked a little odd with my flower there as well. Everything turned out really cute though!


These are really blurry and I apologize. Camera phone for all of them except one. This is the back of my head. 
My twistout
Front View
Attempting again to get a decent shot of the back.

 Before I left the house. 
So yeah, I really liked this look and can't wait to do it again. I also can't wait to try other things! I hope you guys are having a great week!

Me Time!

Ever since the birthday that wasn't I have been taking time out to do things for me. I usually make excuses though. I am at the end of the semester, and with five classes on my plate (one at a different school), I have to keep up. I hadn't done much to my hair in a while though, and so.. it was time. A couple of nights ago I pre-pooed my hair with coconut oil and walked around with that god awful processing cap on my head. You guys have no idea how much I hate that thing.

I worse it until it was time for bed. I then went to shower and co-washed my hair and detangled with the wide toothed shower comb. I got out the shower and combed through it again using a double toothed comb and moisturized my hair using Belle Butters matcha green tea butter. I threw my hair into 5 thick twists, put my bonnet on and hit the hay. The next morning, I did some homework, and watched "The Secret Life of the American Teenager. A little off subject, but do you watch this? Maybe I am getting old, but none of the guys are handsome. Ricky has a pompadour, and Ben is gawky. Jack is okay but he is a manwhore, and the one that Grace is seeing is wonky eyed. I am however in love with Adrian's eyebrows. They are shapely and well defined, and I am jealous.

Mine are shapely, but don't stand out with my skin tone and I am just jealous. 
While Secret Life was on, I retwisted my hair into smaller twists. It is not the prettiest look, and when it is like this I just stuff it under a satin scarf and put a hat on, but my hair is taken care of, protected, and loved.
How do you treat yourself?

KimmayTube Leave in Conditioner

I am thinking I really want to make this. For those of you that have no clue what I am talking about, here. It won't let me embed. Have any of you tried this? If so, did you like it? If not, what didn't you like?

Things that I wonder about

1. How do people come up with those creative styles?
2. For the people that deep condition overnight, how in the hell do they sleep with the processing cap on their heads? The "crinkle crinkle" sound would drive me batty. Plus, when I have one of those on during the day normally they drive me nuts, they always have.
3. Who has time to condition and do their hair every day?
4. My husband said whenever I put my giant twists in and have the large one in the middle, I look like a unicorn. Is it weird that the fact that I look like a mythological being puts a smile on my face?
5. How do you not get zits using coconut oil? I use it, it melts and gets all over my face, and even after a thorough scrubbing, I will get at least one zit. 

Natural Hair, Naturally Healthy?

When I first started going natural, it didn't seem to me like a lifestyle change. Yeah, no more relaxers, but that was pretty much about it for me. However, it has kind of turned into a new world of opportunities. I learned how to fix my hair, on my own. I can't really do anything fancy to it, but I can go out and be proud of what I did to it. When I was relaxed, that just wasn't happening. It would be wrapped and stay wrapped until I was ready to go somewhere. Three quick comb-throughs later and VOILA! Ready to go. Now? I am learning how to do two strand flat twists, I know how to do twist outs and braid outs and style them. I actually know how to care for my hair!

Some people take this journey and take it a step further. They revamp their whole life. They take care to what they put in their body. They start to ask hard and serious questions about things in their life. Their whole outlook on food, hair, body, self turns to a whole "natural" mindset.

Some people go what I like to call "Bat Shit Cray Cray" They eschew ANYTHING that isn't natural and attempt to shame people into doing the same. They carry a holier than thou attitude towards life, and put holier than thou church people to shame. They hiss at people who flat iron their hair and "dare" (insert sarcasm) to call themselves natural. The people make me want to blink and eat a Big Mac in front of them. They are the natural world's version of a hipster.

Natural Hipster Kitty

No matter who you are, why you went natural, and how you have taken on this definition, we all share one thing. We saw something we didn't like, and we made a change. In making this change, a lot of times, you make discoveries about yourself. This is what natural hair has taught me.

As I get older, I realize more and more, that I live a fairly unhealthy lifestyle. I love junk food. LOVE IT. A few years ago I had a slight addiction to McDonald's. The addiction is pretty much gone, however I do go their once in a while. I just like loads of unhealthy things. I don't smoke, but I do have the occasional cocktail. Very occasional. Like maybe once a year. Not much of a drinker.

I want to have kids eventually, and I want to teach them to love, care, and respect every aspect of their life. How can I do that when I am not doing the same? I am working on it though. I am planing veggies that I intend on using in recipes, I am losing weight, and my gym membership to the YMCA reinstates in May.

Maybe it is just a step at a time for some of us. For me the first step was natural hair. Maybe this is my second, tentative step.
With all of that seriousness out the way, here is your music recommendation for today. I had a meeting at school yesterday to discuss an independent study class that I want to do. After I left, I grabbed some lunch and while driving home this song came on. Loving it!

I saw her on Glee at one point, and I didn't really know who she was. I still really don't. I think she got her start on YouTube. Here is a vid with the lyrics of the song!

You guys have a great day. I have some news coming  up and a poll for you to take in regards to the news!

Awards For Me!!!

So I was awarded two blogging awards by the lovely and talented Janelle of FreeYourHeart. I was awarded the   Stylish Blogger Award and Kreativ Blogger Award!

Here are the rules:
the stylish blogger rules:
+ thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award
+ share 7 things about yourself
+ award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
+ contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

 the kreativ blogger rules:
+ Say 10 facts about yourself.
+ Tag 10 bloggers
+ Tell them about the award

I will give you some facts about myself
  • I just turned 29
  • I've always been a little odd, a little out there. I've never really fit in anywhere.
  • I am okay with the fact listed above
  • I love animals. I am not allowed to visit animal shelters or pet stores by myself, otherwise I am coming home with something.
  • My favorite movie is the other sister
  • I do occasionally have hair envy, I try to tamp it down though. 
  • I should be finished with school by May of next year. 
  • I love electronic devices, gadgets, doo-dads, etc
  • I have been married 2 years. 
  • I can't stand cold weather, at ALL. 
Now lets award some bloggers, shall we?

Accessorizing My Natural Hair *haul, kinda*

You made it through the week! Woo! I promise I won't put up the annoying Rebecca Black song... Instead...

If Rebecca Black is a disease, this is surely the Cure. *Snort* You see what I did there?

Anywhoozle, there hasn't been much going on in my natural hair world, and although I took a bizarre foray into the relaxed world, that was just a temporary thing.

I did however, purchase (and was gifted) some spring time accessories. Lets take a look-see.

I am forever looking for a bright pink lipstick. Because I am so dark, something that looks bright pink in the tube, just makes me look like I have glossy lips. I want to say I had given up hope of ever finding anything, but that is a lie, I am always looking. I was flipping through my Youtube makeup subscriptions, when I came across MrsRoss.

I've watched her Youtube videos for about two years now, but I tend to skip over a lot of them. She rambles sometimes, and there are long pauses as she searches for whatever product she is talking about. However in one of the stills I noticed she had on a bright pink lipstick! She is only a shade or two lighter than me, so I decided to check it out.

Yes, you read that correctly, it is a 35 minute video. If you are just interested in the lipstick information, skip to about the 30 minute mark, I think. The stuff that she shows throughout the video is interesting though, so I would recommend watching it. 

The lipstick she has on (which she was using as a duplicate for a Mac Cosmetics color) is from Milani Cosmetics. It is a drug store brand, However, you can order it off of their website as well. I happened to go to CVS the other day and I saw it there. While it was a dollar cheaper on the website, You also have to pay shipping and handling by using the website. I'm not all about that, unless I can use Ebates (which, on their website, I can't). I did buy it online this time because I was so exciited to find a pink lipstick possibility that I couldn't wait  I didn't know they sold it in drug stores. I should have by the video, but yeah. 
Anyway, I ended up getting the Milani lipstick in Rose Hip and in Royale. The Royale is one of their limited editions, so it is in the closet section of their website. Here are swatches, taken from the Milani Website:

Rose Hip
I know it looks more red than pink, but on my skin tone it comes out a pink

This is a little lighter pink than the Rose Hip, but it has enough pigmentation that it shows up nicely on my lips!

I was so excited about these purchases, I had to share them with you!
Finally, It was a special week this week at the Tale of Going Natural. I was so excited because one of my close friends, Kim came to visit Indiana from Vegas! I have spoken about Kim on here once I think. She came bearing gifts as well. Her sister-in-law Emily, has an Etsy shop and creates all sorts of fun things. She asked her sister to create something for me! 
Sorry my face isn't showing, I look a hot mess. 

Isn't it cute! I don't own a red one either! Thank you Kim! Thank you Emily!
That is pretty much all for now. I hope you guys have  a safe and happy weekend!

I am a damn mess.

LOL... so, there is this website ( where you can input your picture and try different makeup and celeb styles. There are no natural hair people on there...and there are barley any black people.. so I made do with what I had. Here is the result. Try not to fall out your damn seat like I did.

This is the Beyonce *snort*

Zoe Saldana

Keri Hilson

I forget who this is

And this

Here I think I look like a combo of Star Jones and Snooki *dead*
If you try it out, let me know, I want to see your creations LMFAO

Bummer of a weekend

For those that do not know, this weekend was my birthday. I am a generally excitable person, but you wouldn't have been able to tell by this weekend.

I have grown up always believing that birthdays were your special day. Everyone around you should put forth an effort to make you feel special. Well, I am not speaking to my mom or brother, so that was out, A lot of my friends, don't really live close and have their own lives and kids to take care of, so that left my husband.

We agreed that both of our birthday present money will be combined (his birthday is in June) and we will purchase a new bedroom set sometime soon. So I wasn't really expecting a present. But a card, or a cake? Is that too much trouble to ask?

We did go out to dinner. I've been swamped with schoolwork, and while I wanted to try to do flat twists in my hair the night before, I just didn't have the time. That day I just showered, fluffed out my afro, and clipped a flower to my headband as usual. I didn't even have time to put makeup on because we were running late for our reservation.

Fogo De Chao is the business people! If you haven't tried it, and you aren't vegan, please go! If you are vegan, it is more than likely your own personal hell, so I advise you stay away. It is pricey, so it is a special type thing. Jeff and I didn't even have a bottle of wine, and our bill was $100.

I just feel, empty inside. I didn't get a card, and though plenty of people wished me happy birthday on Facebook  , I just feel like that is a quick generic thing that you don't have to put any thought into.

I decided to pamper myself yesterday since  no one else was going to do it. I went and got a manicure and pedicure (first time in a LOOOONG time), and I got my eyebrows arched. I keep my nails really short because I work with a computer constantly, but they are frequently jagged and uneven, so this was nice. My poor toes though.. they were scary. I gave the woman a really good tip after she got done working with them. I haven't been to get my eyebrows arched in a while. I normally get them threaded when I do get them done because it is inexpensive. However, it is really painful for me, especially when they get to the end of the eyebrow for some reason. I feel like I am going to throw up from the pain. After they get done and show me, the hairless area is red and swollen. It goes down after a while, but I am always just dreading getting them done. Waxing is usually 10 dollars more than what I pay to get them threaded. However, the place that did them yesterday charges just the same as a threading, and they use wax. I will be going back to them perminately. The woman that did them was so cute, she was tiny and pregnant and is due in like 2 weeks.

After I got that done, I took a good look in the mirror at home. I realized that I have been depending on people to make me happy for so long, I forgot how to make myself happy. No more of that. I have decided to do what I need to do to make myself happy as long as it doesn't hurt anyone in the process.

Before I go, I wanted to share a song again with you guys. I am thinking of doing song of the week. It will force me to look at new music and maybe find some things I normally wouldn't listen to. The song of this week is "Valerie" By Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse. I originally heard the song on Glee, and wanted to hear the orginal. I do enjoy the original more.

You can see the video for it here:

Yeah, I have no clue about the rap at the beginning. Kind of random, but whatever.

Big Chop Story Time!

My friend Shannon, who I have mentioned in an entry previously here, has been transitioning for some time now.
Well, on Saturday I got a text (I got it much later than she sent it, as I am forever leaving my phone elsewhere) telling me she had finally big chopped! I was so excited for her. She shared some pics via the phone with me:

After hair wash
Before cutting
Both her and I were excited for the cut. She had been struggling with the texture of her hair (her hair is wavy, not curly) and quite a few of us (her friends) thought that maybe the relaxed hair was weighing down the natural hair. So imagine my surprise, when the next image is after the stylist got finished:
I was baffled.. and confused... and runamuck! LOL. I will let Shannon take it from here and tell her story.
Ok, this is what happened.

I woke up yesterday and I was like man, I'm going to go cut these ends off my hair now. So, I got dressed with my sister and was like I'll go w/ her to the Dominican shop. I then decided against it, because I was really wanting to go to an all natural shop. I figured they wouldn't know how to properly handle what I needed them to do to my hair.

I got back on here and messaged another person who's natural and has been for like two years now and told her about me going to the Dominican shop and she told me she had actually got her b/c done at a Dominican shop, so I was like cool. I'll give it a whirl. I went in and showed them my hair. I told them that I just wanted: a wash and a cut. I told them to just even my hair out and then I'll just go like that. I didn't want them to blow dry or anything. Not that I'm against blow drying. I blow dry my hair whenever I wash it.

So, they were like alright, and told me to sit down for my wash. I got my wash and waited some more. I finally got to the stylist who was going to cut my hair. I told her the same thing, to just cut it even. I wanted all of the straight ends off. She said alright, but I have to blow dry it. I was kind of skeptical because I had just spoken to my friend who specifically said they cut her hair wet when she went natural. But for me I was transitioning for a whole year, she had just went and did her b/c right away. I had a lot of hair at the time so I told her to go ahead and blow dry it.

Her blow dry was really a blow out. Which I REALLY didn't want. I was kind of upset actually. A big chop is supposed to be when you get your little afro. You're not walk out w/ a head full of straight hair lol. So, in that sense, I feel that my big chop was not traditional. I am not even sure if all of my relaxed ends are completely gone because my hair was straight when she cut it.

I did like my cut a lot. And my hair looks really healthy, but I did not like that I had a blow out during what I was looking to be as my big chop.

Poor Shannon. Was your big chop unusual? What would you do in her situation?

A flashback to high school. I am a stronger person now.

I was an incredibly awkward teenager. I was (am) short, I was (am) fat, and I was (am) bookish. I played the clarinet, I read all the time, and you couldn't keep me from a computer. People tended to make fun of me as a result. A lot of the black girls in school made it their personal mission to make my life hell. I was miserable my freshman, sophmore, and junior year. By my senior year I had realized something. I was going places, and they would be stuck doing the same thing that they were always doing. This is pretty much true. Quite a few of them have not done a thing with their life. They are doing the same things they were doing while we were in high school, while I have moved on, stronger, wiser, and more confident in me. Sometimes though, niggling insecurities make their way back.

My husband and I had date night last night. We went and saw the Adjustment Bureau, and then went to eat at Scotty's Brewhouse. We were seated behind a group of black women with long straight hair down their backs. If you are on my Facebook page, you would know that I had two strand twisted my hair. I untwisted it, put in a headband and clipped in a flower. I felt cute.

I heard the ladies giggling and snickering behind me, but I didn't pay much attention. As we got up to leave I turned around to say something to the waitress, and they were looking at me. The three whose back was facing me while we were eating had craned their necks to see me. They were just gawking at me.. and possibly my hair, Not entirely sure. I flashed back to that moment back in high school where they were cruel and mocking me. I came back to the present, and I smiled and they turned back around immediately. I just walked out. 
Indianapolis is not a huge mecca of culture. It's very conservative and it makes me sad. To be different, gets you looks. 
The difference between the past and now? I don't care. You can snicker, and laugh and giggle, and talk about me behind my back. It shows how childish and immature you are. To show you can't accept differences in people, shows how cruel, small minded, and harsh you can be. You have taken someone's beauty standard, accepted it as law, and mock anything that is different.  You are nothing to me. You were never anything to me. So why should I care? I don't care. I've grown up... and I love me.