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Omega Man

Have you ever heard of this movie? It is basically the original ‘I am Legend’. You see, the movie was originally a book. The more current movie, while based off the book, is only based off the bones of the book. Omega Man is closer to the book.

I am not here to talk about remakes and the like. We are sitting here watching this movie, and it is set in the mid to late 70’s, which means all the black people have afros. They are shaped much differently than we have them now. I don’t even know how to explain them. They are more of a triangular shape, while the afros of today are rounded. Let me see if I can find a picture.

This is actually from the movie. You can’t really tell it here, but it looks like her hair isn’t even curly. Maybe it is because has has a blowout.

Times change, but styles are usually just recycled. There are often little changes, but for the most part things, are recycled. The shape of her afro is interesting to me.  Ours today are more rounded. Even the guys in the movie are almost triangular.

What about the Afros you have seen? Do you think they look different now than they did in the past?

PS: She turns into a crazy bitch at the end. Sad.

Summer Switch up.

With the heat being as unbearable as it has been all summer, I quickly found out that my normal routine was not working. I used to be able to wash-n-go freely. Not really the case right now. Plus, the shea butter mixture from Belle Butters that I use on my hair was becoming to heavy. Right now my routine is as follows (if I don’t have any products that I am trying out):

Co-wash with whatever conditioner I am on (Wash hair once every two weeks)

Detangle while still damp

Moisturize with a combo of Ori Organics leave in condition and Kiah Alexandria leave in conditioner. 

Two strand twist

Leave two strand twisted until I have some place to go.


Do you have to do anything different to your hair when the seasons change? Also, How are you beating the heat?

Protective styling in this heat.


This has been a crazy week. I take a medication that, if not taken early enough, will keep me up all night. I took it within the normal range on Tuesday, but I was still up until 7:30am Wednesday. I slept for three hours, and went about the rest of my day. Around 7pm Wednesday night, I started getting incredibly drowsy. Unfortunately, that was not a great time to get drowsy because we had to go to the grocery store. When I say HAD TO. I mean had to. We didn’t even have milk. The past two weeks we had gone out to eat. It feels good to have groceries in the house again.

While at the store, I saw something a little… inappropriate, and I feel the need to say something about it. I understand that a lot of skinny girls (not skinny just skinny as in Paris Hilton, but skinny as in average) are wearing rompers this summer.


I don’t really like them. They look cute on people, but they just aren’t my cup of tea. Not to mention that I am shaped like a barrel (or a duck) and it just wouldn’t look right.

Anyway, Jeff and I are shopping and I see a couple ahead of us with their little girl in the cart. The mom is wearing a romper similar to what I posted, but it is made of a different material. What I notice the most is that her left butt cheek is hanging out. Not a hint of it, THE WHOLE THING. Then to make matters worst, she drops something and lets it all hang out! Really lady? Really? Way to set an example for your baby girl. Meh.

Anyway, she was probably eyeballing me like I was crazy as well. It was 98 degrees out yesterday. The heat index made it feel like it was 108 degrees. I was clad in jeans, a black shirt, AND A KNITTED BLACK BEANIE/BERET.

I know, it sounds insane. It is hot as hell outside, what am I doing in a knit cap? Currently my hair is protective styled in two strand twists. As I have stated in the past, my hair is never lovingly parted into two strand twists, I co-wash, detangle, and moisturize my hair. I then two strand twist it all haphazardly, then seal in the moisture.


Not the prettiest picture of myself, but you get the gist.

Unless I have somewhere I have to be (mainly job interviews), those twists do not come out of my hair until it is time to co-wash again. I don’t want them to get ‘loc’d’ up, so I take them down again to co-wash. As a result, when I go out some place that doesn’t really matter, I have a hat on. I won this beret in the winter from Revealing Beaute and it has been a godsend. However, I think I need more options.

I need to learn how to do up-dos. I attempted one before an interview, and it failed horribly. One major thing I have to take into account is that they are time intensive. I have to make sure I have the time to sit there and part and flat twist and everything.

Another option, is more hats. Did you know I know how to crochet? Yep, that and I can do basic knitting. Well, I can do the knit stitch when it comes to knitting. Because the purl stitch is just a backwards knit stitch, it messes with me. My thoughts are to purchase some lightweight yarn and make a couple of caps of my own. I know there are a few hat patterns in the stitch and bitch book I own. I am also a member of Ravelry, you can get a ton of patterns from there for free. I also have a binder of printed out patterns. I just need to get back into it. I also need to purchase lightweight yarn. I have a ton of yarn, but it is all blanket, afghan, baby blanket stuff.

What about you? How do you protective style? What kind of hats do you wear in this oppressive heat?

Earring Haul


I was bored sometime last week, and looking for some earrings, so naturally I went to Sarenzo’s Beads. I have been eyeballing her thread earrings for a while now, and finally picked up a pair.


Isn’t that cute?

I also got these large wooden ones. Jeff says they look like wagon wheels. He is very anti big earrings. But that will never stop me.


When I opened my package There was an additional set of earrings in there. She has a deal where you buy a certain amount you get one free. I am not 100% sure I reached that amount, or if she was just being extra sweet (because she is a total sweetheart), but these were in there and I love them very much! There were actually the first ones out of the three that I wore.


Love them!

Excitement abounds!


This week so far has been a good week for me. I have had a job interview, and have a few more on the horizon. Yesterday’s job interview we met at a restaurant, it was totally casual, and I didn’t worry about much of anything (hair included). Tomorrow’s interview is more professional, so I am thinking about my hair.

Recently I learned that I CAN flat twist. I was excited by this knowledge. I am seriously considering doing an updo for my interview tomorrow. In order to do that, I would have to start on my hair tonight. However, I have class tonight, and won’t get out until 9pm. After I get home, it will be around 9:30-9:45. So I am going to get started after this entry.

All I am going to do is wash, deep condition, and detangle my hair for right now. I will part it and twist it into a few large twists. I’ll wear a hat to class and just go to sleep like that. I will be sure to take lots of pictures of the outcome of my hair. Right now, I need to go hop in the shower and get ready and everything, because I do need to go to the library before class, and it is in the opposite direction of my school. There is actually a library that is sort of on the way, but whenever I request books, I have them sent to the library closest to me, which is in the opposite direction of school.

When you have an interview, do you do anything special with your hair?

I remember reading at one point that Brokey Mcpoverty straightened her hair for interviews, and if she got the job, she would walk in au natural.

Hair Typing = Confusing.


So here is what I know about hair typing. The number system was created by Andre Walker. He is the guy that does Oprah’s hair. I also know that Andre Walker is a bit of a douchebag and thinks that Curly/Kinky hair should be altered somehow. Insert eye roll here.

I know my hair is in the 4 category. This is when things start to get tricky for me. Most of my hair is what you would consider a 4A pattern. It has the s coil shape, they all sort of clump together, and when well moisturized, you can see the pattern fairly well.

The back of my head… is an entirely different story


I am not sure if you can see it well enough, but my hair back there? Yeah, there is not really a curl pattern. It currently looks as if there is one, but that is because I have had my hair in two strand twists recently. If left to its devices, it is a frizzy/poofy mess. It is not usually a problem, because I normally have a headband in my hair. However, if my hair hasn’t been recently two strand twisted or it isn’t in a headband. I look like I sort of have a mullet.

I read about the 4b pattern. It says that it has a Z pattern and a cotton-like feel. Well, it feels soft and cottony as long as it has been moisturized, but there is absolutely no pattern to it. I don’t get caught up in hair typing simply because of this, but I have no clue what in the world to think.

Do you have hair on your head that baffles you?

Happy Friday!

My hair idol Chary Jay is back with a hilarious video. The girl has amazing style and hair, but she cannot sing! LOL.
I need to get going. I am taking a small break from school work and screaming at the TV. Toddlers and Tiaras is on.

Have a great weekend!

Want to get started making your own earrings?

I am not a craft blog, but I am a crafty girl. I see the businesses like Sarenzo’s beads and wish I had 1/4th of their talent. I dream of someday having the time (and patience!) to make my own earrings.

One of the websites I subscribe to is Pick Your Plum. Each day they have a special deal on crafting supplies. When I got today’s email I squealed in delight (and terrifying my poor dog)

BVA_DLO_4x6BasicCollage_3a-Photo copy_0

You can get two pairs of these wooden discs and nickel free earring hooks for $3.50. I scooped up three orders, which is 6 pairs for 12 bucks (with shipping)! Check them out if you are interested in making your own stuff. They have a limited supply of their products each day, So you have to hurry before they are sold out. That is why I am trying to type this as fast as my hands can go!

Fros on the 4th/Checking in

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. In case you did not know, it was also afro day. We didn’t do anything fancy at all. I packed up a picnic dinner and the plan was to go to White River State Park to watch the fireworks. Well, we got down to White River, and parking was blocked off, So we drove a little further, and went to the zoo. The zoo was a good place to see the fireworks, as long as you were in the right spot. We were seated behind the glasshouse, so we only saw half of them. Plus, it took us longer to get out of the zoo than it did to actually see the fireworks! Next year we need a better plan.

Mmm, ice cream!


As far as my hair goes, it is not feeling all crunchy and dry like it was before the henna treatment. I am seriously slacking though. I need to do a conditioning treatment and detangle my mop. What about you? Have you been slacking with the hair care? Lately, if I have anywhere to go I just spray on my Free Your Mane Reviving spray and fluff a bit and go. I will bite the bullet here soon and detangle and whatnot. I’ve been slacking in all areas  since last week for some reason. I need to get back to everything.

Hope you guys have a great rest of the week!