Monthly Archives: November 2011

Oh, that turkey did a number on me.

Greetings and Salutations!

I hope your Thanksgiving was full of happiness and drama free.

While I did not exercise after my meal. I did not stuff myself.

I think the turkey did something to me, because last night I had the craziest of dreams. Most of it isn't relevant, but I had a dream my old beautician Margie was chasing me down the street with a cup full of relaxer. She told me "I wanted it." and "Think of how long my hair would be." I ended up doing it in my dream, but I was impressed with the results. I was also sad, thinking of how I was going to have to cut all my hair off and start over. What does it all mean!?

The Thanksgiving holiday is my husband's holiday, which means that we spend it at his parent's house. It went smoothly this year. The next holiday that I spend with my family is Christmas Day. Where I will get one or more of the following comments:

  • What are you going to do with your hair?
  • You just going to leave your hair like that?
  • What about dread-locs? You should get them!
  • Get a perm!

Meh. Just.. Meh. 

Just a little funny

This was back before I went natural... Pardon language on this.. I was angry.


Hi guys! Long time no talk!

I miss you so much, but I am working hard. When I get done with school (which is either in May or August, hopefully; cross your fingers) I will have more time, but until then, it is what it is.

How are you guys doing on your natural hair journey? I am doing great. After I discovered a routine for myself, things seem to be good. You haven't seen pics for a while have you? Let me show you...

Me at my new job.. Got to have the obligatory bathroom shot.

Before I got my current job, I worked a temp job for a couple of weeks at my university. I had to park a considerable distance away and take a shuttle to my building. This is me waiting on my shuttle.

Not one of my favorite shots. But, you know...

I know, it's a lot of makeup. But I still felt cute. I was irritated because I was so concerned with getting that shot, that I forgot to put on earrings!

A really bad pic of me and the hubs. Awww.

So as you can see, my hair has been growing nicely. The next thing that I want to try is a bun. However, I have no clue where to start. So my questions to you are:

Do you ever put a bun in your hair? How did you learn? Do you recommend anyone's technique from YouTube?

I have yet to see anyone on YouTube with my hair length or kinkiness/curliness. Any thoughts and ideas you guys have are appreciated!