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Last Vegas

After losing a friend, Billy has made the decision to enjoy the life he has and marry his girlfriend. No event would be complete without his three best friends. Getting the gang back together for the Vegas wedding proved some challenges, but the men are determined to live it up and give Billy the time of his life.

This film brings together the old and young for a delightful ride that all ages can enjoy. The chemistry between the leads, Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Klein, shine through, portraying a friendship that most wish to have in their lifetime. This friendship is the heart and soul of the film.

It shows the strength one can find when those most trusted are around for help and support. Even the pain and heartache of a betrayal by a friend is shown. Paddy and Billy were not on good terms in the beginning of the film, but because of this strong and long lasting friendship, Paddy was able to finally embrace his friend. It shows that true friendship has challenges, but these trials only strengthen the relationship in the end. It happens to all close friendships. How we deal with these obstacles makes us stronger. Paddy may have been very angry and hurt because Billy let him down at one of the most important moments of his life, but he had yet to understand just how much the same moment hurt Billy.

This friendship elevates into family. It is the same type of friendship that I have with my closest friends. We currently live far apart from one another, but as soon as we talk on phone or see each other it seems like we were never apart. We all can get upset at one another then shake it off just as easily. That’s family. I can only hope that we can still be as close as these men when we get to their age.

This is a short review, but I don’t want to spoil anything for those who intend to see it. It is a simple and very fun movie made to entertain and amuse. If you’re looking for something fun then check this one out. This film shows us that you are never too old to have fun, and not to allow anyone limit you because your age.

I hope Mary Shelley comes back from the dead and punches someone.

I need to tell you a story.

Many years ago when I was a junior in high school, we were tasked with the reading of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Our teacher (HEY MRS. STOKESBERRY!!!) being the awesome person that she was, showed us the movie as well.

Dear reader, I don't do well with horror flicks. I have an overactive imagination, and incredibly vivid dreams. These can sometimes turn into vivid nightmares. The three weeks we spent with this book and movie, I don't think I got a full night's sleep. The version of Frankenstein we watched was the 1996 version with Robert De Niro.


I feel like he captured the pure essence of Frankenstein's monster.

Imagine my shock (Not really, they are remaking everything) when I go to the movies a couple weeks ago and find out there is a new Frankenstein movie coming out called "I, Frankenstein." Imagine my utter dismay when I found out Frankenstein now looks like this:

(From the website

I apologize right now for everything I am about to say, because I am going to go into a rant. When I saw this on the screen at the movies, I was whipped into such a frenzy that the woman next to me moved, terrified at what I was going to do next.

Look, I realize that this movie is based off a graphic novel. However, you kept the spirit of Mary Shelley. The monster was created.

This Frankenstein looks like they hacked up the torso of Hugh Jackman, put some scars on it for effect, and said "Done!"
Look here Hollywood. Mary Shelley did not go through everything she did in life to get that book published for you to come along and sex it up. I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!

What the hell happened to the creature that tormented my dreams?
My husband does not understand my unusual rantings about this book/movie. Hollywood WILL NOT turn this into some Twilight franchise. NO.

Now, if you need me, I will be rocking in the corner. I swear on everything that's holy, if this Frankenstein sparkles, I will punch the nearest person in the face.

Thorsday, When I Lay My Hammer Down.

Last week I got to go see my favorite Norse God on the big screen. It is the story of my people. No not really. My Swedish mother just shakes her head at me and lets me know that I'm crazy. Aliens, Gods, it’s all the same. If you haven’t had a chance to see this next installment in the story of this thunder God, check out my review from Our Knight Life and head to the nearest theater.

Our favorite hammer wielding superhero is back. Marvel Studios phase two may have rolled out with Iron Man 3 first, but Thor certainly doesn’t plan on being satisfied with second place. He seems to prefer to stand by his mechanical suited friend rather than behind him. One thing is for sure, a lot has happened since Thor first appeared on the big screen back in 2011.

We last saw Thor fighting alongside the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk, being brought back to Midgard to stop his brother, Loki, from destroying the realm he has grown to love. Luck was on the gathered Avengers’ side, and they prevailed over the alien attack to save New York and the rest of Midgard. Unfortunately, Thor’s last trip to our realm kept him quite busy and with no time to visit old friends, namely Jane Foster.

Jane has continued to drive her research towards finding the god she gave her heart to, which has now brought her to London. Stuck in-between finally facing the reality that Thor will never return or keep grasping at the fleeting hope that the next spike in her readings will give her that which she so desperately seeks, she takes a final reluctant chance to search out a scientific anomaly. A chance that will lead her right back to one she sought out for so long, but will the price be worth it?

Thor has been striving to bring balance back to the nine realms after rebuilding the Bifrost Bridge and ending the chaos that Loki caused with its destruction. The task has led to many battles and time that continues to add up, keeping him from where his heart truly belongs. Shaping into a king that Asgard truly deserves, Thor is finding it hard to choose between his people and his heart. Now an ancient darkness long thought dead has resurfaced, threatening Asgard and maybe even Jane, forcing Thor to make a choice, a hard one at that.

Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Tom Hiddleston return in the second installment of Thor’s story, Thor: The Dark World. This film is a perfect balance of action, drama, romance, and comedy, ensuring it will be a favorite of the Marvel movies. This time around we get to spend a little more time in Asgard, seeing the world that Thor and Loki know best. The beauty and art that delighted fans from the first film is extended in an awe aspiring visage that further embellishes and defines the exquisiteness of all that Asgard offers.

The movie takes place after The Avengers in the Marvel Studios timeline. While it touches on some of the situations left after that film, such as what is to be done with Loki now that he has been taken prisoner or the general wellbeing of Dr. Erik Selvig, the main focus is a continuation of what the first Thor movie left at its end. The Bifrost Bridge needs to be dealt with, along with Thor’s relationship with both his Asgard home and his Midgard heart. Favorite characters beyond Thor, Jane, and Loki return in this film. The Warriors Three and SIf continue to aid their royal friend in helping maintain balance. Dr. Erik Selvig has served a hard transition from his possession in The Avengers, and our favorite intern, Darcy, has returned to offer comic relief once again.

While the movie may not be appropriate for the youngest of audiences, anyone older than thirteen should be fine with seeing this film. Anyone younger is up to parental discretion. There is enough violent situations for this concern, but much like the first film, the violence is limited in comparison to the other Marvel movies.

This is a must see for all superhero and Marvel fans alike. Prepare to be entertained, because this Norse God will bring the thunder to keep you in your seat.