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The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014

This year I thought that I would check out the Second Annual Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. We went last Sunday for family day. We thought that it would be a good idea, since my eldest nephew would probably love it. Being able to dress up around other people who are also dressed up and celebrate his favorite superheroes, heaven for the kid. It did not disappoint the little guy or his baby brother either. The con is clearly growing and while it may not be as big as some of the others in the country, I truly believe it will be bigger next year. It certainly was busting at the seams on Sunday. My only complaint was that it was too cramped, but honestly, the con probably didn’t know what to expect as far as a turnout. Since that is my only complaint, it really isn’t that terrible. I would have had lots of pictures for you showing the different displays and costumes that I saw, but my camera kind of punked out on me. I apologize for that. Next year, I will be better prepared. There was tons of Cosplayers, which is pretty essential for these kinds of events. What made me even happier was that there were tons of kids that were dressed up as well. This is was my first ever comic con experience, and I had fun. I loved seeing all of the kids dressed up, many making their own costumes. One of the most adorable of these costumes was one nine year-old boy made his own Doctor Octopus costume with an adult dress shirt hemmed at the bottom to look like a lab coat and duct tape and tubing that created the metallic arms coming out of the back. It was a solid little costume. Another kid that sat down at our table as we were getting ready to leave from lunch actually made what looked like a silver Boba Fett costume. If that is not Boba Fett, I apologize to the Star Wars community, I really only know the movies, so anything outside of that I am at a loss. Regardless, the twelve year-old craftsmanship was very impressive. He actually molded pieces of some kind of light metal or plastic sprayed to look like metal. My eldest nephew got really excited when he sat down with us and asked him to take his picture with him. There were plenty of adults with some impressive costumes as well. I saw a really good Elsa that was walking around with none other than Jesus, who I think was supposed to be Buddy Christ from Dogma. That was a fun conversation with some of my friends a couple of days later when we were talking about the costumes we saw. My friend hasn’t seen Frozen yet and she was trying to describe the Elsa costume and confirm if that was the one that I was talking about. My next question came out as “Was she with Jesus?” That made us both pause and crack up, because I really just said that. I saw an Anna as well that was so good, that homegirl would probably get kicked out of Disneyland just like that Tinkerbell cosplayer did. One costume created a spontaneous nerd moment in the middle of the con that made me smile. This man had a self-made Predator costume and was walking around the con when a ten year-old boy freaked out and grabbed him excitedly for a picture because he was carrying around an Alien mask. The predator guy gave him a high five and they took the picture. This brings me to my favorite part about this entire con experience, enjoying it with my nephews. My youngest nephew is about nineteen months old, and doesn’t really know what’s going on around him, but was happy to be there. He had fun, but not to the extent that his five year-old brother did. My eldest nephew is a Captain America and Transformers junkie. He insists that his real name is Optimus Prime and actually has begun to introduce himself as such to people, bless him. This kid had a blast! He of course went as his favorite superhero, Captain America. All he wanted before we went in was to get his picture with Captain America. Knowing that there was probably going to be someone there that was dressed up Captain America, I knew we could make this happen. His mind got blown however by all of the characters he did get to see. He started screaming for joy when he heard over the intercom that Iron Man was there. Now he had to get a picture with Iron Man. He as was just thrilled. If anyone reading this was at the con and dressed up, please let me take the moment to thank you. Everyone at this con was kind and considerate and just as excited as my nephew when it came to him asking for pictures. Everyone was fantastically awesome and dropped into to character at the drop of a hat. They always called my nephew Captain America or Steve when addressing him, which made his day. That is nerd love from the community that just wants to support each other’s passions. I was so floored by this reception all around, and it wasn’t just with my nephew, it was with all of the children there for family day. Thank you all for making such a special memory for this little guy. His little brother even got pulled for pictures, since he was dressed up as Cap’s sidekick, Bucky. This was an absolutely fantastic experience, and I can’t wait for next year. A little side note of nerd humor. My brother took my nephew to the bathroom while we had taken a break to eat. I was still sitting at the table waiting on them and could see the entrance of the bathrooms. After a bit, I see this kid about the same age as my nephew come skipping out of the bathroom dressed as the Winter Soldier. As I was started to think what a fun picture that would be for my nephew to take, here he comes skipping and bouncing right after him. I fell out because it looked like Captain America just chased the Winter Soldier out the bathroom. When my brother and nephew came back over, I told my brother what I saw. Apparently their story started in the bathroom. My nephew approached the other kid and told him that he was my nephew’s enemy. The other kid just growled back at him before turning to skip out, which prompted my nephew to follow. You have to love the babies. They are adorable.

80’s Music Wednesday

Even as a Backstreet Boys fan, I am very aware that they didn't sing like the men did back in the 80's. That being said, don't ask me to explain this video. I got nothing. Bring On The Dancing Horses by Echo & The Bunnymen


80’s Music Wednesday

Because someone had to remind us. I need to make this into a ringtone. We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off by Jermaine Stewart


Blue Apron – Product Review

I am the primary cook in our house. This is not a throw back to a time before feminism. When I have time, I enjoy cooking. A lot. It soothes me. There is also something very cool about taking a bunch of ingredients and turning them into something delicious.

I first heard of Blue Apron from a Facebook friend. A mutual friend of hers gave her a few weeks free from them. I happened to be on Twitter that day and Blue Apron was having a deal for a week of meals.  I went ahead and purchased them. What could it hurt?

Blue Apron Box

Opening the box

I specified to receive my box on Friday. I am off on Friday's and didn't have much to do that day. They informed me it would come at anytime between 8a-8p on that day.

When I got back from my hair appointment (*flips hair*) It was sitting in the shade near the garage. So I picked it up and brought it in.


Lovely Letter from Blue Apron

I opened the box and was impressed by the number of cooling agents that they had in there. Even if I had been a really long time, nothing was really going to suffer.


Opening the box


I chose a box with two servings of each meal. There is just me and my husband. We do not need a whole lot of food. Each meal comes with all of the things needed to make the amount of food you ordered and a recipe card that has colorful pictures.

The first recipe I decided to make was the Pan-Fried Orange Shrimp with Sauteed Scallions and Bok Choy over Jasmine Rice.

Ready!? Okay!?


Ingredients and recipe card

I pulled everything out that the recipe required and began my prep work on all of them.


Prepped Ingredients

Yeah, I don't have a bunch of fancy matching bowls. I was still classy.

The instructions were super easy to follow and had a picture for pretty much every step.

End Result


Everything turned out delicious. I did have a boatload of dishes to wash after, but that was only because I was being fancy and instead of piling prepped items on the chopping board like I normally do, I presented it in bowls.

So, Blue Apron Pros and Cons:


Not super expensive. It is about what we would pay for groceries for a week.

Easy well written instructions.

Everything is in the kit for use.

You don't get stuck in a food rut and this will give you a jump off point to actually mess around with the recipes if you so choose.


While we would spend this on groceries for a week, there are no snacks, and no leftovers for us, because I chose the two meal plan.

My cooking ambitions come in spurts. I may not want to cook three meals a week and that is the lowest you can get.

The way everything is packaged, it seems as if there is a lot of waste. I don't put all of my veggies that I purchase at the store in plastic bags, but this box does.

You may end up with some things you absolutely do not like. I hate beets, and my second week box included beets and beet pasta. *Gag*

Would I purchase this again? It honestly depends. I have to be in a mood to cook, and these are not fast meals to prepare.  On a lark, I had my husband prepare the meatball sub one. He hates cooking, but I came home from work and just kind of did a *wall slide* and wasn't moving. He started cooking as soon as I got home at 7pm, and it took until 8pm for everything to be ready. We honestly do not have that kind of time. During the week our food needs to be quick. With all of the fresh vegetables in the recipes, the food will not hold for longer than a week. By the time we got to the meatball subs, it was the end of the week and the cucumber for the salad was rotted.


If you give Blue Apron a try, let me know, I would love to know your thoughts!


I purchased two weeks worth of Blue Apron with my own doubloons. No one is sponsoring this post. Except me.





A Short Peak at 22 Jump Street

If you loved the first movie because it was absolutely ridiculous and stupid, well then, the second one will not disappoint you. It is hilarious and pokes fun at itself at every moment. The true genius of the film is how it makes fun of the fact that it is the sequel and tropes of all sequels. This is the kind of movie that you go to see when you want to check out for a couple of hours and not have to think.

The boys are back, and, now, Schmidt and Jenko are headed to college. The love from the first movie that the boys had carries over to higher education and is challenged with new goals, new covers, and a new case. They have a new drug to investigate, but for Jenko, it seems to be the exact same thing that he did with the last case. Jenko is looking for change, a change that Schmidt may not be ready for. The roles are reversed for the two cops, but this time they may not be able to make it through.

They use the same delicate care with the jokes as they did in the first movie. The best jokes come from the tiniest details and the commitment they have to the jokes. The best running gag throughout the movie is the care and detail they take to point out that this film is a sequel. Every trope that usually associated with a sequel gets brought forth and is completely ridiculed. This goes on throughout the entire movie and sneaks up at you. They just don’t take the movie completely serious, and that is the charm.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill keep the comedic chemistry for this round. While many recognize Tatum for his good looks and dancing skills, I personally have never been a huge of his acting skills. I think that he has a lot of work to do in that department where drama acting is concerned. What he has proven to me is that he can handle comedy extremely well. He pulls off the dry humor needed for this movie. It was the main thing that caused me worry with the first movie. He has proven to me that he can do comedy, and that it was not a fluke in the first film. I will be forever sold on any comedy that he does.

It is chock full of stupidity and random jokes that don’t really fit into anything, but somehow work. G for the laugh. Go for the entertainment. It is summer and this is the perfect movie to watch in the nice air conditioned theater. I would tell you more about the movie, but I would be giving too many of the jokes away, and where’s the fun in that?

80’s Song Wednesday

This song just makes me happy. I hope it makes you happy and do a little dance. Tenderness by General Public.


Nerd Gear Shops

Since moving to Las Vegas, I have really embraced my nerd side where my clothing is concerned. I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to shopping around on the internet. I have found a couple of stores that I truly enjoy and wanted to share with you.

We Love Fine

This is a fantastic store full of T-shirts and other goods with original art work made by fans. I have bought several shirts from here and usually stare in lust at many others as I browse the site. The shirts are exceptional quality. I have been a customer for two years now, and even my very first shirts are still in great condition. The prints still show no sign of wear, and the shirt quality is sturdy and extremely soft. They have a variety of different fandoms from Marvel to Doctor Who. In the last two years they have grown larger and have expanded their rights on many more franchises. The only drawback I have seen with them is that not all of their shirts and art are on permanent contracts with the site. Because some artists are temporary, the shirts are not always guaranteed to be there when you come back for them. I learned this lesson the hard way with some epic Sailor Moon tees they had at one time and were never to be seen again. I still mourn those tees.

Ript Apparel

Interesting concept for this site. Two shirts, 24 hours. That’s all you get to buy a particular shirt. Every day there are new art concepts. The site allows you to create a profile to select your interests, and then you will receive emails about the featured shirts that fall into those categories. The fandom is vast on the site, so at some point one of your favorites will pop up in your email to attract your attention and your hard earned money. I have found some fantastic Supernatural t-shirts from here.

Shirt Punch

Same thing as Ript Apparel, but Canadian. In some opinions, that might actually make it better.


This store works muck like We Love Fine and is just as great. It has tons of Doctor Who and Firefly tees. I am personally salivating over a Sleeping Beauty and Doctor Who crossover tee. It is a fabulous thing, when my nerdy worlds collide.

I am clearly a novice when it comes to this stuff. I encourage you to share some of your favorite online stores for nerdy gear. Also if there is some store out there that you would recommend that I stay away from, that information is just as helpful too.

80’s Song Wednesday

This one goes out to my cohort, and you know why. Today's song is Everything She Wants by Wham!



If you haven't had a chance to see Maleficent, run to the theaters. It is a good time, especially if you a Disney fanatic. Check out my review from Our Knight Life

When Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland became a success in the box office in 2010, a rumor started to go around that the same live action treatment would be given to the Disney’s animated Sleeping Beauty, but would focus on the villain, Maleficent. Let’s just say I freaked out. I was very excited, because this is my favorite Disney movie. Everyone who knows me is aware of how large of a fan I am. Sure I was a little bummed that Maleficent would be getting the focus because I wanted to see as much of Aurora as well, but I would take what I got. When things got a little more serious they announced that the film would actually go into production, they gave it a tentative release year of 2013. That was a maybe in the film world at that time. Hollywood was a different beast at the time with the writers’ strike ending and the economy hitting the studios hard as well as movie goers. Giving a film this far in advance date could have easily have been a death sentence. Well, the movie made it, and what a movie it was.

The movie focuses on Maleficent’s character and her journey before she appears at Aurora’s christening. We get to follow her as a child and watch her grow through the trials and tests that are thrown at her. The biggest trial she goes through is love, the largest battle that she faces throughout the entire movie. As she takes this journey, the audience can begin to piece together the beloved animated film coming to life around her as she interacts with it.

Maleficent and Aurora

I knew going into the movie that it would be epic to see and would really focus on Maleficent. I expected it to be good, because it was Disney, whose lowest standard is still pretty good in comparison to most other companies. I did not however expect it to be fantastic. I say this coming in as an already prepared critical fan due to my love of the original animated classic. The entire film is presented as a fairy tale, and yes before you point out that Sleeping Beauty is actually a fairy tale, let me point out that Maleficent is not. She is a pure creation of Disney. This tale is spun with the aid of the beautiful and mythical scenery that is as magical as it is believable. This is just the first 15 minutes.

The part of the movie that impressed me the most was the Sleeping Beauty tale. It was just as vital to the movie as Maleficent’s story. Let me warn you now that there are changes to Aurora’s tale, which give her character way more depth and in a very good way. Aurora is very important to this story and to Maleficent’s character. Their interaction with one another creates the major conflict for Maleficent each time she and Aurora cross paths.

I just thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I loved the realism, even with fairies, that was put into the story. I loved, loved Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. She was fantastic and perfect, which was expected since she was first cast for the part. Elle Fanning’s Aurora was a perfect balance to Angelina Jolie’s mystery and darkness, embodying everything that makes a trademark Disney princess but also making her real and believable. The story was compelling from start to finish, and I am just sad that it was only ninety-eight minutes long and not more.


For those of you who are a bit unnerved by Maleficent if not terrified by her. I don’t blame you. I have always stated that she is one of the darkest and evil characters Disney every created. I don’t think I can say that honestly anymore, because if I was Maleficent, I probably would have done the same thing. If there was ever to be a movie that could take Maleficent from a terrifying level to an understandable one, it will be this movie.

It is a perfect addition to the summer movie blockbuster list and a great family outing in my opinion. While there are some parts that can be considered violent like a couple of battles and attacks on Maleficent, I don’t think they are any worse the battles seen in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I even feel that the battles in that movie are a little more focused upon and personal than they are in Maleficent. There is a character death, but it is not gory. It is however focused on, because it is important for the story. I would confidently say that ages eight and older should be fine with this movie, but again it is up to your parental discretion on what your children can handle. Beat the summer heat with a family trip to the theater to enjoy Maleficent. Some of you might even see me, because I plan on going again.

All photos are courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.