My name is Leslie. I am a 30 something IT professional. Most of the technical things on our site I handle. I am still obsessed (mildly) with *NSYNC, especially Lance Bass. My favorite Star Trek is Deep Space Nine. I REALLY NEED THE SISKO BACK, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW! I am the proud owner of a Data mug and Data action figure. I did not really watch Star Trek until I was an adult, but I do remember Data from when I was a child. *stares at Data*. Though high school was a really rough time for me, as an adult I am obsessed with the 90s.

As far as tech, I am firmly in the camp of Android. My current phone is the Nexus 5x. It has been replaced by Google a total of 3 times. The issues with it are not my fault. I currently and rocking a Gigabyte P2542G-CF2 laptop with the following specs:

  • Intel Core i7 3630QM (2.40GHz)
  • 8GB Memory 750GB HDD 128GB SSD
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M
  • Windows 7 (Because Windows 8/10 makes me want to scream/run into the abyss and I am not well versed enough in Linux for it not to just make me want to cuss it out and wish it were Windows #honesty)

My laptop and I share a loving relationship. The only thing I wish is that the primary drive was the 750 GB,because I have to remember it isn't when I install games.I use a Kindle Fire as my tablet. It has a Bluetooth keyboard to make life simple for me. The Fire is for all things Internet. I have a Kindle Touch as well for reading.


I love gadgets  and doodads, and would love to review any of your gadgets or doodads.

Apple Fanboys sometimes make me irrationally angry. I apologize.

When I am not working my day job, I am usually reading on my kindle, planning our next trip, playing skyrin,  or playing with our animals.

If  you have any questions for me, I can be reached at leslie@geekygirlguide.com


Kim Knight


I'm just a small town girl living in a neon lights kind of world. I currently call Las Vegas home. I graduated from Ball State University with a BA in English. I'm a movie buff, and I am a little too obsessed with all things from the 80's. I love watching scary movies and television shows. Don't be surprised to find me curled up with a Jane Austen novel.




Rebekah Rodriguez is a writer, activist, and book artist living in Southern California. Her favorite leisure activities include yelling at her TV, making multipoint presentations about her favorite ships, and taking naps with her dogs Sammy Winchester and Cordelia Chase.

She figures you could replicate her with eery accuracy if you combined Leslie Knope's passion for good governance, Ben Wyatt's devotion to genre television, and Det Charles Boyle's love of food. Basically, Mike Shur reads her diary.

Fandoms: Supernatural, Wynonna Earp, Sense8, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Brooklyn 99, X-Files, Doctor Who, Dirk Gently, anything with the following people in it: Danai Gurira, Gillian Anderson, Stephanie Beatriz, Sarah Shahi, Amy Acker, Osric Chau, Shamier Anderson, John Barrowman,  anyone from the orginal cast of Hamilton, (Rebekah note: oh god I have to stop listing my fandoms at some point don't I but what if I leave out someone important oh god I already have I know it.)

Ships: Destiel, Richonne, Nomanita, WayHaught, Shoot, Lito/Nando, Det Holt/Dr. Cozner

Conventions: San Diego Comic Con, Supernatural Conventions, ClexaCon

Find Rebekah at:

Twitter: @rmaxlynn

Instagram: @InlandEmpireBookArts

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RebekahRodriguezLynn/

Website: https://rebekahrodriguezlynn.com/

Find Rebekah's Facebook Fangroups (join us!) at:

Supernatural/Wayward Sisters: https://www.facebook.com/groups/461413043909761/

Dominique Provost - Chalkley: https://www.facebook.com/groups/127540237929589/


Michele is a medical education specialist and writer living in Southern California. She enjoys cooking for her sister, drinking wine, watching Netflix, and not camping. She has two cats who are both little bastards. David Tennant is an extremely important part of her life, quite unbeknownst to him. She has more feelings about Hannibal than should even be possible. All her faves are problematic.
AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/users/destielruinedmylife (FAIR WARNING THIS IS PORN, ALL I WRITE IS PORN)












Hiddily Hodoly Neighborinos!

I am known as Quinzel Lee. You can call me Quin, just don't call me late for dinner. I'm also a writer over at DontHateTheGeek.com because apparently I believe in overexerting myself. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater and Creative Writing. I also have a Masters in Bad Assery with a minor in Overthinking.

I enjoy cosplay and rage quitting tabletop games. I'm very afraid of Kilgrave and Jessica Jones gave me nightmares. I torture myself with true crime podcasts and cringe worthy fanfics. Luke Cage and M'Baku pretty much opened a new sexual awakening within me. And while I believe all pizza toppings have a right to exist, I personally don't partake in pineapple on pizza, but I will fight to the death for your god given right to.

By day, I'm a mom to a wonderful smol bean that pees and throws up on me a lot. For privacy reasons (because he's cute enough to snuggle and steal) I'll refer to him on this blog as BBy-8.

If you ask me if I want more children I will punch you. I mean, I do want more. But mind your own uterus, please.


If you've made it this far, get ready for a wang dang doodle of a good time. My articles will make milk come out of your nose...hopefully only after you've drunk some.