Best choices for us.

I am exhausted. If anyone ever told me that the holidays were an actual vacation, I think I would punch them.
Roughly a month ago I got a haircut. It was actually more of a trim. My hair grows quicker in the back than anywhere else, giving me a mullet type look. Not good.
It got me to thinking. When I was younger if you came at my hair with a pair of scissors, be it a trim or an actual cut, to correct broken off hair, I would be in tears. My hair took forever to grow, and all I ever wanted was long hair. When it was relaxed, it seemed as if I could never achieve that dream. The longest my hair ever really got was to my earlobe.
With my natural hair, no matter how bad I treat it, it grows. When I say I treat it bad, I mean I don’t tie it up every night like I am supposed to, I go longer than I should without a serious detangle, and I have hand-in-hair syndrome.
Ultimately I believe that natural hair was the best choice for myself. What about you? 
 Can you tell I am sick? I feel like crap. On my way to work.
What is the best choice you have made for  yourself?
  • for my hair? definitely trimming at least 3 inches in december. i was kinda bummed my hair wasn’t as long as i expected it to be after the trim. yet, when i twisted my hair, the different was obvious to me. and after all, it’s just hair, right? 🙂

  • For my hair- I stopped coloring it to within an inch of its life. I miss having “highlights” (I mean, can Asian black hair really have highlights??) but I like that my hair doesn’t break off and look like I got electrocuted.

    In life- I left a relationship with a very very bad man. He is currently incarcerated.

  • Liz, is there a ‘safe’ way to color your hair?

    Janelle, I was the same way after my trim, but is is growing back like crazy!