Air America

Genre: Action/Comedy

Director: Roger Spottiswoode

Screenplay: John Eskow and Richard Rush, adapted from the novel by Christopher Robbins

Starring: Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr.

In the midst of war, Vietnam troops began to infiltrate the country of Laos in the late Sixties. The American government secretly provided aid to the many citizens of Laos using civilian pilots to air drop supplies with the help of the Laotian military, dubbing the operation, Air America. New recruit, Billy, gets thrown into a world of danger, secrets, and drunken hijinks as he gets used to flying the rough terrain of the country. Gene, a vet of the company, volunteers to break Billy in and show him the ropes and a little fun. The fun and adventure soon take a forbidding turn as secrets about the use and funding of Air America begin surface.

It is a movie such as this when I truly miss the Eighties and Nineties. This film is proof that Mel Gibson was not always crazy, but in fact loved and admired. This can also be said about Tom Cruise. I think many of us can also look back upon the movie, Legend, and at least remember some of it fondly. The main point is that there is a reason that these actors are so popular, and it is because they have talent and charm. Regardless of how they seem to use their talent nowadays, we loved them during these decades because of their acting abilities and good looks.

The main reason this film was watched was indeed for Mel Gibson. He was the shining action star of the time, the guys’ guy, but his charm and good looks also brought many female viewers. Oddly enough, I remember my parents taking my brother and me to this movie when I was six. Shocking, I know. That is what I told my mother when I picked it up in the cheap bin. I literally have not seen this film since I was six, so this was really the first time. It was the typical action and comedy that I expected. A bit predictable, but the movie was not looking for Oscar nods. It is an entertainment movie with Mel Gibson, acting his usual typecast character of the Eighties.

An added bonus is Mr. Robert Downey Jr. I am personally glad that he chose acting over drugs, not to say that his performance in this film was glowing. His potential was present, yet he was still honing his craft at this time. There was still the subtle sarcasm with this character that Downey is known for playing well. He was by no means the hilarious Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes, but I still found him charming and good looking, which should be a plus in anyone’s book.

I give this film 2 Buttery Kernels.

Coming Soon: The Back-Up Plan

Losing Touch

I’m still searching for employment. With my funds dwindling before my eyes, I am off to Kelly Services tomorrow. The whole not working thing has been fun, but now it is getting a little depressing. My growing concerns with my bills have begun shadowing my happy go lucky vibe. Ask me two weeks ago if I was happy, and I would have answered definitely yes. Now, I’d probably give you the go to meh response. I was gambling with the idea that I could be choosy and better my situation. I should have known. My gambling experiences in Las Vegas never worked out before. Lol! It also doesn’t help that the news constantly reminds me that Las Vegas has the highest ratio of unemployment in the country. These concerns are even affecting my writing. As you could tell if you follow the film review blog, my reviews have been lacking in content if not present period. That is what annoys me most. I get stressed when my writing isn’t flowing out naturally.

On the bright side, I still have fun with my nephew and the little walker he is developing into. He really is a riot. I jokingly call him Godzilla. He gets this intense, zoned look on his face if I have something he just has to investigate. Then he walks towards me focused completely on whatever interested him, whatever is in his way be damned. This is when my nephew channels Godzilla. It cracks me up. He’s also a little chatter box. I’m not quite sure what he’s saying, but I’ll let you know when I master the translation. The little man is starting to get very sneaky. It is amusing, but hard to discipline. I am being challenged just as he is. He’s starting to become aware of what he can and cannot do, and before he does something he is not supposed to, he shoots a look around to see if someone is watching. It’s pretty funny, but I have to work very hard not to laugh. We are both going to be learning a lot of things we cannot do.

I am looking forward to my first babysitting gig this week. I’m sure that I will have a lot of fun, because the little girl is a sweet pea. Hopefully, I’ll get some better news tomorrow after I venture to Kelly Services. They haven’t failed me yet, so I hope they don’t start now. I am starting to get a little homesick. I said a little, people, not a lot. Lol! Don’t make any party plans. I know you guys miss me as much as I miss you. I may currently be a squatter, but it is locationaly permanent. Yes, I just made up a word. It happens with me. As much as I appreciate the offer of some kind of employment if I return, this is supposed to be a lasting gig. I would like to take the opportunity to give a shout out to all of my ladies back at AHN, my friends in Indy, and my sisters. I love and miss you all.

For now, I will continue my usual “I’m bummed, and I cheer myself up with television shows I’ve seen over and over” ritual that has propelled me through the years. They’re perfect for me, because I don’t have to devote too much attention to them and can still be entertained. I just finished watching the Sailor Moon series again. Crikey, did she just mention an anime?!? Before you begin to question my values, I am not what you would call an anime enthusiast. This is the only one I’ll claim, because I watched it when I was a kid and loved it!! As an adult I got to know the Japanese version, which is actually a little more complex. It has a great romance story line that my inner hopeless romantic tripped over. The lead character is the unlikely superhero who is just entertaining if not loveable. I like revisiting my old favorite cartoons, because they allow me to slip into the delusion of what it was like to be a carefree kid. Since I finished that, I moved back to my current favorite, Supernatural. The guys are pretty and funny, so it’s obvious why I go back to it. Can’t help myself with my not so guilty pleasure. This is what happens when I have nothing going on. I talk about nothing. Lol! Here’s to a hopeful future something!

Until next time…..

Adventures in Babysitting

Genre: Comedy

Director: Chris Columbus

Screenplay: David Simkins

Starring: Elizabeth Shoe, Keith Coogan, Anthony Rapp, Penelope Ann Miller, and Maia Brewton

After her boyfriend cancels their date, Chris has nothing better to do, but babysit. Expecting a relaxing if not annoying at times night, Chris finds herself thrown into one mess after another. Hilarity and danger ensue as she and the kids brave downtown Chicago at night. Chris’s only goal is getting everyone back to the house and safe before the parents get home.

This is officially my first review of an Eighties film. For those who know me, I have a slight problem when it comes to this decade. I am a bit obsessed. Eighties film tend to be more story driven, because visual technology was not as strong to help the films. This is why I respect them a bit more. Sure there were fabulous displays of acting in Eighties, but with most films of the decade it didn’t seem to be a requirement. The Eighties mostly wanted to entertain you with whatever your poison was, and that they did.

For a film that was a favorite when I was young, it is still a favorite now. It is a bit hokey or campy at times, but most films from this decade were, which where I think those words actually came from. This movie is just fun for everyone. The story is entertaining, but not the best ever written. You can’t help but laugh along with the antics. The Mighty Thor probably got one of his first major advertisements with this film. I remember personally wanting a helmet like the girl’s in this film when I was younger. The film is certainly not going to change your life by any means, but it should make you laugh at something, whether it’s the story or the decade itself.

This was probably Elizabeth Shue’s first lead role. Her talent as an actress is apparent in this film, but it was still growing. She had not yet achieved the level that would eventually lead to an Oscar nomination, but she was still believable here. The actors that play the kids that Elizabeth Shue’s character is babysitting have been in other things here and there throughout the Eighties and beyond, the more famous being Anthony Rapp. He is probably best known for his role in the musical, Rent. The only thing I usually thought of when he would be on screen was Ron Weasley. Terrible? Yes. But, I couldn’t help myself.

Every actor has to start somewhere, and most of our favorite leading actors of today started in these movies. This film has the added bonus of seeing some of those young actors. Not only do we get to see Elizabeth Shue when she was younger, we get to see Penelope Ann Miller, Bradley Whitford, and a very blond Vincent D’Onofrio.

I give this film 3 Buttery Kernels.

Coming Soon: Air America

Across The Universe

Genre: Musical/Drama

Director: Julie Taymor

Screenplay: Dick Clemet and Ian La Frenais

Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, and Joe Anderson

This is the story of Jude, a young Englishman, who is finally able to go to America to search for the father he has never met. The New World, broken by war, opens up opportunities of friendship and love. Using the music of The Beatles to propel the story, Jude finds a inspiration and himself.

This is an artistic film. It has a strong story line as it follows the lead character, Jude, and his friends, but the film reflects a painting with colorful and imaginative scenes that interpret the music it follows. This film would probably be more enjoyable if you are indeed a Beatles and art film fan. It is possible that you could still appreciate the beautiful cinematography and story without knowing of or liking The Beatles music, but it is the main draw to this film. It also follows the main elements of a musical with singing and dancing, which I felt were stunningly choreographed. The actors even provided their own vocals, which I feel is always a plus and adds another layer of respect to the actor. The main feature is still the art of the film, not the story. This is what the film was intended to be seen for, and that may not be of interest for some. As an art and Beatles lover, myself, I really enjoyed this movie.

The actors are not exactly well known just yet, the most famous probably being Evan Rachel Wood. Best known for her role in Thirteen, she seems to be selective about her roles, sticking mostly to independent films. She is a growing talent who has the potential of being a great and respective actress of her generation. Her work in this film does not disappoint either. Most of the characters she has played have always seem to be driven by some kind of edge or hardship. Though her character, Lucy, has some hardship, this does not propel her character. The hardship in this film was simply the way of life for most Americans during this time. In fact, this is probably one of the more normal roles she’s played so far with the added touch of a very sweet and pleasant voice.

Both Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson, being British, have had sporadic roles here and there. This is probably their most distinguished film. The both carried their large roles well. I had hoped that we may have seen more of both of them as a result from this film, but their roles still seem to be varied as of late.

I give this film 3 Buttery Kernels.

Coming Soon: Adventures In Babysitting

I Forgot to Remember to Forget

It has been about nine months since we all lost Mary Lou, and yet I guess I haven’t fully dealt with her passing. I have always been the one to take the tough route focusing on my own needs last. During that tough time of her passing, I felt responsible to help keep the office together as well as my friends. Whether my presence was needed for this or not, this is what I’m compelled to do in a time of need. I tend to be a private emotion girl when crying is concerned, so during that entire time up until her funeral, I would lie in bed every night and cry. It can seem a bit pathetic; because why couldn’t I let my friends help me through this as I was helping them? It is a question I ask myself all the time, but something I don’t see changing for awhile. Why this sudden sad trip down memory lane? Well last night as lay in bed, I randomly began to think about that fiery woman and with that came the tears. I am definitely not dealing with it as I should, so today I thought I would put it in writing, deal with it my way.

Thinking back on it now, Mary Lou was probably the closest thing I could associate with a grandmother. My mom’s mother had passed away before I was born, and I was lucky enough to get some time with my dad’s mother and step-mother before they passed. My Grandma Knight is probably the one that I remember most clearly as she was extremely crafty and artistic. Her little apartment always had fabric, lace, and ribbon strewn about. I still covet many of dolls and animals that she made for me, but sadly our time was short.

Most of my memories of my Grandma Myers come from her nursing home. The few Christmases and summer vacations don’t leave to many memories, which are odd, because I have an abnormally good memory. She did venture up to see me one time for a Grandparents Day event for my school, which I believe was when I was in first or second grade. I can’t even remember the when of something that I was really important to me at the time. How sad is that? I was excited to finally have a grandparent present for the event, but I can’t remember any of the activities we did or her sitting with me at my desk. I remember her staying with us and the smell and the feel of her make-up case as I dragged my finger along the lid. That’s all I remember. Grandparents Day was always a day of discontent for me as I grew up and saw other children with their grandparents. I understood then as I do now, but you can’t help what ache you feel in your heart as you sit making macaroni necklaces and have no one to give it to. It was probably a couple of years after that she was place in the nursing home after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My mother wondered if I ever knew my real grandmother, because of the disease. I guess the sadder news is from the stories I’m told of her. I probably would have really gotten along with her. She had a heck of a humorous side and a voracious need to read, not unlike myself. I was still young when she passed, somewhere around the beginning of Junior High.

When I met Mary Lou, she was part of an overstuffed office that she shared with two other people, one of them being my boss at the time. Because I didn’t directly work with her, I just always thought she was a sweet dear. That was until she was quoted by fellow worker and friend. Let’s just say it was shocking…. funny, but shocking. For someone I didn’t know very well, I gained a large of amount of respect and admiration with one little line. When she was moved up to work with us in our sacred little island, we were in for the time of our life. I got to know the fearless, feisty, and ornery woman that was hidden by this dear sweet face of lady in her early seventies. I don’t think there was a person that came through our office that didn’t know Mary Lou. They would stop and talk with her at every moment.

She didn’t even lose her fire when she was faced with yet another battle with cancer. She would still throw her personality around. Probably one of our favorite memories of her is when she would get annoyed by an arrogant drug rep. I don’t think there’s one of us that worked with her that will forget her slamming her pen down on her desk and then shoving herself back in her chair to angrily look at us with exasperation and disbelief. The woman loved her American Idol and was determined to set me up Danny Gokey by either calling him or writing him a strong letter. This is making me laugh right now as I type this. For her birthday I decided to recycle a high school graduation gift one of my sisters gave me for Mary Lou. We were constantly aware of how much she liked the male form, so I thought I should give her a man for her birthday. It was a cardboard constructed man that I had been given and thought it should be passed on. She thought it was a riot!

The day I found out she was a huge Elvis fan, I couldn’t love her more. I let her borrow a horror comedy called Bubba Ho-Tep that was about Elvis in a nursing home fighting a mummy. Normally, this would not be the typical item to give a lady at her age, but she loved it as I knew she would. The time came when she was planning a trip with her family to Graceland. She was very excited about this, because she had never been. We were all for encouraging her Elvis love and even taped up a life size Elvis for her right before she left. When I found out the story of her personal Elvis collection or rather the destruction of it, I quickly ran out and bought her a hits album, because all she had was a gospel collection. I told her that the gospel collection was beautiful and should go along for the ride, but she couldn’t go to Graceland without Jailhouse Rock.

Somewhere during this time I began to wonder if this was what having a grandmother was like. I’m not going to say that she was the grandmother I never knew and always wanted, but she was the closest thing I had to one during the time I was blessed enough to know her. The day her impending loss to cancer was confirmed will never leave my mind. We were all aware that she was losing more causalities on her side of her battle than the cancer was. I’m not going to go into any more detail than that out of respect, because she was a very proud woman and did not want anyone to know more of her troubles than was necessary. But the day she found out she was going to lose…….. I was holding the fort that day, and she asked me if she could go home early. We were the ones that always talked her into to going home, because she feared she would leave us stranded. When she asked, it was serious, but the look in her eye is something I’ll never forget. I didn’t know at the time, but that was the last time I would see her. About a week afterwards, Mary Lou passed. I still try to beat myself up for chickening out and not visiting her. A part of me knows she’s not upset, because she did not want to be remembered that way. I just haven’t gotten over my personal guilt.

I handled her viewing well. I fought back a few tears throughout it. We shared our memories with other friends and family and watched slideshow of her life. Miss Mary Lou was a little Audrey Hepburn in her day. There were pictures from her trip to Graceland that I had yet to see, but one stuck out. It was her signing the wall of Graceland along with others that made me smile, only to find out that the message she left for the King was “See you soon.” The funeral was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done in a long time. This was also the first funeral I have been to since I was a kid. I’m here to tell you that I miss the naivety of being a child during one. I was somewhat composed until her son started to sing for her, then most of what I tried to keep pent up broke through. The trip to the cemetery was much more of a blur than I realized at the time. We ended out night with a much needed gathering of just us girls, with a bit of alcohol mixed in. It had been a long rough day for everyone, and we just needed some comfort and each other. We weren’t as prepared as we thought for the next day at work, seeing her empty desk and knowing she wasn’t coming back.

Not long before I left Indiana, I decided that I wanted to visit her grave and say goodbye. I bought some roses I thought she might have liked and went to the cemetery. After two frustrating hours of my mother and I scouring the head stones, I was unable to find her. Regardless of what I thought I remembered of the funeral, I guess I was physically there, but my heart decided to carry the burden of both it and my mind. When I got home, I lay the flowers at the base of my crabapple tree and said my goodbyes and apologized that I couldn’t find her, but I would the next time I came back to Indiana.

I apologize for my somber mood throughout this, but I feel better having written it. I’m sure a thought or two about Mary Lou will still hit me just right, and I’ll probably tear up again, but maybe it will be less next time. She was a wonderful woman and now a memory I’ll keep close to my heart. For the girls back home at AHN that still get questions about where she is, just tell them she’s dancing with Elvis.

Lady Writer

Alas, pretty much the only thing I’ve been productive about lately is my writing. Even that is an ehhhhh. Because I hate writing about myself, I’ve tried to keep posting something here at least once a week. Hence the ehhhhh. It’s hard when you haven’t really done anything new but be a new and present lump in the great state of Nevada. This is not the exciting and shocking stuff that dreams and stars are made of, not that I do anything really shocking…..ever. Shocking for me was trying Boca meatless crumbles a couples weeks ago, which are rather tasty. Again, ehhhh.

There has definitely been some writing. Along with this blog I’ve been working on my film review blog. That still has yet to be a force to be reckoned with, but it’s getting there. Some novel ideas have popped in my head that I’m looking at pursuing. I have an idea about a romantic comedy about a Jane Austen fanatic who meets someone a little out of this world. This probably sounds crazy, and I agree. I have to remain cryptic to a point. I don’t want to ruin the whole story before I’m done with it. There is a real following for these kinds of books for Jane Austen fanatics. I should know, because being a fanatic myself, I own quite a few of them. It just kind of popped out. Did I forget to mention that it is still strictly an idea? Hehehe, I’m a slacker.

I’ve also been thinking about starting some children’s book. This is mostly due to my want to give Kellan special stories. What better gift for me to give to the little stinker than my love for imagination. I have been toying with an idea featuring a cat and the shenanigans that it will get into. Recently I wrote a little story for him to help him understand about his Dad being gone on deployments. That one is kind of special right now. I’m trying to join forces with an artist to illustrate this and make something fantastic for my brother’s family.

This is random, but too funny to share. As I’m writing this, Kellan was given some of the macaroni and tomato I made. Not only did he find it yummy, he discovered the prospective skin care attributes of it. I kept hearing squishy noises coming from him, and I looked over to find him moisturizing. This is the typical mischief that I get to witness on the daily basis, a large plus of my moving out here.

Until next time….

The Accidental Husband

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Director: Griffin Dunne

Screenplay: Mimi Hare, Clare Naylor, Bonnie Sikowitz

Starring: Uma Thurman, Colin Firth, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Dr. Emma Lloyd is a popular and well-respected love guru with her own radio talk show. For Patrick Sullivan, she is the woman that ruined his life after she gave advice to his fiancé to call off the wedding. Knowing that the good doctor herself will be getting hitched soon, Patrick decides to get a little payback by hacking into state records and making her married to him. The comedy proceeds as Emma tries to sort out the mistake and still keep her wedding together. The marriage mistake seems to take a backseat to her new problem, her growing attraction to Patrick. Who will she choose?

I personally purchased this, because I had yet to see it and enjoy Colin Firth. Now I wish my logic of not buying it at full price won out my carefree whim. It’s not great, but it’s not terrible. This is a standard chick flick. It’s so standard that I’m a little surprised that it was not an original Lifetime movie, yet I still would have seen it, if it was. The story follows the basic which guy does the girl choose plot line, and it remains pretty basic. If your significant other is usually opposed to these films, be kind and do not force him to watch this. There are plenty of other rom coms out there that will make everyone laugh even without admitting it. This is not one. Watch it yourself or with a few friends who enjoy the same type of movie.

I can only sum up this movie as cute and entertaining. If you’re bored, go ahead. If you like the actors, okay, try it. I warn you, though each of these actors has shown great talent in other films, this is not one, and I don’t entirely blame the actors for that. I felt the writing was not compelling enough to offer them a chance to expand the characters any more than they did in the film. I also certainly do not recommend purchasing this film like I did, unless you find it on a bargain rack. Do not dive off the regular price cliff that I found myself doing.

I give this film 2 ½ Buttery Kernels.

Coming Soon: Across the Universe

The Runaways

Genre: Drama/Biography

Director: Floria Sigismondi

Screenplay: Floria Sigismondi (Based on the memoir by Cherie Currie)

Starring: Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning

Adapted from Cherie Currie’s memoir, this is the story of the mid 70’s all girl rock band, The Runaways. Being the first of its kind, the idea of an all female group was offensive and laughed off, if not dismissed by their rock peers. What made the band even more radical was the fact that they were all barely adults.

Guitar player, Joan Jett, approaches record producer, Kim Fowley, with her plan of starting an all girl rock band. He helps her find a few more girls that can play instruments and thus group is created. There just seems to be one more thing missing for Fowley. The girls need something to give them that edge. Enter Cherie Currie. With her vocals and rocker glam look, The Runaways become a force and create enough of a following to get a record deal, jumping into the world of fame.

Life for a teenager in the mid 70’s had its challenges, whether it was with easily obtainable alcohol and drugs or sexual experimentation. For the The Runaways, these temptations were only magnified with their new found celebrity status, forcing crumbling holes within the band and especially in the young Cherie Currie.

This is a bio-pic, so there isn’t a deep and mysterious storyline. Not everyone may have known the story of The Runaways and their trials as a band, but because at least one person does, the substance that will make this kind of film a success falls directly in the hands of the actors. Their challenge to create something that was real into something believable for the audience cannot be done by just any actor. Bad acting in a film like this will kill it instantly. There is no contest with this picture that the actors, Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart, not only held their own, but were Joan Jett and Cherie Currie.

Dakota Fanning was recognized for her acting skills as a young child, a talent that she has been cultivating with every picture. Her portrayal as Cherie Currie is so convincing that at times, I would forget it was her. What was even more shocking for me was when I did realize it was her, and my internal morals would flare up. I would judge her for playing such a shocking part at her age. I quickly remembered that Cherie Currie was the same age, and this was actually her life. I do not believe that there are any reward nominations hinted at or confirmed for her role in this film, but I would not be surprised if she is honored with a few.

I can only hope that after seeing Kristen Stewart play Joan Jett some of her integrity as an actor will return. She has been criticized for her performances in the Twilight series, and I, myself, have been one of them. The difference between most of her critics and I is that I know she is a very capable actress and will most likely become an outstanding actress of our generation. This is bold, but she has the films to prove her presence. They have just been shadowed by the hype of the Twilight series. Is she deserving of any kind of award nomination for this part? Yes, but I feel as only a supporting part. It would not surprise me if she does or does not get nominated, because even though Joan Jett was showcased in this film, Cherie Currie was the main focus.

It really is an wonderful film that I feel will not disappoint. The film stands out as much as the band it portrays. The acting is moving, if not compelling. Being that it is based on a rock band, the soundtrack does not disappoint, either, using influential music from the era, the band, and Joan Jett’s. A nice little twist to the soundtrack and one that adds to their acting chops is that Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart provide their own vocals, making the film feel more authentic. I feel bold enough to say that even if The Runaways music is not your cup of tea, you will still enjoy the journey that created the rock band.

I give this film 4 Buttery Kernels.

Coming Soon: Accidental Husband

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Director: Niels Arden Oplev

Screenplay: Nikolaj Arcel and Rasmus Heisterberg

Starring: Michael Nyqvist and Noomi Rapace

After being set up, Mikael is facing ruin and a prison sentence for writing a supposed fraudulent story exposing the seedier side of an elite Swedish business man. Before he has to serve his time, he is contacted by a retired business man asking for Mikael’s help in solving the murder of the business man’s long lost niece, Harriet. He meets Lisbeth, the girl who had been hired to investigate his integrity and has continued to keep tabs on him, after she discovers a clue that had yet to be figured out by anyone over the years. Her rough looks and attitude are abrasive at first, but together Mikael and Lisbeth form a bond and work to solve the mystery before it gets them killed.

This film is based on the Stieg Larsson novel of the same title. Due to the novel’s popularity around the world, this Swedish import found its way to America. I will admit that I am pretty biased about this film based on the fact that it is Swedish. Being that I’m half Swedish, this is where I get my blonde attributes. That’s pretty much all I can claim. I am not exactly what they call proficient when it comes to the language. I would like to be, but that’s about as progressive as I’ve become with that dream. As interesting as that has probably been for you all, I should get back to the film.

Since this was a foreign film, I personally prefer to watch them with subtitles as opposed to a dubbed option. I find dubbing a little distracting and sometimes inadequate. With subtitles, you can still judge the actor’s themselves as opposed just their actions and some other actor trying to portray the character vocally. It is rare when you find the harmony between the two with a dubbed film.

The story line was very compelling in this film as it followed both Mikael and Lisbeth. The main mystery was the murder of Harriet, but the main characters had their own personal mysteries. Mikael had just come from a scandal that put his integrity into question. The details of the story are revealed gradually throughout the movie leaving the audience to question his “white hat.” We find out that Lisbeth is on probation and that her stability is problematic at best. Little is revealed about the reason she is in this situation. Knowing that this is the first of a three part series, some of the mystery about Lisbeth is not completely revealed, which cultivates interest for the sequel, The Girl Who Played With Fire. The mixture of the three keeps the audience captivated right until the very thrilling end.

I would normally comment about the actors’ performances, but being that this is a foreign film, I am not familiar with these actors. I can only judge them based on this film. Each actor was believable without flaw with their respective characters. They both came off as seasoned. Even without familiarity, it is easy to tell new actors or bad actors. This was never a problem with this film. Though this is a story driven movie and it is strong, the story could not be executed smoothly without the performance of the actors.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is definitely worth checking out, whether or not you’ve read the novel. The success of both the novel and film versions has inspired an upcoming English remake starring Daniel Craig as Mikael. Saying that this is popular seems to be an understatement, but it is not fueled by hype. The film will entertain you, make you think, and leave you guessing.

I give this film 3 Buttery Kernels.

Coming Soon: The Runaways


Genre: Comedy

Director: Steve Pink

Screenplay: Adam Cooper, Bill Collage, and Mark Perez

Starring: Justin Long, Jonah Hill, Blake Lively, and Lewis Black

Slacker, Bartleby, discovers that he has not been accepted to any of the colleges or universities that he has applied for. Because his parents place such a high credence in a college, he turns to his talents in fraud and scamming for a solution and creates his own college. His scam quickly becomes more than he bargained for as other students get accepted to his fake college and show up for their first semester. Hilarity ensues as he tries to worm his way out of the mess he created.

For a comedy that relies on its quick dialogue and story, it makes for a very entertaining film. It is the perfect film if you want to watch something that will make you laugh and not force you to concentrate too much, just the right way to relax after a long day. The ending is even surprisingly significant and rounds out the story, leaving you somewhat educated about humanity and people.

Justin Long plays the lovable smart-ass, Bartleby. This wasn’t stretch for him. Though, he has been known to play emotional characters, there is yet to be many examples of this. This particular type-casting has been working for him, and I will admit that it is usually why I’m drawn to his films. As much as I do enjoy these films, I do look forward to him venturing into more challenging roles.

This being Jonah Hill’s first major role in a major motion picture, we see him take the traditional role of the funny and fat friend to a different level. Normally, this role is created solely for us to laugh at, while the character sticks to the usual “fart” jokes or hilarious clumsiness. In this film, Jonah Hill’s character uses sarcasm to not only make fun of himself, but also as a defense from the other characters that try to belittle him. He has since made a career of playing this role, and has only recently started to dabble with a more challenging character in film. I honestly do not know what to expect after seeing him in these specific roles for so long, but I feel that it will definitely be interesting.

This is a film from my own personal collection. I do not necessarily advocate buying this movie, because I, myself, own it. If you feel it’s entertaining enough to watch it again, then feel free to. I ended up purchasing it, because it was part of a bargain sale, a reason I have most of my movies. I definitely feel that the film should be given a chance, whether as a rental or finding it on TV.

I give this film 3 Buttery Kernels.

Coming Soon: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo