Feeling Wild

I do not know what is going on with my hair this week. It seems like I cannot put enough moisture into it. (Authors note: This is not me above…I wish I had that much hair) How is the weather in everyone's area? Tonight it is all rainy and dreary and I think it is affecting the hubs and I. He is aggravating me to no end. My grandmother's 70th birthday bash was this past weekend, where I met a surprising guest in my cousin's wife. Why is this surprising you say? She is a naturalista too! We sat and discussed products and things like that.
Anyway, just didn't want anyone thinking that I wasn't alive or kicking. I am here, and I should have a new product review in the next couple of weeks. I just ordered a new product from a different website.

Have a great night!

  • ami

    I’m following you now, Leslie. I hope you feel the love! 🙂

  • I’m adding you to my blogroll! I love this. One my coworkers relaxes her hair but has been talking about going natural. I’ll send her your way! I’m sure she’d love to read this.

  • Thanks guys I appreciate it!