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Today we talk with Stitch, who has an MA in literature, blogs about fan fiction, and is the absolute best. She also reminded us that someone in Black Dagger Brotherhood has a barbed penis.

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The fan fiction rec - backslide by blackkat
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Urban fantasy rec - Nalini Singh for her Psy Changeling and Guild Hunter series (

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Rebekah is pumped about San Diego Comic Con. Leslie can't remember if Usidore or Twosidore has a crotch full of bees. She also can't wait to see you at Gen Con. Writing exercises to whet your appetite.

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Leslie is back! She is brimming with news on Little House on the Prairie and talks about her unadulterated crush on Usidore the Blue and how she hopes to see him at Gen Con. Rebekah went to one of the many Keep Families Together Rally around the country.


We also interview Bryn Donovan, a good friend and author of supernatural romance. She also helps writers on her website

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Leslie is out of town and Rebekah's sister Michele is sitting in. They celebrate Lucifer being renewed and hold out hope for Wayward Sisters! They thank celebrities speaking out against the separation of families. (yesss Mish, yesss Felicia) They talk about the implications of the Chris Hardwick allegations.

For the GGNI interview this week, Rebekah talks to delightful af actor, writer, activist, and your boi next door, Terran Pierola. They talk about non-binary/trans inclusion in fandom, and the big warm hug that is the Wynonna Earp fandom. Emily Andras, if you're reading this, call Terran and let's do this nb thing for Wynonna Earp.

Felicia's Love Has No Borders campaign for refugee families:

The Deportation Defense Fund Rebekah volunteers with that works to keep families together:

Terran Pierola's social media:

The ABC's of LGBT book that Terran co-authored and that will be out soon!

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Rebekah is sick with a capital S, so we are pulling from our vault. Leslie talks about her love for NSYNC. Rebekah tolerates her blatant fangirling. We're confused over the word "Cocky" Hilarity ensues. #ByeFeleena

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Quinzel is back with us along with another blogger from the site, Michele. With the tragic deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, we felt we should take a step back and talk a little about mental illness. It seems to affect at least one person you know. It shouldn't be a stigma and we are here to talk about it, and the things that help us.

Our show notes ran a little long this week with all of the support information we were able to find. Please go to the link below to see all the information.


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This week we talk to Jules Wilkinson, administrator of the Supernatural Wiki and creator of Wayward Cocktails. She explains how a fandom wiki is a radical act of inclusion.  Leslie would give her left vagina lip to go to E3 for the Fallout 76 announcement. Quinzel Lee, blogger from Geeky Girl's Guide to Life, joins us and makes Leslie jealous by having gone to E3, only wait, she was pregnant and it wasn't pretty. Hilarity ensues! Welcome Back Kotter.


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Rebekah gives you the "Week in Gay." Leslie's Sims have spun out of control and she chokes up over Mr. Holland's Opus. Win San Diego Comic Con tickets from Traveling Stories

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Today we interview Christopher Johnson, author of Blackwelder 2164. Chris talks about how important it is that queer fans of color tell their own stories. Also we extend you a royal invite to join us. Rebekah wants them to make Queen movie (the band, not The Queen) Gay. Leslie just wants you to buy a sticker.

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Leslie talks about her Black Panther religous experience as a Black Woman. Rebekah gets shamed for never seeing the best Disney movie on the block. Could Sheng have made a man out of both of us?

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We introduce ourselves. Leslie lives out her imaginary Love and Hip Hop life via the Sims 4. Rebekah weeps over a taco tragedy in front of Lisa Berry.  Here is where you can find us on the web:

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