Goals, it is good to have them.

This was an uneventful weekend for me. There was a reason for that. My second class started today, and I wanted as much relaxing time as I could possibly have. My twistout lasted a decent amount of time. Saturday the hubs and I went out for steak. I put it in a pouf and stuck a flower on it.

It looked really cute. Lately though I have been noticing that I am getting more and more headaches when I put my hair up. I use ouchless hair bands. They are big enough that I can double them up  and create the pouf.  My husband seems to think that my contacts are probably playing a part as well. I hope that isn't the case. How do you make a pouf with your hair? Does it cause you to have a headache? 
My hair is looking kind of busted right now, but that is okay. After I do the dishes, I am getting dressed and headed to the gym. The plan is to do the machines for a while, and maybe some light weight lifiting. Then I plan on going swimming .When I come home, I am going to twist up my hair (adding gel for more definition) and work on homework. I really don't plan on un-twisting it until it is time to go somewhere. 
What does your week look like this week? Anything fancy going on?
  • Summer fun, school, & working out? You go girl! Let me know how swimming goes. The pool at my school is free (nice & new), so I think I’m gonna go once I get my swimsuit. Where did you get yours?

  • I got one of them at Avenue. Also last summer I entered a contest on thebiggirlblog.com and won a gift certificate to …(gotta go look)swimsuitsforall.com and got a couple of suits from there.

  • Love your hair done up with the flower in it. STUNNING! I had an issue with headaches too this past spring. When I’m home, my really thick curly hair is up in a pony… so I thought it could be just being too tight. After wearing it down for a week and still getting headaches, I did go to the eye Dr. Indeed, my eyes had changed and the prescription was off in both my contacts and glasses. Got that fixed, ordered new contacts and it made all the difference in the world!

    Hope your week is amazing! Have a terrific day!