Hair Haul/Really?

I wanted to show you all of the nifty things I got from the hair store around the corner yesterday. But before I could do that, I ran into this on facebook. Enjoy...

Do you know how hard I would laugh and stare at someone who was carrying this around?! Where would a man put it while he is out and about!?

Anyway. Onto my hair/accessory haul.

This has been an incredibly rough week for me. I have had a death in the family and a serious falling out with family members. I decided to treat myself a little bit. Since this shop is in the same plaza as my grocery store, it wasn't an extra trip. 
These two sets of earrings did not actually come from the store. They came from Sarenzo's Beads. I have been ogling them for a while. The photo does not do them justice. They are huge! I love them and I can't wait to wear them. She also has a neat program. You buy 5 items (and you do not have to purchase them all at once) and you can get a 6th item free. I'm working on that LOL.
I'm a big believer in the fact that you can never have enough hoop earrings. I believe they set off my fro perfectly. While they are large, they are nowhere near as large as the Sarenzo earrings. Let me get a pic so you can see the difference.
This is the largest of the hoop earrings. 
Fabulous yes?
The hair shop by me has really inexpensive flower accessories. I could do without the brown wavy things flailing about, but if it looks weird while it is on me, I can always clip them. You can see the price in the upper right hand corner. I usually clip these to a headband, not directly to my hair. I will show you why in a second. 
I thought this was cute in theory. Now that I look at it more and more, it reminds me of the 80's. I will try and and see if I like it, if not, it was two bucks. I can always find another use for it. 
These flowers always crack me up simply because whoever creates them wants to give you OPTIONS for wearing them. See?
In case you can't see to well, the back of the flower comes equipped with a hair tie, a pin (for clothing and whatnot), and an alligator clip.

Opening the alligator clip.
Finally, because I am a bit of a product junkie, I picked up:
Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning repair cream. I won't be using this for a little bit, as I am in the middle of a coconut oil challenge, and I want to leave my regimen as stable as I can for now to see if I progress in hair growth.  Have you ever used this product? Tell me what you think.
That is about all for today, I hope you guys have a great weekend!
Hey Camilla! What do you think about my new items girl?
You deserve 'em mommy! Can I have a treat?