Helping out a friend.

Hi everyone. This, is my friend Shannon

(I had to put a pic on here with her drinking pepsi! LOL)

Shannon is a transitioning natural. She usually wears sew-ins or braids. She has straightened her hair twice in 9 months. The other day she got bold and decided to attempt a twistout. Something didn't go according to plan. 
In Shannon's own words:
"My hair was damp, I used water and a conditioner mix with the TCB Naturals hair and scalp conditioner." 
This was the result of the twistout:
How she ended up wearing it:
And this is how her hair turned out looking by the time she made it to work:
Yeah, wow.
Shannon and I both took a good look at her hair (well, as good of a look as I can take from pics..she lives in NY, I am in Indiana) and her curl pattern when she is natural is slight. She is more wavy than anything. So, I am asking you my Naturalistas, to help a sista out! What can Shannon do to produce a better twistout? This is the TCB Product she used. I know nothing about this. Do you think it is the way she twisted? Is it the products? Do twistouts not work well on wavy hair? Let us know!
  • Hi, I’m wondering what is in that product but by the results it looks too oily. Maybe something creamier? I usually use a shea butter product over a leave-in conditioner and then I rub oil in my palms and gently pat it over the twists. Something else to try is Organic Lock and Twist Gel over a leave-in, I got it at Target for under $5. I also like the layering method on wet or dry hair: leave-in, moisturizing product then oil. Do this by twist not all over for best results. Moptop Maven does a video on it and it works great for me and my daughter. I’ve made this pretty long but I don’t want her (or you) to give up. Learning is half the fun!

  • Anonymous

    She can try to lay off the butters. I’ve come to discover that my hair doesn’t really like butters very much and this might be her problem as well. She could try using a lightweight product (a leave-in for example). I like Bumble and Bumble B-leave in or Peter Lamas’ detangling mist. Then you can seal with a lightweight oil like 100% Argan oil (Not that awful Moroccan oil company stuff but PURE argan oil.). Argan oil penetrates really well and doesn’t leave hair oily or weigh it down. A little goes a long way. Coconut oil is also another option but go easy on it. After braiding or twisting the hair, curl the ends up with cold wave rods or small rollers. this will smooth the ends and provide them with definition.

    Mid- week, you can refreshen the style by rebraiding/retwisting hair with a light spritz of 95%water 5%oil mix.

    Hope this works out!