I feel like I have been scammed, but I haven’t.. I just didn’t read.

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So, I was browsing my local wally world's hair supply area when I came across this:

Blue Magic has a coconut oil!? I grabbed it off the shelf and finished my shopping. I hadn't had time to use it since I got it, but when I finally got a chance, I was uber excited. I used it to condition my hair. After about 20 minutes though, something strange had happened.
My hair...felt stiff. I looked like my hair had been replaced with Dj Pauly D's

It was not attractive. My hair felt horrible. What the hell was in this stuff? I turned the jar over and lo and behold the first ingredient? Petrolatum. W.T.F.
So, Blue Magic, you are marketing a coconut oil when coconut oil isn't even the first ingredient on the list!? (For those of you that do not know, in an ingredient list, the first listed ingredient is the one that is most prevalent in your item)
I felt swindled, bamboozled, runamuck!

But then I realized.. It was my fault. I saw the packaging label and just like a kid I purchased without delving further. I am impulsive, and I have to consistently remind myself to "stop and look." Stop and look at what you are purchasing. Not just for my hair, but for pretty much anything that I do.

So here is your heads up everyone..Blue Magic.. stay away!

  • Good Morning! I gave up “big hair” and went natural years ago. My hair problem is that after age 50, my hair turned into a brillo pad! Turned out to be a thyroid problem and one pill a day keeps away the fray. Thanks for the heads up on Blue Magic Coconut oil! Peace, Kathy

  • Lol! Sorry to laugh at your misfortune but Pauly D, lmao. At least you learnt something products can be so decieving whether that be hair products or products in general. I once had this skin lotion that was supposed to be cocoa butter and where cocoa butter listed on the ingredients third to last after petrolatum, mineral oil, proplene gycol etc.. Lesson: Read them ingredients before you buy!

  • Ack, that stinks!

  • It does feel a little stiff to me as well, but I don’t hate it. I use it when my hair is wet or with a combination of products in my hair.

  • I am glad it worked for you Ashley, for me, no bueno.