I seriously think they are trying to kill me.


I just got finished with a gob of homework. I am still not finished. Meh.

Sad Dawson is sad.

So I started a new job this week. I wanted to start off on the right foot, so I two strand twisted my hair on Monday (Labor Day), so I would be rarin’ to go on Tuesday. Yeah, my hair did the same exact thing it did last week.

I was looking at my ends, and they don’t look all that great either. Some of the strands of hair are thick, until you get to the end, and then they are thinner. Not really sure that is normal. Let me show you what I mean.


Can you tell I didn’t turn down a full ride to art school?

So yes, not really certain what is going on with my hair. I think I am getting to the point where I seriously need a trim. Now to figure out how in the world to make time for said trim when I now work 40 hours a week and have 15 credit hours worth of classes.

Have you had any issues like this before? Have you seen hair like this before?

  • omg, first of all congrats on the new job! secondly, boo to the hair. i think we all have a period of time where our hair just ain’t doing it for us. mine is right now, too. i usually get my hair done monthly, but have taken a break due to swimming this summer. now, i’m completely bored and counting down the days until i can get it done. braids might be a good idea, just to give you some time to regroup and make your hair more manageable. you need some stress relief with all work and class.

    but i have to tell you: i’m proud of you. i know you can do it. 🙂