It can’t be heat damage…. could it?

Don't forget I have a contest going on!

My hair at the base back of my head is really REALLY weird. It's straight. No curl at all. Not even a little bit. Furthermore, it is a kinky straight. When i say that, i mean that it doesn't hang limply. It kind of looks like it wants to curl, but it won't.

It is not a huge deal, because you rarely see it, but I have heard of women having "heat trained" hair. Which is just, heat damage in my opinion. So I am wondering if this is the case. I have not used a blow dryer, curling iron, etc, in well over a year. Any thoughts you may have on this, I would love to hear.

  • Anonymous

    My hair Is kind of the same way. Granted I have about 3 to maybe 4 different textures on my head. The very back half on my head starting from the base is like a loose 3C if you want to hair type it. Starting from the base going up the first 1/4 of my head is 3C, I’m mostly in the 4 category but have weird 3C strands and chile even some stick strait strands in my head…I had never used heat!!! I think it’s just that some of us have different textures. I say don’t fret, if you don’t use heat, it could just be that you have more than 1 texture on your head 🙂 gotta love our right!!! How cool is that?!!