It just isn’t feeling right.

My hair that is. For the past couple of days, it has looked stringy, felt itchy, and just.. it hasn't been in a good place.

I wondered if I had a lot of buildup by chance. I hadn't shampoo'd my hair in a long while. I usually just co-wash.

Last night I washed using Skala shampoo, and conditioned using my normal Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. I left the conditioner on there whilst I showered up. I rinsed my hair, dried it (just enough so that it wasn't dripping everywhere), detangled using my new Tangle Teezer (that will be another entry for another day), and applied my usual Belle Butters Matcha Green Tea whipped shea butter. I woke up this morning and my hair feels and looks better, but it is not up to it's normal feel. I think it might be the winter taking it's toll on my head. I might try a hot oil treatment this weekend. I also still have that box of henna in my bathroom. I have been kind of scared to do the henna treatment because I am a messy person and I do not want to get henna all over my bathroom.

I'll update you on monday! Have a great weekend.

  • Winter is definitely a bummer. My hair is also feeling dry. I left the house with fully moisturized hair, and now, as I’m at school, my hair is lacking. I’m going to do an oil prepoo next time I wash and possibly carry around a tub of moisturizer everywhere I go;)

  • @Retromus-ik I ain’t mad at you.. something has got to give with this weather and my hair!!!

  • Protective styling, I can’t say it enough. This past week, I twisted my hair on Saturday and didn’t take my twists down until Wednesday. I covered my hair with a bonnet and a cute beret over the bonnet (so my hair wouldn’t get snagged) and that’s what I rocked. The very harsh cold weather in the midwest can be a total hair killer. I make sure I deep condition my hair EVERY week in the winter time and you may need extra conditioning. If your hair is still feeling stringy, a protein treatment may be needed.

  • Hey, you might need a shampoo (sulfate free of course). I use Hello Hydration too (its da but it has ‘cones’ in it they require you to use a stronger cleaner once in a while to get them all out. Try shampoo or an ACV Rinse to get the filmy feeling off. I ACV the first wknd of every month, seems to be working for me.

  • Belle Butters Matcha Green Tea whipped shea butte – I love it too, very nice