The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Director: Niels Arden Oplev

Screenplay: Nikolaj Arcel and Rasmus Heisterberg

Starring: Michael Nyqvist and Noomi Rapace

After being set up, Mikael is facing ruin and a prison sentence for writing a supposed fraudulent story exposing the seedier side of an elite Swedish business man. Before he has to serve his time, he is contacted by a retired business man asking for Mikael’s help in solving the murder of the business man’s long lost niece, Harriet. He meets Lisbeth, the girl who had been hired to investigate his integrity and has continued to keep tabs on him, after she discovers a clue that had yet to be figured out by anyone over the years. Her rough looks and attitude are abrasive at first, but together Mikael and Lisbeth form a bond and work to solve the mystery before it gets them killed.

This film is based on the Stieg Larsson novel of the same title. Due to the novel’s popularity around the world, this Swedish import found its way to America. I will admit that I am pretty biased about this film based on the fact that it is Swedish. Being that I’m half Swedish, this is where I get my blonde attributes. That’s pretty much all I can claim. I am not exactly what they call proficient when it comes to the language. I would like to be, but that’s about as progressive as I’ve become with that dream. As interesting as that has probably been for you all, I should get back to the film.

Since this was a foreign film, I personally prefer to watch them with subtitles as opposed to a dubbed option. I find dubbing a little distracting and sometimes inadequate. With subtitles, you can still judge the actor’s themselves as opposed just their actions and some other actor trying to portray the character vocally. It is rare when you find the harmony between the two with a dubbed film.

The story line was very compelling in this film as it followed both Mikael and Lisbeth. The main mystery was the murder of Harriet, but the main characters had their own personal mysteries. Mikael had just come from a scandal that put his integrity into question. The details of the story are revealed gradually throughout the movie leaving the audience to question his “white hat.” We find out that Lisbeth is on probation and that her stability is problematic at best. Little is revealed about the reason she is in this situation. Knowing that this is the first of a three part series, some of the mystery about Lisbeth is not completely revealed, which cultivates interest for the sequel, The Girl Who Played With Fire. The mixture of the three keeps the audience captivated right until the very thrilling end.

I would normally comment about the actors’ performances, but being that this is a foreign film, I am not familiar with these actors. I can only judge them based on this film. Each actor was believable without flaw with their respective characters. They both came off as seasoned. Even without familiarity, it is easy to tell new actors or bad actors. This was never a problem with this film. Though this is a story driven movie and it is strong, the story could not be executed smoothly without the performance of the actors.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is definitely worth checking out, whether or not you’ve read the novel. The success of both the novel and film versions has inspired an upcoming English remake starring Daniel Craig as Mikael. Saying that this is popular seems to be an understatement, but it is not fueled by hype. The film will entertain you, make you think, and leave you guessing.

I give this film 3 Buttery Kernels.

Coming Soon: The Runaways


Genre: Comedy

Director: Steve Pink

Screenplay: Adam Cooper, Bill Collage, and Mark Perez

Starring: Justin Long, Jonah Hill, Blake Lively, and Lewis Black

Slacker, Bartleby, discovers that he has not been accepted to any of the colleges or universities that he has applied for. Because his parents place such a high credence in a college, he turns to his talents in fraud and scamming for a solution and creates his own college. His scam quickly becomes more than he bargained for as other students get accepted to his fake college and show up for their first semester. Hilarity ensues as he tries to worm his way out of the mess he created.

For a comedy that relies on its quick dialogue and story, it makes for a very entertaining film. It is the perfect film if you want to watch something that will make you laugh and not force you to concentrate too much, just the right way to relax after a long day. The ending is even surprisingly significant and rounds out the story, leaving you somewhat educated about humanity and people.

Justin Long plays the lovable smart-ass, Bartleby. This wasn’t stretch for him. Though, he has been known to play emotional characters, there is yet to be many examples of this. This particular type-casting has been working for him, and I will admit that it is usually why I’m drawn to his films. As much as I do enjoy these films, I do look forward to him venturing into more challenging roles.

This being Jonah Hill’s first major role in a major motion picture, we see him take the traditional role of the funny and fat friend to a different level. Normally, this role is created solely for us to laugh at, while the character sticks to the usual “fart” jokes or hilarious clumsiness. In this film, Jonah Hill’s character uses sarcasm to not only make fun of himself, but also as a defense from the other characters that try to belittle him. He has since made a career of playing this role, and has only recently started to dabble with a more challenging character in film. I honestly do not know what to expect after seeing him in these specific roles for so long, but I feel that it will definitely be interesting.

This is a film from my own personal collection. I do not necessarily advocate buying this movie, because I, myself, own it. If you feel it’s entertaining enough to watch it again, then feel free to. I ended up purchasing it, because it was part of a bargain sale, a reason I have most of my movies. I definitely feel that the film should be given a chance, whether as a rental or finding it on TV.

I give this film 3 Buttery Kernels.

Coming Soon: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Pretty Flowers for my pretty hair

In a lot of the pictures of women with natural hair online, you will see them with gorgeous flowers in their hair. I thought about going to a craft store, purchasing some flowers and gluing them to a barrette, but I don't think the logistics of it would work. I was on and there was a youtube vid of creating your own flowers for your hair:

I am crafty (somewhat, I do scrapbook pages and I am a beginner sewer) so I may try this when I am feeling motivated. But for right now I would just like to purchase a couple of flowers. Do you have any flower accessories? Where did you get them from?

Let us try this again!

The winner of the Moroccanoil Treatment is Libby Logic! Woooo!

Use the contact me tab to send me the information to ship it to you!

Thanks everyone for playing!

And She Was….

Not only am I acclimating to my new heated environment, I’m getting used to Vegas life. I’ve basically lived outside of a small town for most of my life only visiting the “city” outside of it, Kokomo. It would mostly be considered a town compared to where I live now, but it is where most of my knowledge of city life comes from. I visited the capital of Indiana several times over the years, so I knew the basics about city living from that. I just never lived there. The closet thing I’ve come to living in a somewhat large city was in Muncie where I went to college for four years. Those who lived there know while it is somewhat large and populated, it is mostly due to the university population that migrates into the city during the fall and spring semesters. Also visiting the fair city of Las Vegas on several occasions has given me a good idea of what to expect. There is more than the Las Vegas Strip.

Amazingly, my time in Kokomo and Muncie has prepared me inexplicably when it comes to dealing with crazies and rednecks. There are a multitude of people living here in the dessert, but alas, there are plenty of crazies. First example: Driving. My brother and sister-in-law have told me about the driving situation here in Vegas, and I’ve even witnessed it as a passenger during visits. Kokomo’s traffic was left to be desired, mostly due to the fact that my car somehow had an amazing ability to become invisible until the last moment, encouraging most of motorized population to attempt to hit my vehicle. As you can see, I became a little bitter towards the licensed and not so licensed drivers of Kokomo. Muncie was actually worse. For a town that always seemed to have the traffic lights go out at least once a week somewhere along Mcgalliard or Tilottson, two of the busiest streets in Muncie, no one remembers that no light means 4-way. I feared for my life on a daily basis. I actually had a situation where a woman pulled up behind me as she was racing to get her frosty, the only thing that seemed logical at the time for her to be racing for. I was not moving fast enough nor did she seem to really care. This was definitely not one of the situations I was prepared for. If you have ever wondered about my strange driving behavior while in Kokomo, Muncie was probably the reason.

Las Vegas is pretty much the same except there are about 4x as many people and everyone is extremely impatient, emphasis on extremely. They always assume that little tiny area that you are keeping in front of you, so that you don’t suddenly end up in the ass of the car ahead of you, was left just for them. Most of the time, the drivers here just assume you see them and will stop, because who needs to get into an accident. My sister-in-law just told me the other day that I should never be the first one to go at a green light. There is another factor that adds to the mess that is Las Vegas traffic. There is a big dynamic in the traveling population. The visiting California drivers are always in a hurry and are extremely aggressive. This is most likely due to being used to driving in L.A. Another large part of our traffic is from the retirement community. In my experience, older people tend to drive slower than the majority of drivers. You put these two parts together on I-95, and you now have a description of the traffic flow: slow down, speed up. This makes it very dangerous. I recommend avoiding driving through Las Vegas if you’re not actually planning on stopping. There is no sense in putting yourself through that if not.

I was also informed to keep my eye out for cops, the ones that aren’t marked. They take undercover very seriously here. I knew that they had a variety of unmarked vehicles to travel in from expensive sports cars to minivans, but I hadn’t actually seen one yet, until today. I was venturing out on an errand and decided to stop for a shake when I saw that two unmarked cop vehicles had blocked in a car that had been parked. What I assumed to be a kid leaning over the Grand Prix cop car with his cargo shorts, popped collar polo, and backwards baseball cap tipped to the side, I soon realized was actually the cop. They apparently take their jobs seriously here and do intend to blend even, when that means dressing up like a tool. I know that I probably shouldn’t have, but I started cracking up. I was just glad I did this as I was turning away from the officer.

I’m still looking for jobs and waiting on a call back from one of the interviews I had. I am starting to be concerned about money. Not that I’m going to be broke tomorrow, just figuring in my comfy cushion. My sister-in-law suggested that I offer babysitting services, and I’m starting to seriously consider it. I’d just feel better if I got a job.

Until next time….

Take your mama out all night and show her what it’s all about…

I am in a Scissor Sisters type mood as I type this my natural lovelies. Tonight I am going to a bachelorette party. I guess we are going to a drag show. It has been forever since I  have been to one and I am totally looking forward to it. I looked up some different things to do with my TWA (teeny weeny afro) so that I could have something special. Some things would take me hours to master, and I should have probably before the day of the event. Oh well.

Something in the natural community has sparked my eye recently and I want to try it soon. It is called 'banding' It is kind of like stretching out your hair. I found a lovely tutorial of it on You Tube and I wanted to share it with you. Watch and learn.

Please make sure you watch it to the end and notice her incredible hair! Loving it! If I end up doing this, is this something you guys would want a video on? Let me know!

I am off to become beautiful! Ta Ta!

Follow Friday

I have decided to link up with Family and Life in Las Vegas to do Bee Funny Friday Follow! It's got some rules, and they are really simple:

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Are you ready to Bee Funny!?

So for me, Bee Funny today is not about pictures, it is about a story. Yesterday was the Pretty Indy Party . It was a chance for people to get out, meet other people, socialize and network. That is exactly what I did. Slipping a few of my business cards into my luggage  purse. I took a deep breath and started to get ready for the party.

Honestly? I used to be a big party animal. But who likes going to events alone? Not me. I really haven't made any friends since I have moved to Indianapolis. But I was going to this with the determination to network and maybe make a friend!

I had a blast. They everyone left with a free book by author Laina turner-Molaski called Stilletos and Soundrels.  It sounds like a really good read and I can't wait to crack into it. I am going to try and read it and finish up here fast because in a couple of weeks school starts back and I won't have much time for my enjoyment reading!

The best part of the night came from the girl sitting right beside me. She was in town from North Carolina. She had a wedding to attend, friends to visit and one of the pretty indys throwing the party was one of her dearest friends. I haven't laughed so hard at something in a long time. She taught me a new drink: Vodka Awesomes. She orders vodka and water. Boring right? THEN...she pours in half a pack of crystal light drink mix. She said she felt like my pusher giving me a pack to try myself *snicker*

The night went forth and her and I just got sillier and sillier.
Her: What?
Me: Is that Paris Hilton outside!?
(both of us turn and look at an incredibly tall incredibly blond girl with what looked like a skimpy towel wrapped around her and clipped with a sparkly jewel.)
Her: OMG she looks like one step up from pretty woman hooker!

Later on

Her: Look! it's Snooki and J-wow!
(we turn and look at the bar where in fact Snooki and J-wow lookalikes were hitting on the same guy)
Me: I didn't know we were in Jersey.
Her: I LOVE THIS PARTY! There are so many lookalikes! I just want to fist pump and hug everyone!!!!
Me: *snicker*

Best Party Ever. Thank you Pretty Indy

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner…

The winner of the Moroccanoil Treatment still has not come forth. I will be selecting a new winner tomorrow. That gives you a day to enter if you have not entered yet! Contest information is here

Just a little funny

This was back before I went natural... Pardon language on this.. I was angry.

About A Boy

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Directed: Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz

Screenplay: Peter Hedges, Chris Weitz, and Paul Weitz

Starring: Hugh Grant, Toni Collette, Nicholas Hoult, and Rachel Weisz

Since this film is based on the novel by Nick Hornby, I would like to explain my feelings concerning film adaptations of novels. I personally like to watch the film version first before I read the novel if I can help it. I am not usually disappointed with either version in this order. Some people prefer the opposite way, but when I read the novel first, I end up becoming highly more critical of the film. I try to keep this my policy, but I am human. If I get involved with a series I really like, I tend not to have the patience to wait. Lol!

My first attraction to this film was the fact that it was British made and starred Hugh Grant, and this is also the very reason I purchased it. I tend to gravitate toward the British shows, because I enjoy the dry humor so much. Hugh Grant never disappoints in this area. What I originally thought was going to be funny narrative of Hugh Grant’s character during bachelorhood, turned out having an endearing story filled with just as charming, if not eccentric, characters as well.

The story follows Will and Marcus as they both go through the trials of growing up. Will is a self-proclaimed bachelor living off the royalties of his deceased one-hit wonder father and happy to do so. He spends his days watching game shows, spending money, and plotting his next female conquest. His newest plan finds him impersonating a single parent, believing that he can find plenty of women looking for fun and not attachment. It is through one of these exploits that he finds himself suddenly involved in Marcus’s life and not by choice either.

Marcus’s dramatic and eccentric mother’s usual antics are enough to embarrass him as he tries to survive school and the trials of being a normal teenager, but her latest self-absorbed stunt threatens to rip his world apart completely. Fearing for his mother’s sanity and the remnants of his happiness, Marcus comes up with a plan to find his mother a boyfriend. Since he hasn’t really met an adult male besides his own father and Will, he places his hopes on Will and forces him with a little blackmail to date his mother.

What actually develops between Marcus and Will is a relationship that pushes the other to accept themselves as they are and move on with life. In Will’s case, this means becoming the matured man, willing to let others in, whom he should have become at least ten years earlier. For Marcus, he finally becomes one with his awkwardness and learns how to have fun. At the beginning, Marcus is the mature adult, putting his mother’s happiness before his own, and Will’s the child, not being able to see beyond his own indulgence. This story is their journey of finding their rightful roles in life and creating a bond with the other that was unlikely in the beginning, but turned out to be exactly what each of them needed.

Being that the novel is fantastic, the only way that they could have hoped to recreate the charm into film is with the cast that they chose. This is a story driven film, and in order to achieve this in film the actors chosen become the tools in which to propel it forward. Bad acting can easily put a story driven film through cardiac arrest before it has even seen the silver screen leading it straight to the dreaded video store path.

Hugh Grant was perfect for the role as Will. His acting is usually limited to comedy, but it is an area in which he shines. Normally, his serious moments are always overlapped by immediate comedic relief. But Hugh Grant can do drama and has the resume to prove it, which gave him the perfect chops to present Will’s character perfectly.

Nicholas Hoult handled the mantle of his first major film part quite well, delivering an engaging and believable performance. I have seen him gradually take on more and more film roles since About A Boy, and he has gotten stronger. It is clear from this film that he would have such a career ahead of him.

The last actor to pull you into this film is none other than the famed chameleon actor, Toni Collette, which she proves undoubtedly on her recent television series, The United States of Tara, as a women with a multiple personality disorder. Toni Collette has played many varied characters that spread across a spectrum that at times you do not realize the actor you are watching is her right away. This is just raw talent that few actors have. This film is no different. She once again throws herself into the character of Fiona, Marcus’s mother. Her characters neurotic tendencies allowed Toni Collette to portray a woman that allowed you to sympathize, empathize, laugh with, and laugh at without one awkward turn.

Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot to add about Rachel Weisz. She was not terrible in this film, just that her character did not offer her much to work with beyond delivering the lines. Her character was important, but only as a device for Will’s character.

Over all, this is a wonderful movie that not only will make you laugh, but make you feel good. I would also like to make a tiny notice to the soundtrack that was written and performed by Badly Drawn Boy. It adds its own character, and I highly recommend to those who find this type of music appealing. Just be warned that it is score as well as music.

I give this film 4 Buttery Kernels.

Coming Soon: Accepted