Worst job interview… IN THE WORLD

Before I get on with my sad tale of woe is me embarrassment of a job interview. I must tell you that this is all my fault. I applied for a position that is way over my level. This is what happens when you do that sometimes.

For those of you that do not know me well, I am in technology. Well, I would be in technology if I was not unemployed. I've filled out countless applications, sent in tons of resumes and the results? A few interviews here and there, talking to my dogs a lot, scrapbooking and blogging. 
I sent in my resume for a job I found on careerbuilder.com. It was above my level of expertise, but I always do that, thinking that the hiring manager will see my resume and think I am not qualified for the job, but they have something that may work for me. It has happened before.
Well, they called, wanting me to interview for this job. I was shocked, I was happy and I was nervous. It was a phone interview today. I WAS ON IT.
This woman asked me questions of technical things I had never even heard of. SAN? What the hell is a SAN? I know of LAN, WAN, and even MAN. But never SAN!  (FYI- LAN= Local Area Network, WAN= Wide Area Network, MAN= Metropolitan Area Netowrk, and SAN= Storage Area Network (I had to ask my husband who is more of an IT guru than I will ever be)
After a few more questions like that. I was just deflated. That interview took some stuff out of me. So I took a nap. Because that just sucked ass.
Now, I need a hug...and possibly some cake. But I will settle for a hug.

Tuesday Tuesday

My title is from when I worked at Old Navy back in the day. You pretty much get used to the music and block it out, but some songs made me clinch my teeth together. I don't know the name of this one.. but it started out with a man singing "Monday Monday" and some angel type chorus would come in. I would hate to hear that.. especially on a Monday.

Today I have a job interview! I am so excited. Blogging does not pay the bills y'know!

A Little More Information

Just to keep this site moving, I am going to start reviewing my film collection. My collection is getting close to 500, and it is still growing. Yes, I do realize that I have a problem. Lol! Also, I should mention that I do have some anal-retentive issues when it comes to my movies. I keep them if alphabetical order. This will be very apparent, as I go through my reviews. Don’t be afraid to laugh about that. It is okay to make fun of me. For the reviews of the films in my personal collection, I thought that I will also add why I own them. This is an important reason to me, because not all movies should be purchased. There are even some movies that will take 2 hours of your life that you will never get back. Keeping with this spirit, I will also let you know where a new film measures up in this way. I'll let you know whether you should stay away, go see immediately, buy, or just rent.

I will be leaving this site open for anyone to leave a comment if they like, regardless if they are affiliated with Blogger. I will rate my films through Buttery Kernels. Yes, it is rather cheesy, but since I wanted to be different from the regular Stars rating system, this is was the only representation I could find that was not currently being used. It will be used like the standard system: 1 to 5 Buttery Kernels, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. I hoping that you will have as much as I and thanks for visiting Blondie’s Flick Find.

Coming Soon: About A Boy


I haven't had the winner of the contest contact me yet. I will give her until the end of this week, and then I will choose someone else. 

Want to get in the game? Go back a few entries and read about the contest!

Last week I left a brief post about “pre-pooing” or pre shampooing your hair. Before I went natural, I had never heard of such a phenomenon. I thought I would talk about it a little bit today.
Generally a pre-shampooing treatment is some sort of oil (like olive oil for example) used on the hair before shampooing or co-washing. It didn’t make sense to me at first because I thought “Why am I putting something in my hair that is immediately going to wash out?” Then I did a little research.
www.bvhairtalk.com put it best: It protects your hair from drying out during the shampooing process. If you think about it, what are you actually shampooing? You are shampooing your scalp, not your hair really. It’s protecting your hair from the harsh drying chemicals in shampoo. They also make the point that natural curly hair kind of works like a sponge.
Think about the sponge you get from the supermarket. Go home and try to clean stuff with it straight off the bat. It’s not going to work well is it? Why? Because, sponges have to be moistened; it is sort of the same with our hair. Conditioner will be absorbed more in the hair if you pre-poo.
Lately I have been pre-pooing using Moroccanoil’s Oil Treatment. I pre-poo my hair at night, and in the morning I take my shower and wash. Moroccanoil’s Treatment is thick, and a little bit does my whole head of hair. I wrap my hair up at night. I’ve been feeling a difference. My hair is softer and more manageable.
I do not pre-poo everyday. I don’t have time for it, sometimes I forget. But I do notice a difference when I do. So once again I ask you, do you pre-poo?

Hi Everybody!

Since I packed up my stuff and moved from my childhood home of over 20 years, I thought that I would start this blog to allow all the family and friends that I left behind to keep up with my life. As everyone knows, I ran away for opportunity in Las Vegas. Opportunities that still remain fuzzy at the moment, but one opportunity is quite clear, even if he happens to be short and absolutely adorable. Being apart of my nephew's life was probably the biggest draw.

Now I'm here in the middle of July where the temperatures are normally over 100 degrees. Crazy I know, but yay for no more insane blizzards. This is kind of why I decided to entitle the blog "Hot Pursuit." One, I'm in a hot desert climate, and two, it's a shout out to one of my favorite John Cusak 80's films. Nothing says me like an 80's movie. This blog is to keep you informed of all my new discoveries and mishaps as I continue down the path fate dropped me on.

Right now I'm working on employment. That is the main key in obtaining my other goal of an apartment. Not that I'm not enjoying living with my nephew and sister-in-law. We get along very well, so well, I think my brother is in trouble when he returns home. Lol! I do want to finally have a place to call my own. I think it's long over due. In order to accomplish this, I'll need money, so employment is kind of key. I've had a couple of interviews, and I have been picky about where I've been applying. I have a system of tiers that are based on my desperation. You'll know when I'm desperite. Lol! I'm sure that everything will work out the way it's supposed to in the end. Wish me luck!

Just to let all of my friends and family know, I do still miss and love you all. I hope that everything is going well for you. I am going to try to keep in touch with you all. I want to be honest and let you know that keeping in touch is not one of my strong points. If you need me just call or email or even text. I'm still here for you!! Another quick note, I am also starting a film review blog, which is honestly long overdue for me. It is at blondiesflickfind.blogspot.com. I'm still building that one up, but I'll let you know when it's officially up and running.

Until next time.....


I am still in the process of getting this blog up and running smoothly. My intent is to start making film reviews. I have a varied opinion, so please feel free to comment. Just to get the ball rolling, I am going to start by reviewing my film collection and other films that I see along the way. My goal is to keep up with the new releases and share my expectations for the weekends upcoming films. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that you will enjoy and laugh a little.


It is the weekend, and since school is not in session quite yet, nor do I have any plans this weekend, I decided to bust out my scrapbooking supplies and do a few pages. I did one for the 4th of July and one for my dogs. I was flipping through some pictures and I decided to do one on my natural hair progress. I believe all these pics are on  my computer sooo.... I got some pics to show you! YAY!

People that are really hardcore about their big chop and stuff like that, know the date of their big chop. I don't. All I remember was that it was in November.
 Cherilyn (my stylist) was nice enough to style it in cute little coils

Shortly after that, in December the following picture was taken. I was still trying to figure all of this out.... This is how I normally wear my hair.

I'm a dork, I know.. LOL

Anyway, this last pic was taken on the 4th of July in NY.

Can you tell my growth? I can 🙂

Winner Of the Moroccanoil treatment

The winner of the Moroccanoil Hair Oil treatment is Brown Sugah!!!

Please email me at leslie2103@gmail.com with your address so that I can ship this out to you!

Thank you everyone for playing. I hope to have more give aways in the near future.


                                                 (Took this with my DSLR)

Now for you girls who have no clue what the title is about, no worries. I am not here today to talk about any bodily functions.

Pre-pooing is short for Pre-Shampooing. I don't know much about it, and I plan on doing some research on it.

What I want to know is.. do you pre-poo?

Don't forget I have a contest going on.. I've had a couple people enter, but not many.. Win a free product from Moroccanoil!

The Contest