Writers Block.. Aint that a bitch?

I took a good look in the mirror at my hair yesterday. It is thick and full and I am so happy with it I could spit. I am constantly petting it. My husband is constantly petting it.

I have absolutely nothing to talk about. Unless you want to hear about my schooling. My copy editing class is fun. My business ethics class makes me want to run into a wall from the disorganization that the woman is putting me through. Trig.. is math. I hate math. I want to stab it in its beady face (you know math has a beady face.. it's math!).

In other news, I want these boots from torrid


However, I have large calves. The last time I ordered boots (not from torrid, from newport news) and they told me they were wide, they weren't. So I went to get them widened at a shoe shop. THEY BUTCHERED MY BOOT! Not only did they butcher it, I STILL can't get them over a pair of skinny jeans. Let me show you my desecrated boots.

Hold for picture please.

 If you look not where my thumb is, but where my pointer finger is, there was the little stretch that the boot maker gave the boot.. These people cutt the fabric in a giant V and sloppily stitched in some black stretchy stuff.. MY BOOTS ARE A CARMEL COLOR! Why would you put black there? Does that even make sense? I can't even wear these with skirts now, because it looks so tacky. I just wear them under jeans really, which defeated the purpose of those damn boots.

*deep breath*

I should really get dressed and take the dogs out and maybe even try and clean my craft room. It doesn't look like a craft room. It looks like a junk/trash/clothing room. I look like I should be on an episode of Hoarders.

Speaking of which did anyone watch it last night? What about the old woman that was pooping in bags? *GAG*

Alright I am out. I am reviewing products currently and I promise these nonsensical ramblings will take a backseat soon.

So I thought my people would be able to help out!

Hey Guys!

As I am sitting here, banging my head into a brick wall, trying to do my trig homework, I realized, I need a new desk.

I have had this one for several years. It was the first piece of real furniture I'd ever purchased as an "adult." It has been taken apart and put back together several times. It is the wobbliest thing in the world.

Now, normally Picking out a new desk wouldn't be a problem.. except for one tiny thing.. I do crafts as well as homework on the desk.

I need something roomy and sturdy. Roomy enough for scrapbooking supplies and sturdy enough for, well, me
 :-). Do you have any suggestions? Any Brands that you like? Let me know!


Using random.org I chose three winners.

Random.org spat out three numbers in this order: 7, 11, and 10

Those people are: Patrice, Kelly, and Nina!!

Yay to you guys! Go ahead and shoot me an email at leslie2103@gmail.com with your shipping information. Once I get that, Tasha will be in contact with you to see what shea butter you will be receiving. Patrice chooses first, then Kelly, then Nina.

If I do not hear from you guys within 24 hours I will choose someone else.
Thanks guys!

To Henna or not to Henna

 First off, thanks to everyone who entered the contest! I will tally entries later on today and use random.org to announce a winner tomorrow! yay!

So, I purchased some henna a couple weeks ago. 

So here is the problem I am running into. I found a ton of articles on the type of henna you should get (body art quality) and what to avoid (any henna that says it will turn your hair a color other than the reddish color that henna is supposed to be). However, I am finding different ways to approach the usage of the henna. Worse, I am finding that you may end up with a permanently stained bathtub. Guys, we just bought this house. I do not want my bathrooms stained! I have to do some more research before I apply this stuff to my head. 

(The kind I purchased)
In other random news. I wish my nose would fall off. Seriously. It can take my stinkin' sinuses with it. With the weather change comes the allergies. I have a constant headache during this time. It is killer. I hope you guys are having a fabulous labor day and that you are rebelling and wearing white! I am.. It's got stripes on it, but it is still mainly white! yay!

Twist outs braid outs

Let me preface this with something: I know how to braid. However, it is not really a braid someone would want to wear in their hair.

I would love to be able to cornrow or flat braid my hair. I want to do twist outs and braid outs. Do you have any good tutorials you watch on youtube to help you?

Mixed Chicks: Review

Author Note: Mixed Chicks was kind enough to provide me with product.

This is directly from their site:
For years, multi-cultural people with hard to manage hair traveled from store to store, trying to blend products in a hopeless attempt to tame their locks. Wendi LEVY (left) and Kim ETHEREDGE (right), two "mixed chicks", created a product line because they needed it. Then, something happened...friends and family started encouraging them to package it, and soon they had a full blown business running out of the garage. After a little door to door hustling, a few celebrity endorsements, and a ton of online customer support, MIXED CHICKS is bringing their products to the world.

I think they have an excellent product on their hand. I am going to break it down with each one I tried.

Their leave in conditioner is really nice. A lot of leave in conditioners are water based. They are for you to spray on, and then add some additional product. Not this. This is enough that I do not need any other product. A little goes a long way as well. I like that a lot. It is thick and it doesn't have much of a smell, so it doesn't compete with my perfume. 
Initially the deep conditioner and the leave-in product threw me off. I assumed that the leave-in would be in the jar, and the deep conditioner in the bottle. Luckily I read labels before I started applying product! 
I don't really know what qualifies as a "conditioner" and a "deep conditioner". I don't really know if there is a difference or if they are the same. I treat Mixed Chicks deep conditioner  as I would any other conditioner. I do occasionally use it as a deep conditioner. I like it, but it feels like it is on the same level as my Herbal Essence Hydration conditioner. There is nothing wrong with that at all, seeing as I like both, but I can't fathom paying 11 dollars in the long run for something that does the same thing as something that is 5 bucks. 
The hair silk however? Oh.. I love this stuff. LOVE IT!!!  It doesn't take much. I squirt two times in my palm, rub my hands together and distribute it from root to tip on my hair. My curls POP. This stuff provides so much definition to my curls. I love it. I sat there and watched my curls literally define themselves. This stuff is liquid gold to me and most definetly worth the 11 dollar price tag.
Overall: I would say that for the amount of money being paid, you could get products that work equally or possibly even better than these. Except for the Hair Silk. I have never found anything quite like it. Give their stuff a try and you won't be sorry!

Apple Cider VInegar Rinse

Do not forget we have a contest going on!!!! 

So, on the Twitter I have been hearing lots about people using apple cider vinegar (or ACV) for hair rinses. They swear that it makes their hair softer and more easier to manage. I did a bit of research on the internet as well, and I just kept hearing a lot of the same thing. A lot of the articles I read talked about the hair pores closing after using the vinegar, resulting in smoother hair all around.

It sounded a bit odd to me, but what the hell. The husbands gone (he had to go to a remote site for work for a week *sniffle*), I got two feuding dogs, and I am feeling lonely. What way to perk a girl up faster than a hair/ beauty treatment?

So, I put 2/3 of a cup of acv in a squirt bottle, and diluted it with one cup of water. I leaned my head over the guest tub and began to squirt.

I would like to note here that I love salt and vinegar chips. They are MY FAVE. The salty tangy goodness is almost too much to bear. mmmm....However, I do not like smelling like a salt and vinegar chip. That stuff burned my nostrils!! argh!

I hurriedly get done dousing my hair and hop in the shower. I rinse it out, condition, shower, and get out. My hair is thick, so it takes it some time to get finished drying. Before I went to bed though there were parts that were dry though, so I felt them....and, uh, they felt the same as usual. I shrugged and (because honestly? Nothing gets in the way of me and sleep) crashed for the night.

I wake up this morning and start feeling and looking at my hair.... um, bout the same. No difference. I was tweeting about this last night and someone was nice enough to send me this link. I am inclined to agree with the blogger on this one.

Oh well, lesson learned. and luckily I did not buy a huge container of acv. However, there is enough leftover for me to henna my hair. I will be doing that when Jeff gets home, because he is lord of the pictures!

Air America

Genre: Action/Comedy

Director: Roger Spottiswoode

Screenplay: John Eskow and Richard Rush, adapted from the novel by Christopher Robbins

Starring: Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr.

In the midst of war, Vietnam troops began to infiltrate the country of Laos in the late Sixties. The American government secretly provided aid to the many citizens of Laos using civilian pilots to air drop supplies with the help of the Laotian military, dubbing the operation, Air America. New recruit, Billy, gets thrown into a world of danger, secrets, and drunken hijinks as he gets used to flying the rough terrain of the country. Gene, a vet of the company, volunteers to break Billy in and show him the ropes and a little fun. The fun and adventure soon take a forbidding turn as secrets about the use and funding of Air America begin surface.

It is a movie such as this when I truly miss the Eighties and Nineties. This film is proof that Mel Gibson was not always crazy, but in fact loved and admired. This can also be said about Tom Cruise. I think many of us can also look back upon the movie, Legend, and at least remember some of it fondly. The main point is that there is a reason that these actors are so popular, and it is because they have talent and charm. Regardless of how they seem to use their talent nowadays, we loved them during these decades because of their acting abilities and good looks.

The main reason this film was watched was indeed for Mel Gibson. He was the shining action star of the time, the guys’ guy, but his charm and good looks also brought many female viewers. Oddly enough, I remember my parents taking my brother and me to this movie when I was six. Shocking, I know. That is what I told my mother when I picked it up in the cheap bin. I literally have not seen this film since I was six, so this was really the first time. It was the typical action and comedy that I expected. A bit predictable, but the movie was not looking for Oscar nods. It is an entertainment movie with Mel Gibson, acting his usual typecast character of the Eighties.

An added bonus is Mr. Robert Downey Jr. I am personally glad that he chose acting over drugs, not to say that his performance in this film was glowing. His potential was present, yet he was still honing his craft at this time. There was still the subtle sarcasm with this character that Downey is known for playing well. He was by no means the hilarious Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes, but I still found him charming and good looking, which should be a plus in anyone’s book.

I give this film 2 Buttery Kernels.

Coming Soon: The Back-Up Plan

Kind of an Idea I have going on

I would love love LOVE to have a natural hair meetup here in Indianapolis. I think we are at a decent place, and there is plenty to do around here.

Problem is? I don't know the first thing about doing a natural hair meetup. I would do it early summer (when I don't have classes, and it would give me a year to plan things!) If you have any ideas, advice, or would like to help, shoot me an email, a message, anything! How do I get sponsors? Things like that.

Also you can find me on twitter with your ideas @mrsckugs.