The Back-Up Plan

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Director: Alan Poul

Screenplay: Kate Angelo

Starring: Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin

Zoe has decided to take matters in her own hands and get artificially inseminated to have the baby she’s longed for, since she believes she will never meet Mr. Right. Fate always has a twisted sense of humor and throws Mr. Right into her midst right after her procedure. Zoe has to now juggle an impending pregnancy with her feelings and fears of an impending relationship.

It is your typical romantic comedy, with a baby twist. The best way to describe this film is cute. It was the best romantic comedy that I’ve ever seen, but I still enjoyed it. I actually saw this in the theater, and didn’t feel that I should have waited for it to come out on video. The addition of the baby conflict added for some new twists and enjoyable jokes over the numerous awkward situations both characters found themselves in.

This is Jennifer Lopez’s return to the big screen, and it was a pleasant return. She seemed at ease, and her acting was more natural, very similar to her performance in The Wedding Planner where we all fell in love with her. Her comedic timing in this film was not her best, but it has certainly improved since Monster-In-Law. Maybe her next film will be even better.

This was Alex O’Loughlin’s first major picture debut. We’ve seen him before on short lived shows such as Moonlight, Three Rivers, and this fall’s Hawaii 5-0. He’s not a bad actor and there seems to be a lot of potential with him, not to mention his good looks don’t exactly hurt his case, either. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in more films, especially since his television career hasn’t exactly panned out yet.

I give this film 3 Buttery Kernels.

Coming Soon: AfterLife