The Trouble with Tights.



Can we step away from natural hair from for a moment?

I want to talk to you about tights.

I love tights. I do. They have come out with such cute styles and colors lately.

These are from Avenue. I DIE!


However, I have a severe problem with tights. The sizing.

You see, I am short and round. My weight is such that I guess clothing companies feel as if I should be a specific height. I am not that height. I will never be that height.

As a result one of two things happens when I wear tights.

1. The tights are so long that I have to tuck them under my bra and hope for the best.


2. I attempt to go down a size and can’t get them over the tree trunks I call thighs.

I can’t win.

I work in IT and I crawl around sometimes, but a lot of time is spent at my desk. I would love to wear skirts and dresses in the cold weather, but I just can’t find tights that suit and fit me. *sigh*


What are your favorite tights? Where did you get them?


PS: Stick with me! Next week I have some exciting news!

  • Totally agree with you… I wind up sizing up but then it’s so awkward. Booo.

  • i am a fanatic for tights. i’m always on the hunt for a perfect pair. target last winter had the best ones. sheer ones. sheer ones with polka dots. opaque ones. zebra print ones. all for about $8. i fell in love every time i went.

    and now… not so much. i’ve gotten their colored ones (green and burgundy), but they’re not as fun as the ones i got last year, which i wore ad nauseum.

    the best new pair i found were at tjmaxx. i think they were anne klein and were 3 for $10. love them.

    but sizing is kinda tough. the target ones last year were true to size, but this year, they kinda roll down. (i’ve discovered wearing them with a good pair of panties on top will keep them in place.) going up a size my work, but i usually shop at places where my size is the largest size.

    it can be tough, but don’t give up. hella cute (and cheap) tights are worth it.