Things that I want to do to my natural hair.

These are things that I have not done yet, but will get around to:

  1. Braid out - I was reading an article over at Black Girl Long Hair that explained how easy a braid out could be! I am thinking after my shower tonight I am going to give this a whirl. 
  2. Banding- I keep saying I am going to do this, but life gets in the way. 
  3. Two Strand twists- After watching one girl do ONE twist on Youtube, I might leave this to the professionals and head to my beautician.
  4. Plopping- This is a new one that I had never heard of until about two weeks ago. Watch a Youtube vid here
  5. Henna- This is the big mama jamma. I am busy and tired.. This is like a weekend project. 
  6. Twistouts- Which could be done after the two strand twists
  • my first two strand was done by my stylist, but i occassionally do my own two strands. it usually takes about 2 hours for medium size twists and it has taken about 4-5 hours for small twists. i use them more as a protective style when i don’t feel like messing with my hair for a couple days.

    they really aren’t my friend, as my twists usually unravel unless pinned back, but two strand twistouts are heaven, so i endure it.

    good luck on the braid out, though.
    that’ll be pretty.

    i hope to see the results, and some of the other styles you’re gonna do!

  • 1)Braid out are easy, do it!
    2)I’ve never banded.
    3)Two strand twists get better with practice so do them like a braid out. If they are ugly just wear the twist-out.
    4)Don’t really like wash-n-gos.
    5)Use LUSH henna, add hot water and apply no dryness.
    6)See #3

  • two strand twists are the easiest ever. please try! easier than braids!!! get ur tivo shows ready and get to twisting.