Winterizing your Routine

So, how about the weather eh? I. Hate. Snow. Being from Indiana, this is a slight problem, as it snows quite a bit. For example, this was the view outside our garage Sunday afternoon:

This is my reaction to the view outside my garage:
Not happy to say the very least.

In the winter you winterize your house and you winterize your car. You also need to make sure you winterize your hair routine. 
When I say winterize, i mean take a few minutes and a few extra steps to avoid unnecessary damage to your hair. 
  1. Wear a satin or silk scarf under your winter hat.  
Acrylic and wool are two fabrics that can pull and break off hair. By putting a satin scarf on your head mitigates or entirely gets rid of that risk. 
     2. Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize!
Basically put, winter suck the life and moisture out of your hair. If you are used to wearing lighter leave-in conditioners and thin oils, you may want to bust out the big guns and invest in some shea butter. I personally like Belle Butters, as she has nifty smelling scents (like pumpkin pie! mmm)  and the shea butter is whipped and easily spread on the hair. I also like Pooka Pure and Simple. I did a review on them this week and you can read that here. 
     3. Protective Styles

In this climate, wash-n-gos are not the best option for me. My hair takes forever to dry and going out with it wet just isn't smart. Wet hair can freeze, and it can break off. Protective styles to the rescue! I co-wash my hair at night and twist it. I then proceed to wear the twists. I have a few things to say about this though. I am unemployed *sigh*. So when I go out, I go out to run errands and do things like that. This means my winter hat can stay on my head the entire time I am out. My twists are haphazard and unattractive. Don't believe me?
I would like to reiterate that I do not have a bald spot at all. I have lots of hair. It is just the way the twists ended up that make me look like that
gangstas paradise bitches!

Yeah, so no, I don't wear these where anyone can see them. But they protect my hair so I wear them. One day I will have the patience to sit there, and carefully part my hair and lovingly place twist in. Today ain't that day.  But I know under my satin scarf and my hat, my hair is well protected.
That is all the tips I have for right now. What do you do to protect your hair?

  • Anonymous

    I want to try to wear some more protective styles, but we see what happened to the first one I attempted hahaha. I dunno how my hair would look in twists. I only tried the braids. We’ll see. There’s so much out there to explore.


  • Let me ask you, when I twisted my hair, my ends were poofy. The same thing happens when I do braid outs.. When I untwist or unbraid I always have crazy ends.. Any ideas to fix that?

  • Belle Butters Whipped Shea Butter for Hair and Body – This sounds like a good product. And the pumpkin pie butter sounds soooooo good to me right now. I need to try that.

  • Beatrice I used to have the same problem! Two things work for me; as I am twisting or braiding I am constantly smoothing my hair, I make sure to twist or braid all the way down. To the end of the hair, and I use smaller braids. That’s three things lol.

  • 2STs are my nemesis: they have to be done a certain way or else they look horrible. and that certain way involves me twisting for 3+ hours.

    it is a testament of patience.

    but ma’am, i have to say: loving the new design of your page. looks amazing!