Cap v Pillowcase v Scarf…what say you?

Relaxed or Natural, one thing we all have in common is protecting our hair while we are sleeping.

From the time I was little, I always had a scarf. As I have gotten older, I prefer a cap. It stays on better in my sleep.

One thing that is not a real option for me, is a satin pillowcase. I understand the logic behind it. However, I have sleep apnea. I have a breathing machine. In order to wear the machine I have two straps that go around the back of my head. It just seems prudent to me to have a layer of protection in between the straps and my hair. I have used a satin pillow case in the past before I was diagnosed, and it worked just fine for me.

My question to you.. what do you prefer? Do you have some other thing that I did not mention? How did you choose what you wear?