Wish List Friday

Really Torrid? You're killing me with the nerd shirts. I want this so bad.



Wish List Friday

These are seriously adorable. I would love to have them and wear them around. No one, would really know what they mean.  Le sigh.

sailor venus shoes

Nerd Gear Shops

Since moving to Las Vegas, I have really embraced my nerd side where my clothing is concerned. I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to shopping around on the internet. I have found a couple of stores that I truly enjoy and wanted to share with you.

We Love Fine

This is a fantastic store full of T-shirts and other goods with original art work made by fans. I have bought several shirts from here and usually stare in lust at many others as I browse the site. The shirts are exceptional quality. I have been a customer for two years now, and even my very first shirts are still in great condition. The prints still show no sign of wear, and the shirt quality is sturdy and extremely soft. They have a variety of different fandoms from Marvel to Doctor Who. In the last two years they have grown larger and have expanded their rights on many more franchises. The only drawback I have seen with them is that not all of their shirts and art are on permanent contracts with the site. Because some artists are temporary, the shirts are not always guaranteed to be there when you come back for them. I learned this lesson the hard way with some epic Sailor Moon tees they had at one time and were never to be seen again. I still mourn those tees.

Ript Apparel

Interesting concept for this site. Two shirts, 24 hours. That’s all you get to buy a particular shirt. Every day there are new art concepts. The site allows you to create a profile to select your interests, and then you will receive emails about the featured shirts that fall into those categories. The fandom is vast on the site, so at some point one of your favorites will pop up in your email to attract your attention and your hard earned money. I have found some fantastic Supernatural t-shirts from here.

Shirt Punch

Same thing as Ript Apparel, but Canadian. In some opinions, that might actually make it better.


This store works muck like We Love Fine and is just as great. It has tons of Doctor Who and Firefly tees. I am personally salivating over a Sleeping Beauty and Doctor Who crossover tee. It is a fabulous thing, when my nerdy worlds collide.

I am clearly a novice when it comes to this stuff. I encourage you to share some of your favorite online stores for nerdy gear. Also if there is some store out there that you would recommend that I stay away from, that information is just as helpful too.

Plus Size Fashion Finds

A couple of my friends who are also big girls have been kept in the dark so to speak when it comes to finding plus size fashion. It can be a challenge to find clothes that look fun, are age appropriate, and decently priced. The crass would probably say at this point to just lose weight and alas there would be many options of clothing to buy then. Let me quickly declare that this post is not dictate a certain lifestyle upon someone. If you are happy with what you look like, then that’s all that matters.

Plus size clothing isn’t as readily available if you just wanted to take a Sunday shopping trip to the mall or stores. It isn’t impossible to find clothes but definitely more challenging. The internet offers a lot more leeway, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for, how would you ever find it? Another challenge is finding the styles that you prefer. I tend to lean towards conservative, but trendy. I do enjoy my nerd shirts, but they are too relaxed for my business casual work attire, which can be the most difficult to find when it comes to age appropriate attire. Below are some of my personal favorites, while some, as a whole, may not be completely trendy and lean towards the “old lady” look, there are still fashions that can be found.

Lane Bryant

This store has certainly come a long way with its appeal towards the 40 and under crowd. While regular prices can considered pricey, but not wholly outrageous, great deals can always be found. They tend to cycle through style lines pretty quickly, so newer items can be on sale or thrown to clearance rather quickly. It just takes a little patience. Not all of the physical stores carry everything either, so checking out the online store is a must. Plus the bras from Cacique are definitely worth the price. I always recommend the semi-annual bra sale that usual happens at the end of June and December. Might I also add that even if you do not have a Lane Bryant locally, but have a Catherines. The stores belong to the same family, and you can have items shipped from the Lane Bryant website to any store in the family for free. Even items can be sent for free directly to the Lane Bryant store from the website. They carry sizes 14-28.

Old Navy

Old Navy used to carry their women’s plus line in stores as well as online but quit. Unfortunately a lot of my friends never realized that they still sold plus sizes after they were removed from the store. They have a very active and trendy line that is still very much alive online. The prices are still as affordable as the rest of the clothing they offer. They carry sizes 16-30.


While there is not much in stores, usually a couple of racks can be found and are pretty affordable. I did just recently find a Target store that did not carry any plus sizes, but it was something that they were waiting for shipments to come in for the first time. It was a little shocking, because I could always find something, whether I wanted to buy it or not. While the in store selection is greatly limited, the online store is very vast. Target even has a line of bridesmaid’s dresses for plus sizes that can double for fancier occasions at very decent prices. They carry sizes 14-24.


Torrid has been known for its youthful and edgier styles, which were fun but very specific to that genre. They still do have some of these edgier clothes, but they have opened up their styles to add more sophisticated business casual clothing. They have a pretty wide spectrum now. They do have stores in bigger cities, but their online site is just as useful. There prices are pretty comparable to Lane Bryant, not always cheap, but good deals when they have them. They carry sizes 12-32.


Avenue can be a lot more conservative, if that makes you feel more comfortable, but if that’s not your thing, don’t rule the store out. It offers many styles that are very appropriate for business casual. The pricing for the store is the same as Torrid and Lane Bryant. They carry sizes 12-32.

Mod Cloth

Mod Cloth offers fantastic and trendy and vintage inspired clothing for plus sizes, most notably in dresses. While pricing is considered above average the clothing and style variety truly make this online store stand out. They carry sizes 12-30.

Forever 21 and H&M

This may not be as widely known but just like Old Navy these stores have plus size options that are exclusive only online. Their fashions follow the same trendy theme as the rest of the stores. Forever 21 carries sizes 12-20, and H&M carries sizes 14-24.

Simply Be

Simply Be is an online store that boasts it’s fashion following the European trends. The pricing is all over the place as is the variety. You can get an evening gown and something to wear to go shopping in. Business attire is also available. It is a fun little site, and I recommend signing up for a catalogue. They carry sizes 10-28.

Fashion to Figure

Fashion to Figure stores are currently located on the east coast, but that won’t stop you from perusing their online store. It is very trendy and cover the major style needs of business and fun. It is also very affordable. They carry sizes 14-32.

All of these stores are great but keep in mind that the sizes could run smaller or larger than what you are used to. If ordering online, take the time to find the sizing chart and check the measurements before you make any permanent decisions. I hope you all find this helpful!