Happiest of Holidays

From us to you, we wish you the happiest of holidays. We hope they are stress free, and fun. If you need to be alone go be alone. We won't be mad at you. We're always here for you.


Leslie’s Holiday Picks

I was talking with Quinzel earlier in the month and she asked me if I wanted to review The Grinch. Slight problem with that was that I hate The Grinch. I hate the animated cartoon, the Jim Carrey version, and I would probably hate its newest version.

“Well, what about doing a post about your favorite Holiday movies?” Quinzel suggested, probably a little gob smacked that I extol so much vitriol for that little green bastard.

So here I am, to tell you, my friends, about my favorite Holiday movies. Strap in.


  1. Love Actually

Everyone talks so much trash about this movie. You know what brah? I don’t even care. Bill Nighy is a hilarious delight. Keira Nightly’s collarbones stand at attention. Colin Firth is a weirdo, Natalie (not her real name) is not fat. Rick Grimes is a creeper. A mean creeper at that. And macking on his BFFs wife. IT IS A LOT AND I AM HERE FOR IT ALL. Plus, Karl. Oh Karl you fine specimen of a man. That woman deserved her neurotic brother and not you. LOVE ME KARL!!!

  1. Frosty the Snowman

Yall, do you know how short this show is? I put it on for Geeky Baby the other day and it was over BEFORE I GOT FINISHED DOING THE DISHES! That is my type of Holiday movie. I have the attention span of a toddler on pixie sticks, and I can handle this. I know this is saying nothing about the story of Frosty the Snowman, but. he’s a snowman? He almost gets a girl pneumonia while trying to save him. And speaking of pneumonia, WHERE ARE THIS GIRL’S PARENTS!? If I hopped a train to the North Pole to save a sentient snow man, I am pretty sure my mother would have several words for me. I am pretty sure this rant qualifies me for AARP. If you need a spokesperson AARP, I am here for you.

  1. Scrooged

Scrooge is a dick. Bill Murray is a delight. This movie is just good fun though. We all know the tale of Scrooge. Rickety old man, counts his pennies, visited by three ghosts. This is just another version of it. But with the comedic stylings of Bill Murray. You can’t go wrong. Plus, I like when he shouts the answer to the trivia while on TV to his brother. It always made me cackle as a kid.

  1. Trolls Holiday

Okay, so looking at my offerings above, it may seem like I am a holiday hating jerk. But honestly, I am not. I love the holidays. I love making Chex Mix and cookies with Geeky Baby. I enjoy decorating the tree and presenting my husband and kid with their Christmas tree ornaments. In that vein I got to be honest with you that I enjoyed Trolls Holiday. We all have that overbearing enthusiastic friend that just wants us to share in the joy that they have for something. And Poppy is no different. She learns her lesson in the end, and happiness is had by all. Plus, I am a sucker for a good song and this movie is full of them.

  1. The Olay Holiday Musical

Okay look. This isn’t a holiday movie. But look. Have you guys seen this? I love the girl that sings, and I end up singing all the little songs that she sings too. And who among us haven’t had catty ass relatives asking us annoying questions that we wish we could quip to like this? PS: Olay if you are granting wishes, I would love any of the products she is talking about. Leslie PO Box 90232 Indianapolis, IN. 46290



As you can see, I don’t have a lot of favorites. But I have a steady supply. This isn’t to say this is all I watch. I have a kid. I have to introduce her to Rudolph (which is a video instructional on how NOT to treat someone different than you), Charlie Brown Christmas (If I have to hear ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ more than once during the holiday season, I will probably fight someone), and of course The Grinch (my kid calls it The Grunch and it amuses me to no end). Geeky Baby should be allowed to make her own choices on the shows that she likes. Maybe she won’t be as curmudgeonly as I am when she gets older.

Tis the Season for Geek Swag

This holiday I was blessed with all sorts of great goodies, so much in fact that I decided to share them with all of you.

Dean and Sam Get a Clue


I indeed coveted this item, but saw that it was practically sold out everywhere. I didn’t think I would be a proud owner until later in the year. My family made sure that I was not without! I thought about taking some more pictures of the details, but I thought I would save that for a separate post that would feature it and the gameplay. I will probably do the same with my recent birthday present of Doctor Who Monopoly.

A History Lesson


If you love history and alcohol, then you should be watching Drunk History. I got this from my family and have some catching up to do. This show is amazing and hilariously perfect. It actually started out as a Funny or Die web skit, but Comedy Central eventually picked it up and turned it into a full blown series. They basically get someone, who knows the specific historical tale, wasted and have them retell the story while under influence. They then get your favorite comedians to reenact to the very detail of the drunken tale. It is fantastic. It can be gross, depending on how well or badly an individual can handle their drink. So worth it though.

Sailor Solidarity Tee


I got this lovely t-shirt from my one of my besties. I do love me some Sailor Moon. It’s fun, and it is true!

Guardians of the Thirsty

IMG_0062 IMG_0059 IMG_0058

This was another lovely gift from one of my besties. I love these cups, especially at work for water. This is my first nerdy one! Yay!

Christmas Tree of Sleeping Beauty


I love and adore Princess Aurora. I have loved that movie since I was a kid, but if there is one place where it is made insanely clear how much I love her, it is on my Christmas tree. I have been collecting for about fifteen years now. I got these lovely new additions from my mum and dad. They feed my obsession. Technically, I bought the kiss scene ornament, but it was from Christmas money sent from my parents. I think I will do a post next holiday season of all of the ornaments I have collected over the years.

Make It Blue


I got this great doll gift set from my sister. While I love the special dolls, I don’t normally go and try to get my hands on every single Princess Aurora doll that has ever been made. My friends and family do however understand that if she is in a blue dress, then it’s a whole other story. As with this lovely, signature set, Princess Aurora is proudly dressed in blue. I love it!

“Are you okay? Do you need a Fresca?”


This next gift isn’t exactly nerdy, but so fitting and hilarious to those that know me well. I quote the above line from the movie Slackers all of the time. That movie is crazy random, which is why I love it so much. My sister sent this to me as well for the holiday, and I fell out. I love it and wear it proudly.

The Marvel of Carol Danvers


I got this bad ass poster one of my besties and her family. They honestly spoiled the shit out of me, which is amazing, but not necessary. Honestly, I loved it. Lol! I am single. I don’t have a man to spoil me. I will need to get a frame for this, so I can put it up properly. I can’t wait.

The Good Fire


I got this from my bestie and her family as well. When it comes to my favorite super hero, the difference is barely existent. Honestly, I only love Phoenix more than Carol Danvers, because I have had the Phoenix in my life longer. This is pretty bad ass, and you can flip the head around to make her expression angry. That’s pretty awesome.

The Very, Very Bad Fire


The very same bestie and her family finished their spoiling with this kick ass Dark Phoenix figure. There is not too many things in the Marvel universe that outrank the Phoenix when it comes to power, but when she is sporting red, you better run like hell. I enjoy that her expression is pissy. It just adds to the overall effect of the doll.

80’s Music Wednesday

I love the 80's, especially, for moments such as this. Television was utilized so well back in the day. It is amazing. I kind of miss those days.

Enjoy, Billy Squier's Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You.

10 Gift Ideas for the Nerd in Your Life

While fellow nerds and geeks know all the ins and outs of finding the best holiday gifts for each other, our family and friends that don’t partake in our particular interests can be at quite a loss when it comes to gift giving. I am here to help with a few reasonably priced gift ideas for that the beloved geek in your life.




What can I say? We love fun card games that are both ridiculous and thought provoking. This is a perfect example. While the initial pack retails for about $35, you can up the fun with expansion packs. There are various, including a kid friendly version. One snag is that this product is only available through the website which is linked in the photo above.

Funko Pop! Figures


$7.00 to $12.00

Action figures are pretty much a staple of nerd gear, but these adorable little things make us smile. I am known to have my own collection. While the Pop! collection doesn't cover all loves, it is certainly growing. I'm holding out for a Captain Marvel someday. It's still not hard to find something that the special person in your life can enjoy. Prices can very depending on retired products and availability, but most are still very affordable and found various places such as Amazon or even Barnes & Noble.

Nerd Wear


$15.00 to $35.00

Geeks love wearing their love as well. I personally covet the above item from, but whatever the fav or your givee is, there is most likely a shirt of some sort. Where to buy something? Online is usually your best bet, but some stores like your local comic book shops or even Hot Topic partake in a little festiveness as this. Best plan for finding a shirt you need is to Google that character or name with t-shirt. It should point you in the right direction.



$20.00 to $40.00

Whether it is a long night of gaming or a marathon in front of the television, why not be cozy while it happens? I am a blanket fan, and I know plenty of people that are as well. Prices can vary depending on quality and size, but you can find decent ones within the above price range. I submit the power of Google to help you find something.



$20.00 to $40.00

We may be drinking a tall glass of milk or a tall glass of something else entirely, but our inner child gets into quite the tizzy if we drink form a cup with our favorite characters on it. It is mostly nostalgia for the good old days of sippy cups and collector's glasses from various fast food chains. We love it!

Travel Mugs and Tumblers


$10.00 to $20.00

A lot of us would love to save money on beverages as far as tea and coffee go. If we could take things from home to the office without have to stop at the local coffee spot, we would probably be able to spend more money on things we don't need. Thus the brilliance of the gift. Also some of us have strict personalization rules when it comes to the office, and if it's not practical, it has no place. This is a great way to get around that little rule. Even regular mugs would help that coffee drinker get through the workday.




It could be an apron or a utensil, but if we can nerd it, we will. The kitchen is not safe from this. Prices will vary depending on the item. The above is probably a great idea for that Trekkie in your life. Again Google is the tool of choice.



$20.00 to $40.00

We all need to know what day it is, and what better way to do so. They make calendars for practically anything. If your friends and family are like me. I always end up buying two, one for home and one for the office. I usually get myself a Dean Winchester one for the house and a Supernatural one for work. Keep in mind if it is a gift intended for the office. Make sure there is nothing offensive in it. Don't want to give that special someone the added bonus of a trip to HR. I always have to check my Supernatural ones for weapons and gore.

Board Games


$30.00 to $40.00

Classic board games with our favorite fandom twists, are like gifts from above for us nerds and geeks. Clue, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit are known for these variants. Hell, I just found out Supernatural just came out with a version of Clue. Yeah, good luck getting a hold of that little gem this Holiday season.

Wall Candy



We love posters and art pieces, and artsy ones at that. The internet is filled with prints and original art pieces. Etsy is a great place to get original pieces from artist that want to share their love and talents. While it can hold the same drawback as Ebay, and what you buy may not be what you get, the majority of the sellers are legit and very helpful. Be warned that the prices can very from reasonable to high. But you are paying for quality and talent, so you judge that one on your own.


80’s Music Wednesday

It's that time. I said that the last song wouldn't be an 80's Halloween without it, but without this song, it just wouldn't be a Halloween. Do we really need to have a conversation about it? I put this track on my playlist three times, because it is that big of deal. It deserved to be evenly dispersed through a playlist that was built to play for at least four hours. Les and I had to make our own fun back in the day when we both worked for a physician's office. I present, Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Have a Happy Halloween!

The Zombie 10

Shaun of the Dead


I personally feel that this is the funniest of the comedy zombie movies out there. It opened the door to the modern comedy genre of zombie films. The problem you may have with this film, is that it is British. If you are not a fan of British humor, then you will probably not get this film. Fun little fact Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reprised their roles for a cameo on Phineas and Ferb recently.



Another hilarious zombie comedy that most likely wouldn’t have been made if the above hadn’t done so well. I will say that when Hostess originally stated they were shutting down their factories my thoughts immediately went to Tallahassee and his endless search for Twinkies. Luckily for him, the company has been bought and saved, and Twinkies are now in continuous supply once again. Bill Murray’s best as well.

Resident Evil

resident evil

I know that some can give or take the original movie, but we still love the series. Most have learned to forgive the first one like myself. For as much literary symbolism that has been shoved done my throat from high school to college. The Alice in Wonderland theme totally escaped my attention until Resident Evil: Extinction. I was letting the credits play when a cover of White Rabbit started, which I thought was weird for a whole second and then started to cuss myself out for not even seeing the obvious. She’s named Alice. I’m an idiot.

Dawn of the Dead


Romero obviously has to be placed on the list somewhere. While this isn’t what I consider his masterpiece, it is a pretty damn good alternative. I prefer the late 70’s original, but the 2004 version was a decent. What made it so interesting was the use of the mall. It seemed like a pretty good place to hole up, because it should be well stocked. It taught us that malls aren’t fool proof.

Night of the Living Dead


It is the grand pappy of what our generation loves about zombie movies. If Romero hadn’t made this film, he may have not made the rest of his masterpieces. Thus we may never have any of the zombie films that we love today. Dare I say no Walking Dead. That’s how pivotal this movie was to generations of writers and storytellers. This literally is the film that started it all.

Night of the Comet

night of the comet

Not exactly a masterpiece, but one that I’m nostalgic about. My brother and I would always see this one during a Saturday movie matinee on television. It is pretty crappy, but that’s why I enjoy it. No one did crap quite like the 80’s. The premise is that due to a comet passing,  it completely turns those who watched the night sky show into a giant pile of dust or a deranged, mutated zombie. The few individuals that stayed indoors due to the event are left to not only survive the unnerving solitude, but the crazy mutated things that want to kill them.

Planet Terror


I do enjoy the humor in this one, but it is inspired by the Grindhouse movies of the past, and gore is high. It is a Robert Rodriguez film. If it’s not a Spy Kids movie then blood is what you will get. It is still very entertaining though.

Warm Bodies


It is a cute little love story about a zombie that falls in love with a girl. I had a really good time with this movie, because it was the first of its kind in our recent obsession with the undead. And no, My Boyfriend’s Back, doesn’t count. I loved that movie when I was a kid. This movie was pretty refreshing, and I definitely recommend.

The Returned


This one you may not have heard of. If you have Netflix, you need to check it out. In this post zombie apocalypse world, a barrier drug for the virus has been made. It has stipulations, though. It is only works within a short time frame after exposure. It must be taken every 24 hours exactly everyday, or the effects will reverse for good, and it is made from the undead that fully revert to zombie form. Those individuals now returned can function normally in society, but fear of what they could become has made them pariahs. Everyone was pretty much dealing for the most part in this world, even with the hate. Unfortunately, the success of stopping people from becoming a fully turned zombie means that they have all but eliminated their resources for the temporary medicine and it is running out fast. The race is to find a synthetic replacement, but politics and money stand in the way. Panic sets in when word of the drug shortage gets out. This is a great and unique story and a nontraditional zombie flick. It is very interesting.

The Dead

The Dead-UKartwork

This one might also be an unknown movie. It is a South African film that showcases what the African plains would like if run over by zombies. Giving the budget they had to work with, it’s pretty damn good. It is a fantastic movie infact. I personally only had issues with the story turn towards the end of the movie. It really could have been all out amazing if that change hadn’t been chosen.

80’s Music Wednesday

It just wouldn't be an 80's Halloween without this beloved track from one of my all time favorite movies ever! I want to see it in the theater again, because I love it so much! Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.

The Vampy 10

Fright Night


You can easily choose either the original or the recent remake. Don’t start throwing things at me. I love the original, but I thought the remake was a pleasant homage to the first film. While both versions are known for their humor, they are both still really good vampire movies. The original one likes to play with the more gory practical effects of the time. The newer one leans on the story which is wonderfully refreshing.



Yes, Keanu Reeve’s performance is an accent change from Ted “Theodore” Logan, but, dammit, don’t you continue to suffer through his and Winona Ryder’s acting skills just see Gary Oldman over and over again. I do all the damn time. I love that man. It doesn’t exactly fallow Bram Stoker’s novel, but it is the closest interpretation we have in the film world. Frances Ford Coppola just has this wonderful knack of storytelling with his films that this classic novel more than benefited from.

Interview With The Vampire


For some individuals, this was the first real introduction to Brad Pitt as a leading frontman. Hell, this is where we get a first glimpse of Kirsten Dunst. The new generations may have the Twilight, but we had Louis, first, and a crazy Tom Cruise, even then.

30 Days of Night


This was a fantastic little vampire film that popped out of 2007. The story takes advantage of the geography and sun placement of the northern hemisphere. Alaska goes through a period during the winter where the hours of daylight slowly wither away to nothing at the winter solstice. What better place for a vampire to hang out than in a place that doesn’t have that pesky daylight. It is a great story and can be pretty terrifying.

Let the Right One In


America made its own version of this movie called Let Me In. It was a good show, but this original version from Sweden is scores better. It isn’t what I would call a scare driven movie, but more of psychological thriller. The Swedish version tends to be more raw and realistic than the American one, but either is still pretty decent and worth a watch.



Say what you will about Wesley Snipes, but this is one comic book movie that did more than work. I mean, Kris Kristofferson plays Whistler, need I say more. Yes, I not only enjoy the trilogy as a whole, but I do indeed enjoy the third installment. I loved Parker Posey and Ryan Reynolds in that movie.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer


It is has been said by Joss Whedon, himself, that this film was crap. That is why he felt the need to make the television series. While I am thoroughly glad that he did follow that path, I was young enough to enjoy this movie when it came out. Thus, like many of the shitty 80’s films I still love, I established a nostalgic bond of not knowing any better and think this movie is hilarious. Paul Reuben’s death scene? Fantastic!

From Dusk Till Dawn


What else do Tarantino and Rodriguez fans love more than that their movies? Movies that they team up to make! It is gory, funny, action packed, and interesting all rolled into a nice little ball. Those that know me, know I have snake issues. This posed a challenge throughout several parts of the film for me, but with some strategic eye covering I managed through.

Dracula 2000

dracula 2000

Hear me out. Yes I know Vitamin C was in this movie, but she does not drown out the fact that Gerard Butler and Johnny Lee Miller are in this movie. I love me some Johnny Lee Miller. I have been watching that man since Trainspotting and Hackers. I digress. So why did I add this movie, because of an interesting plot twist the movie uses when it goes into Dracula’s origin. It was so new and different that I continue to watch this movie even now. It also features random ass cameos. Long before he was the crazy preacher man, Caleb, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nathan Fillion was prepping for his role in this film. Maybe that's why Caleb went so crazy.

The Lost Boys


Of course this would make the list. It is epic, isn’t it? This was the first introduction to vampires and vampire rules for most of us growing up. This was our first Coreys movie. We got to see what Bill S. Preston would be like with fangs. Kiefer Sutherland was weirdly hot and terrifying all at the same time. Plus it had the best damn crazy grandpa ever. This movie taught me a lot about peer pressure and that some girls are just not worth it.

80’s Music Wednesday

It may not be specifically related to Halloween, but I am a writer and enjoy wordplay. The outside of the box is just as fun as the inside. I was especially proud to add this 80's track to my Halloween playlist, (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew.