Healthy Diet= Healthy Hair

As my readers, I feel that we have a relationship. We can laugh together, we can cry together, and I can tell you anything. So I am here to tell you something...

I  am a junk food ADDICT.
I love candy, chips, cake, and pie. I will be the first person to admit it.

A couple of weeks ago I made mention of the fact that my husband and I are making a bit of a lifestyle change. Re-reading the entry, I realize I did not make mention of the fact that we are changing our food habits as well. Out with the chips, cookies, chicken nuggets (mmm, nuggets), fried cheese, and in with healthy eating, moderate portions, and finding delicious and healthy snacks.

I know there are some people out there reading this and groaning and thinking with drastic measures such as these, I am doomed to fail. But I don't think I am... and I will tell you why.. I love a challenge. I like the idea of trying to find something as delicious as my beloved salt and vinegar potato chips, but healthy. For me fixing the hubs healthy snacks is kind of easy. I can add seasonings to nuts for him, and BAM instant salty craving satisfied. It is not as easy for me. As an adult, it seems that I am developing food allergies. As a kid I never had any problems with food. Now everything makes my throat swell up and itch. So far: Soy Milk, almonds, and pistachios. There is more on that list, but that is what i can come up with right now.

Though we have only been doing this for maybe three weeks. I can tell a difference in my hair. It doesn't dry out as fast, and doesn't feel like straw. The hubs was commenting on the length of it last night. I can't wait to see further down the road what this lifestyle change has in store for my hair.