Paranormal Entity-Stu

Paranormal Entity

Directed by Shane Van Dyke

Starring the director and other nobodies

So some sort of evil is haunting a family. They are getting harassed by a spirit from beyond. Things are moving, sounds are happening, and the sister is getting the worst of it. They set up traps and cameras to try and find out why this is happening to them. They struggle to establish a reason for why they are the victims and they would love to live a normal life. The happenings become more frequent and more intense. It all come to an end with the sister getting attacked(whilst naked) by the demon.

This is the same style as Paranormal Activity, but much worse. If you have not seen PA and watch this, you may think this is not bad. The whole finally demon rape is a little disturbing, but I guess that is the point. Watch PA and save yourself some time.

I give this 1 bloody hand print