Product Review: Hydrating Hair Butter by Fleurzty

I have reviewed a product by Fleurzty before. It was okay. I was not uber impressed, but it did get the job done. Today's product. I did not like. AT ALL.

The product is Hydrating Hair Butter. This product is anything but hydrating. Let me type out the label for you.

This butter is very rich and intensely hydrating. It melts instantly and provides softness, shine and moisture to your hair without being greasy or heavy.

First things first. The scent I chose was lemon and ylang ylang. I have no clue what ylang ylang is supposed to smell like, but I am a sucker for anything lemon scented or flavored. I opened up the jar, and took a whiff....and gagged. This stuff smells awful. There is nothing lemony about it at all. I just figure the ylang ylang is the primary scent here.

I proceeded to apply it to my hair. It does feel rich and it does melt instantly. That is where the label information ends for me. About 15 minutes after I put it in.. my hair felt.. weird. It felt crunchy and grainy. To make sure I wasn't going insane, I called my husband over and asked him to feel my hair. His response? "Your hair feels crunchy and greasy...what did you put in it?"

So yeah, Hydrating hair butter? Not so much. I would stay as far from this product as possible.