Psycho (1998)

Directed by Gus Van Sant

Starring TONS of actors you know. Vince Vaughn(Wedding Crashers) , Anne Heche(Ellen Degenerous) , Julianne Moore(Boogie Nights), Viggo Mortensen(Lord of the Rings) etc.

A young woman decides to hideout at a motel run by a Youngman and his mother. She ends up dead and the race is on to find her killer. Twists and turns take you through this story of murder, mystery, and mommy-issues.

I actually saw this movie in the theatres. Brandon’s mom dropped us off at the old Kokomo Mall theatre. I have not seen this movie since then. I don’t remember a lot about it other than it wasn’t very good. I do, however, remember that we sat with Brad, Brad, and Ashley.

I give this 2 bloody hand prints (b/c I saw it in the theatre)