Silent Hill

Genre: Horror

Director: Christophe Gans

Screenplay: Roger Avery

Starring: Radha Mitchell, Sean Bean, Laurie Holden, and Jodelle Ferland

Rose is worried about her daughter, Sharon, who keeps sleepwalking into frightful situations always calling out “Silent Hill.” Rose wants the sleepwalking to end and decides to take her to Silent Hill, which is a town, a haunted, deserted town. Getting into the town was not an easy task, and leaves Rose unconscious in her car. When she awakes, she find that her daughter is missing and searches the town for her, but she is not prepared to find out that the stories about Silent Hill are true and much worse.

I easily compared this movie to Resident Evil being that they both are based off of video games. In my opinion there was just as much to work with from the video game for Silent Hill as well as for the game for Resident Evil. The major difference is that the Silent Hill movie did a better job of conveying it, even if they flipped the main character from the father in the video game to the mother in the movie. There is a balance between the story and the effects. This was not the case with Resident Evil. Of course there are some horrible deaths in this movie, but it was not he focus. The focus of Silent Hill is the town, what happened and is happening to it, and most importantly how Sharon fits into the puzzle. The effects are blended nicely within the story, causing a lot of creep, but not overshadowing. Granted, the end even caused me to a have “gird your loins” moment, but anyone else could understand that sentiment.

I say that the film was story driven, but even it had its rough patches. The girl that is Sharon’s doppelganger runs around bringing Rose to the horrible truth of what happened to Alessa. There is a suggestion that the girl we see and Sharon are both born somehow from the real tragedy that happened to Alessa. The thing that looks like her seems to be all of the evil and angry energy born from the tragedy, and Sharon is all the good that was still left in her thrown out to try and find happiness. You go through all of that and you don’t really get what exactly Sharon is or what the future holds for her or the town. It was great to go through the movie, but too many questions were brought up at the end that were never properly answered. I guess this is why the video game has several sequels. One for the movie has yet to be established.

I give this film 2 Buttery Kernals.

Coming Soon: Devour