Henna- My experience

Editors Note: I really tried to finish this yesterday. I was doing the editing of this blog while I was in class. But there was some interesting topics being presented, so I abandoned finishing this up until today. Enjoy!

So I finally got around to doing a henna treatment. I apologize in advance for the spotty filming Smile with tongue out


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What I Would Do Differently:

1. We have two bathrooms in our house. The main/guest bathroom is tiled. Our master bathroom is set up weird. The sink is outside the bathroom, and doesn’t have a door or anything. The toilet and the shower are within the bedroom, but are separate from the sink. The area where the toilet and shower is has a door, and is tiled. The area where the sink is does not have a door and is carpeted. I laid down an old sheet, and did my henna treatment in there. I think next time  I will just use the main/guest bathroom.

2. While I did do some searching on ingredients and products and stuff, I think I will be more thorough in my reading up on products

3. I will actually go out and purchase plain old green tea. I don’t know if it made a difference that I used honey lemon and pomegranate green tea.


My Final Thoughts:

Henna did not make a huge difference for me. Yeah, my hair was softer afterwards, but not any other softer as if I would have done a deep condition. My curl pattern is the same, and there is no change really to anything. The persistent drying that I was dealing with has seemed to clear up a little, but that might have been the same if I would have just done a deep conditioning. I have no color change. Though last night, I had a dream that my curls looked like MsDena610 from YouTube with blondish tips. Ask me about my dreams sometime, I dream crazy!

Anyway, I will probably try this again, taking into consideration the things that I want to do different. If I don’t notice anything spectacular the second time around (Because I do have half a bag of henna left), I probably won’t do it again.

Do you have any treatments that you have been wanting to try? What has been stopping you?

The next thing I want to try is Rassul Clay.

Accepting yourself completely


We made it to Friday! Yay!

If you are on Facebook, you would have seen that I posted a couple of photos of my hair.



This being one of them. It is my webcam on my computer, that is why it is kind of craptacular. Anyway, I was headed to the Glee concert last night and trying to do something with my hair.  Normally (as in EVERY DAY) I put in a headband and a flower. Sometimes I make a poof, but still have the flower as well. In this photo I have on the flower, but no headband.

As I was figuring out my hair last night, I realized that I always feel kind of stupid without my headband and flower. I feel like everyone is looking at me. This caused me to wonder: am I being ashamed of my hair?

I didn’t want that.

I slowly took the flower out my hair, and fluffed up my twists. I looked really good. One thing I might do in the future is add gel to my twists when they are twisted up. Some of the instantly spread out. and it looked uber cute with them twisted up like that.


See? Totally cute. Except I have that Johnson forehead, that should be a fivehead. *snort*

Oh, and Glee was so much fun! I am really really loud and screamed my head off.. as a result, I got a barf bag from a cheerio. LOL. At one point it got really quiet in the place and I screamed out “I LOVE YOU PUCK!” He could so hear it.

To the two girls that I met in like while I was getting popcorn and you were getting Beer. YOU ARE AMAZING! I hope you live in Indianapolis and we can meet up sometime and drink and drool over Puck! LOL.

First day of the challenge.

Last night I did not pre-poo. I just didn't have time. I have been kind of running ragged making sure the house is in decent condition for my dad. It is, with the exception of my desk. My desk looks like a bomb blew up on it. That won't be helped until after the semester is over.

Today though I pre-poo'd/ deep conditioned my hair using coconut oil, and put one of those plastic baggie hair things over my head. I have hated those things since I was a kid. They irritate me badly. But I kept it on for a couple hours as I did homework, answered e-mails and did laundry. I forgot my husband told me that the people were coming over to clean the gutters and I actually answered the door in that thing. Poor guy.

I showed and conditioned as I usually do, and took a little bit of time to detangle my hair.

Now? My hair feels really soft. It felt softer than it normally does after I get out of the shower. Maybe there is something to this after all.

Flat twists and coconut oil.

Since my gel problem has been solved, I needed to find a hair style that I wanted to try. I keep flashing back to my relaxed hair days and my unruly attempts as styling my own hair. I can't wield a curling iron if my life depending on it. I always got this really weird dent in the end of my hair. I never really had any creativity as far as styling my relaxed hair.

Because of this, I am leery of trying anything over the top or over dramatic with my hair to start out with. I think my first order of business is going to be doing flat twists in the front of my head. I will take pics and show you how everything goes. If I end up doing it well, I will make a youtube video of it.That is kind of where I learned the technique, but all the videos I went to were really low quality. I have decent camera equipment here, so maybe I can do a better one.

In other hair related news, I have decided to join the Coconut Oil Challenge over at Hairlista's Inc. I am incredibly late to the party (it started in November of last year) But it can't hurt. The rules are simple(taken from the site):

-Deep condition or prepoo with EVCO at least 2x a wk. You can do this however it works for you, you can condition w/ heat or w/out before you wash, you can do a hot oil treatment and keep it in overnight, you can also use the plastic cap and steam effect overnight with this if you'd like.

-Moisturize with your moisturizer of choice and seal with EVCO nightly or however often your hair desires it.

-After washing hair use EVCO as a leave in** Caution- use just enough to lightly cover hair, becareful not to use too much, maybe a dime size amount**

I can do that, easy peasy.I already use coconut oil as a prepoo.  I think I am going to go ahead and start tonight. If you end up joining the challenge, please let me know! We can be friends on Hairlista. I don't know much about the site, I am slowly exploring it. 

You guys have a great evening!