coconut oil

Flat twists and coconut oil.

Since my gel problem has been solved, I needed to find a hair style that I wanted to try. I keep flashing back to my relaxed hair days and my unruly attempts as styling my own hair. I can't wield a curling iron if my life depending on it. I always got this really weird dent in the end of my hair. I never really had any creativity as far as styling my relaxed hair.

Because of this, I am leery of trying anything over the top or over dramatic with my hair to start out with. I think my first order of business is going to be doing flat twists in the front of my head. I will take pics and show you how everything goes. If I end up doing it well, I will make a youtube video of it.That is kind of where I learned the technique, but all the videos I went to were really low quality. I have decent camera equipment here, so maybe I can do a better one.

In other hair related news, I have decided to join the Coconut Oil Challenge over at Hairlista's Inc. I am incredibly late to the party (it started in November of last year) But it can't hurt. The rules are simple(taken from the site):

-Deep condition or prepoo with EVCO at least 2x a wk. You can do this however it works for you, you can condition w/ heat or w/out before you wash, you can do a hot oil treatment and keep it in overnight, you can also use the plastic cap and steam effect overnight with this if you'd like.

-Moisturize with your moisturizer of choice and seal with EVCO nightly or however often your hair desires it.

-After washing hair use EVCO as a leave in** Caution- use just enough to lightly cover hair, becareful not to use too much, maybe a dime size amount**

I can do that, easy peasy.I already use coconut oil as a prepoo.  I think I am going to go ahead and start tonight. If you end up joining the challenge, please let me know! We can be friends on Hairlista. I don't know much about the site, I am slowly exploring it. 

You guys have a great evening!

I feel like I have been scammed, but I haven’t.. I just didn’t read.

Don't forget, we have a contest going on right here!

So, I was browsing my local wally world's hair supply area when I came across this:

Blue Magic has a coconut oil!? I grabbed it off the shelf and finished my shopping. I hadn't had time to use it since I got it, but when I finally got a chance, I was uber excited. I used it to condition my hair. After about 20 minutes though, something strange had happened.
My hair...felt stiff. I looked like my hair had been replaced with Dj Pauly D's

It was not attractive. My hair felt horrible. What the hell was in this stuff? I turned the jar over and lo and behold the first ingredient? Petrolatum. W.T.F.
So, Blue Magic, you are marketing a coconut oil when coconut oil isn't even the first ingredient on the list!? (For those of you that do not know, in an ingredient list, the first listed ingredient is the one that is most prevalent in your item)
I felt swindled, bamboozled, runamuck!

But then I realized.. It was my fault. I saw the packaging label and just like a kid I purchased without delving further. I am impulsive, and I have to consistently remind myself to "stop and look." Stop and look at what you are purchasing. Not just for my hair, but for pretty much anything that I do.

So here is your heads up everyone..Blue Magic.. stay away!