Name the New Gen Con Dragon!

Gen Con, the largest and longest-running tabletop convention in North America, is revealing a new mascot for the Gen Con brand. Starting

January 28 at noon (PST), the Gen Con Twitter account (@gen_con) will start a weeklong contest to name the new dragon mascot, giving away two 4-Day badges for Gen Con 2019 to the lucky winner! Participants can enter by replying to the tweet announcing the contest with their name choice, and the hashtag #gencondragon. The submission with the most likes by noon (PST) on Monday, February 4 will be named the winner (subject to Gen Con approval)!

The dragon is designed by award-winning fantasy illustrator Craig J. Spearing. Spearing has worked with numerous distinguished board game and literary publishers, including Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Arcane Wonders, Fantasy Flight, Penguin Random House and Scholastic.


Link to contest:

Contest Update

Hey guys! I have not forgotten about the contest! I just got back from a business trip. Busy busy busy! I will be drawing entries later tonight and posting winners tomorrow!!

Contest here! Yay!

Finally! Are you excited?

The top prize winner wins the headband/hair accessory that I showcased in this video from Sarenzo's Beads!


Two additional winners will recieve a satin pillow case.

The Rules:

Very simple really. Head over to Sarenzo's Beads and look around. Tell me in a comment below what you would love to own from her collection.

That's it!
One entry per person.

Winner will be announced 2/12/2011.
The first person I draw wins the accessory, the next two win the pillow cases!

Good luck!

To Henna or not to Henna

 First off, thanks to everyone who entered the contest! I will tally entries later on today and use to announce a winner tomorrow! yay!

So, I purchased some henna a couple weeks ago. 

So here is the problem I am running into. I found a ton of articles on the type of henna you should get (body art quality) and what to avoid (any henna that says it will turn your hair a color other than the reddish color that henna is supposed to be). However, I am finding different ways to approach the usage of the henna. Worse, I am finding that you may end up with a permanently stained bathtub. Guys, we just bought this house. I do not want my bathrooms stained! I have to do some more research before I apply this stuff to my head. 

(The kind I purchased)
In other random news. I wish my nose would fall off. Seriously. It can take my stinkin' sinuses with it. With the weather change comes the allergies. I have a constant headache during this time. It is killer. I hope you guys are having a fabulous labor day and that you are rebelling and wearing white! I am.. It's got stripes on it, but it is still mainly white! yay!

Apple Cider VInegar Rinse

Do not forget we have a contest going on!!!! 

So, on the Twitter I have been hearing lots about people using apple cider vinegar (or ACV) for hair rinses. They swear that it makes their hair softer and more easier to manage. I did a bit of research on the internet as well, and I just kept hearing a lot of the same thing. A lot of the articles I read talked about the hair pores closing after using the vinegar, resulting in smoother hair all around.

It sounded a bit odd to me, but what the hell. The husbands gone (he had to go to a remote site for work for a week *sniffle*), I got two feuding dogs, and I am feeling lonely. What way to perk a girl up faster than a hair/ beauty treatment?

So, I put 2/3 of a cup of acv in a squirt bottle, and diluted it with one cup of water. I leaned my head over the guest tub and began to squirt.

I would like to note here that I love salt and vinegar chips. They are MY FAVE. The salty tangy goodness is almost too much to bear. mmmm....However, I do not like smelling like a salt and vinegar chip. That stuff burned my nostrils!! argh!

I hurriedly get done dousing my hair and hop in the shower. I rinse it out, condition, shower, and get out. My hair is thick, so it takes it some time to get finished drying. Before I went to bed though there were parts that were dry though, so I felt them....and, uh, they felt the same as usual. I shrugged and (because honestly? Nothing gets in the way of me and sleep) crashed for the night.

I wake up this morning and start feeling and looking at my hair.... um, bout the same. No difference. I was tweeting about this last night and someone was nice enough to send me this link. I am inclined to agree with the blogger on this one.

Oh well, lesson learned. and luckily I did not buy a huge container of acv. However, there is enough leftover for me to henna my hair. I will be doing that when Jeff gets home, because he is lord of the pictures!

Rocking My Puff

So, last week I discovered that my hair was finally long enough to put in a puff! How exciting! Some pictures for your viewing pleasure

The first puff

I had a wedding to go to this weekend, and this is the result....
Aren't I adorable! I had a great time at the wedding as well. That flower is is a separate accessory from the hair band I have in. 
Don't forget  I am running a contest!! Belle Butters is making it possible Click Here to go to the contest page.

New Contest Featuring Belle Butters!

                                                      Taken from Belle Butters facebook site!

I am excited to announce a new give away today on The Tale of Going Natural. I have teamed up with Tasha from Belle Butters to give you a special opportunity.

We all know the benefits of shea butter both for your skin and your hair. But it doesn’t smell the greatest. That is where Belle Butters come in.

Tasha makes the smoothest creamiest whipped shea butters I have ever seen. Not only that, they have delicious scents that make you want to eat it! But don’t... Not for human consumption.

I’ve been in love with her orange dreamsicle. She has many other flavors, but that seems to grab a hold of me and pull.

Today Tasha of Belle Butters is giving not one, but three of my readers a chance to try some of her delicious smelling shea butters!

Remember, this isn't just for my curly girls! Shea butter is great as a moisturizer for skin.

So here are the rules!


  1. Contest ends Sept. 6th
  2. You must be following my blog publicly. You cannot do any of the extra things without doing this. 
  3. You must go to Belle Butters Etsy site and tell me what flavor you would want to try.
Please fill out this spreadsheet so I can keep track!


Let us try this again!

The winner of the Moroccanoil Treatment is Libby Logic! Woooo!

Use the contact me tab to send me the information to ship it to you!

Thanks everyone for playing!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner…

The winner of the Moroccanoil Treatment still has not come forth. I will be selecting a new winner tomorrow. That gives you a day to enter if you have not entered yet! Contest information is here