hair cut

On haircuts

First off, Cute pic alert!

So me, So cute!
Anway, a while ago I wrote a blog about how I need to get my hair cut, and how I was scared. I got several notes asking me why I thought I needed to get my hair cut. 
A few notes:
  • My hair is the healthiest it has ever been.. IN LIFE. 
  • I am getting very close to bra strap length. My hair hasn't been that long since before I was 7 or 8
  • I love my hair!
So why would I cut it? Sometimes it feels like the back is shorter than the front. I feel like I need to even it up. I don't even know if that is right, and before I go off and cut my hair and some something crazy that makes me boo hoo in the corner I need to sit with my stylist and figure out what is going on with my hair. 
Have I mentioned I love my hair?

The dreaded cutting of the hair…

I think I need a hair cut. Nothing too drastic really, just a trim.

Why does this terrify me?

Let me start at the beginning of my hair cut woes.

I was 7.. I just moved to Indiana from South Carolina. The first thing my family did was get me to a hair salon. I wanted a jheri curl like my gramma.

The curl wouldn't take.

Apparently, the woman that was doing my hair in SC was not doing it correctly. She was relaxing my hair EVERY WEEK.

At this point and time I realize I was lucky to have hair.

The lady who tried to give me the Jheri curl had to cut off almost all my hair. leaving me with a puff of hair. Not the wet and wavy look my gramma had.

I burst into tears.

Everyone (family) who saw me tried to make it better by saying "You look like grandad now!" Just what every 7 year old girl wants.. to have hair like a man....

Throughout the years I have had horrible hair cuts. I've had beauticians that would not listen to me, or look at me like i was crazy. There are only two beauticians I trust. Cherilynn (who taught me what it means to go natural) and Margie (I haven't seen her since my wedding. She did my hair when I lived in Kokomo and was still relaxed). They listen to me, and support me in whatever I am trying to do. And if what I am doing is not a good idea, they will steer me in the correct direction.

Still, I am scared.

I look in the mirror and I have excellent length. Not uber long, but enough to make my cute little puff. It's growing slowly but surely. Love it. I am scared that its all going to get lopped off.

I need to trust in Cherilynn, because honestly? She wouldn't do anything I wouldn't want to do.