The word, goodies for you soon.

Hey everyone! I hope your Monday was good for you. It is Tuesday, and I do no have class. I was getting ready to pick up the house when we had a tornado watch/warning. I headed down to the basement with my dogs. One of them was calm as could be. The other was riled to the point of insanity. As long as I have internet and a chair, I was okay. but the severe weather has left. And I should get to cleaning, but I  wanted to write an entry first.

I keep wanting to do another braid out, but I never have time it seems. I don't think I would look good with twists in my hair, that is just my opinion though. If you don't think you look good in something, chances are you aren't going to feel good in it as well. I really liked the results of my braid out though.

Part of the problem is that I don't really have anywhere to wear all these cute styles too. I am unemployed, I go to school, though most times it is in the evening. My main day trips consist of library or the grocery store. I'd find something to do with my time, but then homework comes crashing down on me.. like a big crashy down being.

I know that even if I did have a job, hair styles would be few and far in between. I would rather sleep than style. So I trade my minutes to get up and look cute for sleep. blessed sleep.

I can't win, so I complain.

In other news... remember a couple months ago I interviewed two special ladies? They were running their first marathon and raising money for the leukemia and lymphoma society? If you don't remember, or didn't read it, please go read it here. Well, Shonika and her twinnie Rashida finished their marathon!!! I was so proud of them. Literally I had tears in my eyes when I found out. It is such a big deal. I told them that when they were towards the end of their journey I would purchase more stuff from them and host a give away on my blog! YAY give aways. When everything gets here, I will divvy it up into little groups so I can have multiple winners. Can't wait for that. Once again Congrats girls!

Hair products and Helping with Leukemia and Lymphoma

Well, that is an odd title isn't it? I mean, even for me it seems a little out of place doesn't it? Normally you would be right, but today that is not the case. On Twitter (or The Twittah as I refer to it) I follow the trend #naturalhair.
That is where I met some of my readers and I also read interesting things that people are doing to their natural hair.
One day there was a post about getting sample sizes of products inexpensively. I contacted the person and they explained to me what was going on.

Shonika Griffin and her twin sister Rashida make up the team PB&J for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They chose the unique way of selling product samples to raise money for their cause. I immediately ordered. 11 years ago I had an incredibly close friend pass away from Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I was 17. She was 19. I know how devastating these diseases can be and was eager to help their cause.

In that vein, I wanted to do an interview with Shonika. This was a unique fundraiser, and the way she was getting attention to her cause was unique as well. She agreed to answer the questions that I e-mailed to her.

1. Why did you pick this charity? 

We chose the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) for a few reasons

a. There was a bone marrow drive held in 2009 in the city (NYC) for a little 6 year old girl named Jasmina Anema. She was one of the only African-Americans that we had ever heard of having Leukemia. When she passed in January 2010, it really struck a chord with us.

b. We were on a mission to get healthy. We started running, but didn't really know anything about form, stretching, clothing, etc. LLS had a program called Team In Training that helped train people for endurance events. We thought that was great! We could get more fit and also run for a reason. So we signed up to run our first half marathon (13.1 miles)

We are running in honor of 5 beautiful ladies, including Jasmina

> 2. I think it is a great idea selling the sample sizes of the hair products. It gives us product junkies a chance to try out different things without breaking the bank. How did this idea come along?

 Now there are so many different products out there for us natural haired Divas. But even a sample size can run you as much as $6.00 and that's not including taxes and S&H. Who wants to decide between eating or buying one 2oz sample size? We thought this would give people a chance to sample a few different products without breaking the bank. With that same $6.00 you can get as many as 6 different products with us. And it all benefits a wonderful cause!

> 3.

 Who is (or are if they're multiples) your partner in helping you? How did you guys meet up? 

My partner is my twin sister, Rashida. She's my best friend. I didn't think it was possible, but training for this event together has brought us even more closer. When one of us feels like giving up, the other is right there to lift you up. It's a beautiful thing to have someone who is just as passionate and competitive as you are!! We always stick together (hence our nickname Team PB&J)
> 4.

 Do you have a website I can send people to? One where they can either donate or sign up for products that they would like? 

To make a donation, please visit our fundraising websites. Mine is My sister's is To order products, simply email us at or

You guys, this is a great cause. It is also a great way to try different products without having to shell out a ton of money. I hope that you guys will give Shonika and Rashida a ring....or an email.. You know what I mean. 
Tell them Leslie sent you. 🙂