Don’t give advice to someone who doesn’t want it.

I write a blog. I write a blog about natural hair. I follow the natural hair hashtag on twitter (@mrsckugs if you want to read my randomness about life). I ask people for their thoughts and advice. I give my thoughts and my advice on my blog. You may choose to read it. You may choose not to. I am not going to tell you how to live your natural hair life. That isn't me. I am fairly newly natural (a year next month). What right do I have to chase down a relaxed hair woman and tell her she is living her life wrong!?

I am not militant with the natural hair. I love my hair now. I like being able to style it and do things to it that I was not able to do when I was relaxed.

I ran across this video on twitter today in the natural hair hashtag. The woman has a point. I will give her that. I live in Indianapolis, there is not a big natural hair movement here. I've never had women run me down and tell me what I should do with my hair. I once had a hair dresser tell me my hair was a hot mess before he chopped a shit ton of it off (*sniffle*). Just watch the video, you will see what I mean. Due to cursing, this video is NSFW.