Pick Your Plum

Want to get started making your own earrings?

I am not a craft blog, but I am a crafty girl. I see the businesses like Sarenzo’s beads and wish I had 1/4th of their talent. I dream of someday having the time (and patience!) to make my own earrings.

One of the websites I subscribe to is Pick Your Plum. Each day they have a special deal on crafting supplies. When I got today’s email I squealed in delight (and terrifying my poor dog)

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You can get two pairs of these wooden discs and nickel free earring hooks for $3.50. I scooped up three orders, which is 6 pairs for 12 bucks (with shipping)! Check them out if you are interested in making your own stuff. They have a limited supply of their products each day, So you have to hurry before they are sold out. That is why I am trying to type this as fast as my hands can go!