plastic hair cap

I have to do better!

Because I am unemployed, and I don't leave the house EVER very often, my hair care gets tossed by the wayside. I'll go a week without detangling (which is death with my hair texture), I'll try to make sure there is moisture in my hair. But even that falls by the wayside as seen in these photos I took last night.

slothiness at its finest.
Don't know if you can tell from the photo, but my hair is a  HOT MESS. It's dry, it's just ugh. When I do have to go out to go to the library or get cupcakes to feed my addiction  groceries, luckily the weather in Indiana is freaking crazy. It got up to almost 70 at one point last week. Today though, it is supposed to snow. We won't talk about that though. It will make my eye twitch and start to water.  Anyway, it is cold enough so that I can wear a hat. So I stuff said hot mess under a hat and go. 
After taking these pictures last night, I decided to get proactive (the action, not the skin system) again. Before I went to bed, I slathered on coconut oil as a pre-poo. That is a start.
While I am talking about pre-poo, I have a question for you that deep condition overnight. Do you wear the plastic baggie caps overnight!? I can't do it. the "crinkle crinkle" sound drives me batty. As well as the feel of it. I tried to do it last week. I put on that awful cap and put my satin cap over it. Just walking around with it on makes me shudder in revulsion. Look at this face!!
Plastic caps = this
If you are like me, and can't stand it, what do you do to deep condition your hair. I would love a hutiful hair steamer, but that is like a Christmas present or something. I can't just drop money like that. I'm unemployed. We are on a budget .
The house is a disaster and the dogs (two chihuahuas) are getting into fights, so I must dash now. But before I go, I wanted to show you some music that I have been digging on lately. It is a group called Ahmir, and they remake songs. I found them on Youtube initally, and quite frankly, you have to be damn good for me to purchase your music. They are damn good. Check em out. 
Here is a little taste of them:

This features Traphik AKA Timothy Delaghetto.