First day of the challenge.

Last night I did not pre-poo. I just didn't have time. I have been kind of running ragged making sure the house is in decent condition for my dad. It is, with the exception of my desk. My desk looks like a bomb blew up on it. That won't be helped until after the semester is over.

Today though I pre-poo'd/ deep conditioned my hair using coconut oil, and put one of those plastic baggie hair things over my head. I have hated those things since I was a kid. They irritate me badly. But I kept it on for a couple hours as I did homework, answered e-mails and did laundry. I forgot my husband told me that the people were coming over to clean the gutters and I actually answered the door in that thing. Poor guy.

I showed and conditioned as I usually do, and took a little bit of time to detangle my hair.

Now? My hair feels really soft. It felt softer than it normally does after I get out of the shower. Maybe there is something to this after all.

Product Review: Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil

Author's Note: Tropical Traditions was kind enough to provide me with a sample of their product.

So I recieved my jar of virgin coconut oil in the mail, and naturally (since it is hot here in the midwest), It was pure liquid when it arrived to me. I waited until it solidified until I started to use it.
I mainly used this oil as a pre-pooing treatment. It felt like my hair was absorbing it very well. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Lately though, when I get out the shower, instead of using a leave-in conditioner, I use a small amount of the coconut oil. I work it through my hair and then detangle. It works out wonderfully. 
Yesterday I sat it by my laptop fan to kind of get it back to liquid, and I went to town. I coated my hair carefully in it. I was doing a pre-poo, but it was the first step in my braid out, so I wanted to make sure everything was moisturized to it's fullest potential.
I now use the coconut oil in everything. I put a little water in a spray bottle along with a little coconut oil. Voila! I use that little concoction to wet my hair down when I am not in the mood to co-wash completely. It has a great smell to it, a very very mild coconutty smell. I think of a very mild pina colada. 
All in all, I would say this product has worked out great for me! 

No Poo

Feeling much better a lot quicker than last time.

So on this blog we have talked about pre-pooing before. We talked about it's benefits, if I do it, if you do it, that sort of thing. Today (yesterday) there was an article on MSNBC talking about no-pooing or low pooing.

Americans are a little crazy with the shampooing. I know some women are mortified if they do not wash their hair every day. They claim that it gets greasy and unmanageable. The article talks about the hair health benefits to  not shampooing your hair every day. Some people do it just to ease up a bit on their carbon footprint, which is very admirable.

I consider myself a "low-pooer" I do not shampoo my hair every day. It doesn't need it. If I shampoo'd every day, I would strip my hair of natural oils that I am constantly trying to put in my hair. I do however condition every day. If I do not condition my hair, it seems as if it curls up onto itself a lot easier.

What is your shampooing regimen? Have you ever thought of modifying it?


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Last week I left a brief post about “pre-pooing” or pre shampooing your hair. Before I went natural, I had never heard of such a phenomenon. I thought I would talk about it a little bit today.
Generally a pre-shampooing treatment is some sort of oil (like olive oil for example) used on the hair before shampooing or co-washing. It didn’t make sense to me at first because I thought “Why am I putting something in my hair that is immediately going to wash out?” Then I did a little research. put it best: It protects your hair from drying out during the shampooing process. If you think about it, what are you actually shampooing? You are shampooing your scalp, not your hair really. It’s protecting your hair from the harsh drying chemicals in shampoo. They also make the point that natural curly hair kind of works like a sponge.
Think about the sponge you get from the supermarket. Go home and try to clean stuff with it straight off the bat. It’s not going to work well is it? Why? Because, sponges have to be moistened; it is sort of the same with our hair. Conditioner will be absorbed more in the hair if you pre-poo.
Lately I have been pre-pooing using Moroccanoil’s Oil Treatment. I pre-poo my hair at night, and in the morning I take my shower and wash. Moroccanoil’s Treatment is thick, and a little bit does my whole head of hair. I wrap my hair up at night. I’ve been feeling a difference. My hair is softer and more manageable.
I do not pre-poo everyday. I don’t have time for it, sometimes I forget. But I do notice a difference when I do. So once again I ask you, do you pre-poo?


                                                 (Took this with my DSLR)

Now for you girls who have no clue what the title is about, no worries. I am not here today to talk about any bodily functions.

Pre-pooing is short for Pre-Shampooing. I don't know much about it, and I plan on doing some research on it.

What I want to know is.. do you pre-poo?

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