A Short Peak at 22 Jump Street

If you loved the first movie because it was absolutely ridiculous and stupid, well then, the second one will not disappoint you. It is hilarious and pokes fun at itself at every moment. The true genius of the film is how it makes fun of the fact that it is the sequel and tropes of all sequels. This is the kind of movie that you go to see when you want to check out for a couple of hours and not have to think.

The boys are back, and, now, Schmidt and Jenko are headed to college. The love from the first movie that the boys had carries over to higher education and is challenged with new goals, new covers, and a new case. They have a new drug to investigate, but for Jenko, it seems to be the exact same thing that he did with the last case. Jenko is looking for change, a change that Schmidt may not be ready for. The roles are reversed for the two cops, but this time they may not be able to make it through.

They use the same delicate care with the jokes as they did in the first movie. The best jokes come from the tiniest details and the commitment they have to the jokes. The best running gag throughout the movie is the care and detail they take to point out that this film is a sequel. Every trope that usually associated with a sequel gets brought forth and is completely ridiculed. This goes on throughout the entire movie and sneaks up at you. They just don’t take the movie completely serious, and that is the charm.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill keep the comedic chemistry for this round. While many recognize Tatum for his good looks and dancing skills, I personally have never been a huge of his acting skills. I think that he has a lot of work to do in that department where drama acting is concerned. What he has proven to me is that he can handle comedy extremely well. He pulls off the dry humor needed for this movie. It was the main thing that caused me worry with the first movie. He has proven to me that he can do comedy, and that it was not a fluke in the first film. I will be forever sold on any comedy that he does.

It is chock full of stupidity and random jokes that don’t really fit into anything, but somehow work. G for the laugh. Go for the entertainment. It is summer and this is the perfect movie to watch in the nice air conditioned theater. I would tell you more about the movie, but I would be giving too many of the jokes away, and where’s the fun in that?