New Phone Blues

I need a new phone. This sucks.

For those of you not in the know I am currently rocking a Nexus 4. It is getting older so, it is becoming less and less compatible with programs, and updates that come out. Plus, the past couple of years I have gotten used to listening to  a lot of podcasts. I do not have a lot of space on this thing. With all my apps, pictures, and podcasts I am frequently running out of space. I have like 15 gigs. The majority of my time is spent on my phone (as opposed to my laptop) so I tend to run out of space fairly quickly. I am sitting here researching phones and I have a list of things I want. So far here is what we got:

  1. Android platform
  2. At least 32 gigs of space (prefer 64 or even higher)
  3. Fast processing speeds
  4. One of the more popular ones, so that I have a distinct choice in cases

Typically I leave phone decisions to my husband. He is a better researcher than I am. However I am learning that we value different things in phones. I use a lot of different game apps, and he has no interest in them. I take a lot of pictures, he does not. So what in the world does it look like handing off the choice of phones to someone who doesn’t do any of the things that I do?!

Thing is, I hate researching. I tend to get overwhelmed very easily. But I am going to suck it up and do it. Because I need a new phone.

To Henna or not to Henna

 First off, thanks to everyone who entered the contest! I will tally entries later on today and use to announce a winner tomorrow! yay!

So, I purchased some henna a couple weeks ago. 

So here is the problem I am running into. I found a ton of articles on the type of henna you should get (body art quality) and what to avoid (any henna that says it will turn your hair a color other than the reddish color that henna is supposed to be). However, I am finding different ways to approach the usage of the henna. Worse, I am finding that you may end up with a permanently stained bathtub. Guys, we just bought this house. I do not want my bathrooms stained! I have to do some more research before I apply this stuff to my head. 

(The kind I purchased)
In other random news. I wish my nose would fall off. Seriously. It can take my stinkin' sinuses with it. With the weather change comes the allergies. I have a constant headache during this time. It is killer. I hope you guys are having a fabulous labor day and that you are rebelling and wearing white! I am.. It's got stripes on it, but it is still mainly white! yay!