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Earring Haul


I was bored sometime last week, and looking for some earrings, so naturally I went to Sarenzo’s Beads. I have been eyeballing her thread earrings for a while now, and finally picked up a pair.


Isn’t that cute?

I also got these large wooden ones. Jeff says they look like wagon wheels. He is very anti big earrings. But that will never stop me.


When I opened my package There was an additional set of earrings in there. She has a deal where you buy a certain amount you get one free. I am not 100% sure I reached that amount, or if she was just being extra sweet (because she is a total sweetheart), but these were in there and I love them very much! There were actually the first ones out of the three that I wore.


Love them!

The one in which a person with special needs screamed at me.

Hey Guys!

The semester is wrapping up here, and even though I do have classes for the summer semester, it will hopefully be nowhere near as hectic as my life is now. 5 classes? Never again I say. NEVER. AGAIN.

My title is an interesting one, I know. Let me explain. In March I did a haul entry, showing you some things I purchased. Here is the entry. I finally got a chance to wear the earrings from Sarenzo's beads. They are huge. I think they are adorable. They set off my fro nicely when it is stretched.  My husband thinks otherwise. He was teasing me for wearing them. We went to the grocery store, because we have nothing in the house to eat. The grocery store that is nearest to us, his mom works at. We stopped in her department to talk to her for a minute. All of a sudden a noise had me jumping out of my skin.


I whirl around to see a lady about my height staring at me in wonderment. I am generally not self conscious, but people make me anxious so I took a step back.

I glance over at Jeff, he's trying really hard not to smile, and so is his mom.

I glance back at her and say thank you. Jeff's mom introduces me as her daughter in law. The lady stops and stammers. She is so embarassed. She apologizes and I feel bad for making her feel bad. You can tell she has some sort of issue. She slinks off, and Jeff goes "You see what you did with your earrings? You made another person feel bad!" He then busts up laughing.

I just kind of.. scamper off. This is my life people.

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Contest here! Yay!

Finally! Are you excited?

The top prize winner wins the headband/hair accessory that I showcased in this video from Sarenzo's Beads!


Two additional winners will recieve a satin pillow case.

The Rules:

Very simple really. Head over to Sarenzo's Beads and look around. Tell me in a comment below what you would love to own from her collection.

That's it!
One entry per person.

Winner will be announced 2/12/2011.
The first person I draw wins the accessory, the next two win the pillow cases!

Good luck!

They are getting better.

My two strand twists are getting better. They are getting to the point where I would wear them outside without a hat. They looked better last night when I was doing them while watching Battlestar Galactica ( We are on season 2.5.. don't tell me ANYTHING). I have slept on them since then, and for some reason, I always get a couple of wonky twists after sleeping.

You see the one to the left? The one that is doing the little Schemer half curl (if you have never watched Thomas the Tank Engine with George Carlin,  you may not get that)? Those drive me crazy!
This is just me pulling down on them to show you how long they are.
My hair is getting longer people! Not as fast as I might like, but it is getting longer. The back of my hair is shoulder length. The entire time I was relaxed, my hair was NEVER shoulder length. I couldn't take care of relaxed hair. I wouldn't go get relaxers when it was time. My hair would ALWAYS break off. My hair, on a good month/year would hit earlobe length. 
I really really want enough hair to do a bun. Who knows, maybe if I stretch out my hair, I might have enough hair to do a bun. I don't know. I will have to check out some youtube vids on it. Do you guys have any bun tutorial reccommendations?
Stay tuned this week, I will be having a giveaway for a beautiful hair time from Sarenzo's Beads, and a couple of other goodies!

Just did not have the time

While I said I did not have the time to write a blog, honestly, with all the time it took to process this video on youtube, I could have probably written a blog. Any way, here it is, in all of its glory. Please comment, rate, or review or all of the above!