The first day back.

Today is my first day back to school from winter vacation. I miss winter vacation already. Is that sad?

I want to thank everyone that commented on my last entry . It has been rough going over here. I know that i desparately need to protective style my hair. After I get done with this entry, I am going to go ahead and bust out the two strand twists. I am so sick of my hair feeling this way. This weekend I plan on doing a henna gloss that Tasha from Belle Butters  uses. You can see her youtube video of it here. I actually have some time today before class (I have one class in the evening from 6-8:50; the rest of my classes are online), so I may actually lovingly part my hair and be precise with the twists. Have any of you ever added hair to your two strand twists? I thought about doing that. I thought that might be cute.  If you have any tips, ideas, or thoughts on it, let me know.

In other hair news, I have been using a tangle teezer. I have seen a lot of the vlogs on youtube talking about it, and decided to get my hands on one. I will be doing a review about it this week.

I hope everyone is staying warm and keeping some love on your hair!

Happy New Years Everyone!

I hope everyone had a better holiday season than I did. Christmas ended up being okay, as I did not get sick until a day or two after Christmas. I was a hot mess. Eventually that cleared up, and I thought I was okay. Not so much. Right now I am still battling a wicked cold and the weirdest sore throat I have ever had in my life. During the day it is very mild. I keep having to clear my throat, no big right? Well around 5 pm, my right tonsil starts to swell, and it is incredibly painful. i have to pop two ibuprofin and suck on a couple of popsicles. Nuts!

You know how you get sick, and then shortly after taking a shower, you feel as if you can take on the world? That was me yesterday.

Isn't my turbie twist fabulous!? While sick, I found this etsy website by a woman called swarthy daisy. She was taking her business offline, so everything was 25% off. I got a ton of natural hair items, clips, combs, that wonderful turbie twist,  and a t-shirt! Let me show you a pic 
Darling isn it? I won't look like that on me, as I am *cough* a chubbikin. 
She is no longer in business online, but here is a link to her blog.
In other news, I am sure most of you by now have seen this video:
The girl who made it is totally ADORABLE. I just want to pinch her cheeks! She isn't a one trick pony either. She has a page on Facebook called  Shrink, Grow, and Learn where she talks about natural hair and showcases her other videos. Check her out!

In another twist, yesterday was Natural Hair day on twitter. I found this on CharyJay's (Shrink Grow and Learn) Facebook page. I thought it was interesting. The girl had a point.

Alright, I have to get dressed, get the dogs out, and get my desk cleaned up. I have one more week before school starts. and I want my desk cleared up so I have some place to actually work. LOL. Oh! So, my natural hair anniversary was some time in November. I had been working on a video, but I needed to set up my camera to capture the last part. I couldn't get the angle right with my little camera. I finally am going to have a working webcam with a mic here soon, so I will be able to finish that up (two months late).

I’m a bum, feel free to flog me.

The Gift
Susan Boyle has more class than me..

I've left you guys hanging, and I am sorry. This is a really insane time of year right now. I just finished off an 11 page paper for school. It is a beauty. It is my personal ethics action plan. I have a test tonight and then I am done with the semester! YAY! 3 more semesters (approx) to go!

I'll be back next week with a review of products from Pooka Pure and Simple , a friend's hair crisis (I hope you guys can help, because I have no clue.), and just random goodies from me! I hope the holiday season is treating you well, love all your family! At least the family you love anyway.

Advertising your blog, but being shy.

For those of you that do not know, I go to school. I am at IUPUI here in Indianapolis, Indiana. Every Monday and Wednesday I am in the same building. I see several girls with natural hair that I want to chat up. I would love to give them my card and just, shoot the breeze.

The problem?

I am sort of shy. If you know me, that's fine I am okay. But I can't just walk up to random people and start talking. I get all squeaky. Hell, it took me a month to start talking to the guy that sits next me in class. Now we are fast (in class) friends. In comparison, it took me 10 minutes to hate the girl that sits next to me (she brings luggage to class, blocking the isle and sits there asking stupid questions and cracking her knuckles.). Anyway, Does anyone else have this problem? How do you personally overcome it?

Writers Block.. Aint that a bitch?

I took a good look in the mirror at my hair yesterday. It is thick and full and I am so happy with it I could spit. I am constantly petting it. My husband is constantly petting it.

I have absolutely nothing to talk about. Unless you want to hear about my schooling. My copy editing class is fun. My business ethics class makes me want to run into a wall from the disorganization that the woman is putting me through. Trig.. is math. I hate math. I want to stab it in its beady face (you know math has a beady face.. it's math!).

In other news, I want these boots from torrid


However, I have large calves. The last time I ordered boots (not from torrid, from newport news) and they told me they were wide, they weren't. So I went to get them widened at a shoe shop. THEY BUTCHERED MY BOOT! Not only did they butcher it, I STILL can't get them over a pair of skinny jeans. Let me show you my desecrated boots.

Hold for picture please.

 If you look not where my thumb is, but where my pointer finger is, there was the little stretch that the boot maker gave the boot.. These people cutt the fabric in a giant V and sloppily stitched in some black stretchy stuff.. MY BOOTS ARE A CARMEL COLOR! Why would you put black there? Does that even make sense? I can't even wear these with skirts now, because it looks so tacky. I just wear them under jeans really, which defeated the purpose of those damn boots.

*deep breath*

I should really get dressed and take the dogs out and maybe even try and clean my craft room. It doesn't look like a craft room. It looks like a junk/trash/clothing room. I look like I should be on an episode of Hoarders.

Speaking of which did anyone watch it last night? What about the old woman that was pooping in bags? *GAG*

Alright I am out. I am reviewing products currently and I promise these nonsensical ramblings will take a backseat soon.