The Vampy 10

Fright Night


You can easily choose either the original or the recent remake. Don’t start throwing things at me. I love the original, but I thought the remake was a pleasant homage to the first film. While both versions are known for their humor, they are both still really good vampire movies. The original one likes to play with the more gory practical effects of the time. The newer one leans on the story which is wonderfully refreshing.



Yes, Keanu Reeve’s performance is an accent change from Ted “Theodore” Logan, but, dammit, don’t you continue to suffer through his and Winona Ryder’s acting skills just see Gary Oldman over and over again. I do all the damn time. I love that man. It doesn’t exactly fallow Bram Stoker’s novel, but it is the closest interpretation we have in the film world. Frances Ford Coppola just has this wonderful knack of storytelling with his films that this classic novel more than benefited from.

Interview With The Vampire


For some individuals, this was the first real introduction to Brad Pitt as a leading frontman. Hell, this is where we get a first glimpse of Kirsten Dunst. The new generations may have the Twilight, but we had Louis, first, and a crazy Tom Cruise, even then.

30 Days of Night


This was a fantastic little vampire film that popped out of 2007. The story takes advantage of the geography and sun placement of the northern hemisphere. Alaska goes through a period during the winter where the hours of daylight slowly wither away to nothing at the winter solstice. What better place for a vampire to hang out than in a place that doesn’t have that pesky daylight. It is a great story and can be pretty terrifying.

Let the Right One In


America made its own version of this movie called Let Me In. It was a good show, but this original version from Sweden is scores better. It isn’t what I would call a scare driven movie, but more of psychological thriller. The Swedish version tends to be more raw and realistic than the American one, but either is still pretty decent and worth a watch.



Say what you will about Wesley Snipes, but this is one comic book movie that did more than work. I mean, Kris Kristofferson plays Whistler, need I say more. Yes, I not only enjoy the trilogy as a whole, but I do indeed enjoy the third installment. I loved Parker Posey and Ryan Reynolds in that movie.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer


It is has been said by Joss Whedon, himself, that this film was crap. That is why he felt the need to make the television series. While I am thoroughly glad that he did follow that path, I was young enough to enjoy this movie when it came out. Thus, like many of the shitty 80’s films I still love, I established a nostalgic bond of not knowing any better and think this movie is hilarious. Paul Reuben’s death scene? Fantastic!

From Dusk Till Dawn


What else do Tarantino and Rodriguez fans love more than that their movies? Movies that they team up to make! It is gory, funny, action packed, and interesting all rolled into a nice little ball. Those that know me, know I have snake issues. This posed a challenge throughout several parts of the film for me, but with some strategic eye covering I managed through.

Dracula 2000

dracula 2000

Hear me out. Yes I know Vitamin C was in this movie, but she does not drown out the fact that Gerard Butler and Johnny Lee Miller are in this movie. I love me some Johnny Lee Miller. I have been watching that man since Trainspotting and Hackers. I digress. So why did I add this movie, because of an interesting plot twist the movie uses when it goes into Dracula’s origin. It was so new and different that I continue to watch this movie even now. It also features random ass cameos. Long before he was the crazy preacher man, Caleb, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nathan Fillion was prepping for his role in this film. Maybe that's why Caleb went so crazy.

The Lost Boys


Of course this would make the list. It is epic, isn’t it? This was the first introduction to vampires and vampire rules for most of us growing up. This was our first Coreys movie. We got to see what Bill S. Preston would be like with fangs. Kiefer Sutherland was weirdly hot and terrifying all at the same time. Plus it had the best damn crazy grandpa ever. This movie taught me a lot about peer pressure and that some girls are just not worth it.

Wish List Friday

We are going to try a out a new post here at Geeky Girl's Guide to Life! Wish List Friday!

Now Les and myself are huge geeks, but unfortunately we can't always have everything we want. We can always wish for it! Every Friday we will feature something that we wish we could have and a brief reason for why. I invite you, the readers to send us some things that you would love to have, and we would love to feature them.

Today is my something from my wish list, and something that is slowly starting to grow into an obsession. I can't help it they are soooo cute. Then they had to go and do my all time favorite TV show. I just found out that the good people of Funko Pop have made a Buffy the Vampire Slayer line.

Funko Pop Buffy Line

Funko Pop Buffy Line

While I would love to have them all and am bummed that Xander didn't make the cut, I would settle for a Buffy and Angel. Yes, I am a Buffy/Angel shipper. I love Spike, but that's not her man.

My own current Funko Pop collection at the office has grown from my original She-Ra and Phoenix, but I think my boss would kill me if I brought in anymore. I will just have to buy shelves for the apartment like any other good nerd.

What are your thoughts? Do you want them also?