The Craft

Genre: Horror/Fantasy

Director: Andrew Fleming

Screenplay: Peter Filardi and Andrew Fleming

Starring: Robin Tunney, Fairuza Baulk, Neve Campbell, Rachel True, and Skeet Ulrich

Sarah and her family move to a new town so that she can make a fresh start. The first girls to befriend her are the outcasts at school. Feeling like an outcast herself, Sarah believes that she has found her place. Her new friends invite her to join in on their extracurricular activity, witchcraft. The girls will soon learn that while some power can be good other power can be quite seductive and evil.

So, first, I want to say that the film is okay. This was one of the movies that was a dirty little secret when I was a tween. My friends and I would watch it thinking how cool it would be if we had powers. Let me place a disclaimer here to ensure my fine audience that I meant the last statement in a purely imaginative sense. I never actively pursued it myself, the main reason being that it was just a movie. That being said this movie was more of a cult favorite of mine when I was young and was still too naïve to really care about the story and the acting.

Acting and story in this film are nothing to skip around about, but it did introduce a lot of young actors of the time. We learned that the little girl, Fairuza Baulk, from Return to Oz, can be one crazy bia. Robin Tunney had bad Rachel hair before she ended up on The Mentalist. Neve Campbell was always doomed to play emotional distraught characters. And finally, Skeet Ulrich didn’t always have the long, greasy hair that girls swooned over after watching Scream. I would like to note that I was not one of these girls, because the whole brutal killer mantle was not something that was attractive to me.

I give this film 2 Buttery Kernals.

Coming Soon: The Unborn