The Crazies-Stu

The Crazies

Directed: Breck Eisner

Starring Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell and crazy towns folk

OK, so I have been slacking on these but I’m about to blow your mind. (Spoilers everywhere)

Set in middle America, a police officer and a doctor live the happy life, in a small town. It is the start of spring and the whole town is at the local baseball team’s opening day. While enjoying the swell efforts of the home team, something goes horribly wrong. A normal family man walks in from the outfield. The pitcher was doing fine, so it wasn’t a pitching change. Besides a lefty was coming up to bat and can hit a slider. This guy coming in from the outfield looks like he couldn’t close the refrigerator. (boom) The other odd thing was the man was in his 40’s. Oh yeah, he has a shotgun. So the sheriff walks out to the outfield and asks the man to politely leave, by shooting him in the face. This causes quite a stir in the small community. They thought he was just drunk, but here is the big twist……he was a recovered alcoholic. He hadn’t had a drink in years.
The doctor has another seemingly normal family man come in for a check up and something is not right with him either. He has been attacked by the evil plaid monster and he seems sick. Later that night, the craaaaaaazy man goes out to the barn and starts his combine, but its not even harvest . Things are getting nutty. The mom rushes out to the barn, then back in the house, then into the closet. So the man burns the house down. What is going on? The suspense is getting intense. This is followed by hunters finding a dead pilot in the woods. But there isn’t an airport around. No, no this doesn’t make any sense. So now more people are turning into crazy zombie like creatures. They were victims of a government experiment went wrong.

This movie was though it was set in the 1950’s, but with guns, cars, cell phones, and techmollogy. SO this movie had no real great moments. It had some gore and some shooting and a decent car wash scene, but overall you are better off watching a real zombie movie or 28 Days Later.

I give this movie 1 ½ bloody hand prints