There Is Such a Thing as Point Break Live


I recently traveled to Los Angeles to visit some friends. They had a full weekend planned for me. There were some touristy things like a road trip to Santa Barbara, which was gorgeous. Also, was honored to have the best Mexican food I have ever had in Santa Barabara. Simply fantastic.

However, the most amusing event planned for my weekend was attending a stage version of the film Point Blank. If you take the movie seriously, which is difficult for myself to fathom, then this presentation will probably not be something you want to spend an evening doing. If you love the movie and think it gets more ridiculous every time you watch it, this is definitely something you need to do without question. This is the stuff of bucket lists, people.

Point Break Live is a wonderful, immersive experience of insanity. You know what kind of game you are in for, when you are advised to purchase a poncho. Warning, this isn’t the kind of evening you plan to look cute for. Wear something that you won’t exactly mind getting blood stains on. It’s okay. It’s only fake blood.

We start the show with a very important task, choosing a Keanu Reeves for the night. That’s right, one lucky man will be plucked from the audience and after a series of grueling challenges will emerge from the masses holding the crown of one Johnny Utah. I imagine the same casting accreditation happened to Mr. Reeves when he originally auditioned for the role.

Once we had our ponchos and a Keanu, we were good to start the show, and what a show and farce it was. I wasn’t kidding when I said the show was immersive. Everybody in the audience becomes a part of the game, hence the recommendation of ponchos. You will definitely get hit by water, maybe some blood, and maybe some stuff you would really feel better not defining. Tips for future audience members. If don’t like being center of attention or the ass of the joke, then avoid the front row or VIP sections. However, if you want to set your friends up and have a story that will last a lifetime, that is exactly where you want to sit. The actors will hit these areas the hardest.

My friends and I did our homework for the show. I probably haven’t seen this movie in like ten years, so a refresher was definitely needed. Having watched it again, though, brought up some concerning questions. No, I am not talking about the plot in general. I am talking about how this little group of actors was going perform certain scenes. For example, the sky diving scene. I was pretty doubtful of their ability to pull that off on a stage. Oh they do it, ladies and gents, they very much pull it off. Hilarious at that, as well. There is also a moment where the streets of good old Hollywood get utilized… It is truly hysterical, but probably terrifying for that random driver or pedestrian that gets surprised by the event.

I don’t really want to reveal too much. The plot is pretty much blown for you, so there has to be some kind of mystery that pulls you in. This is the kind of show you go to for a good laugh and most definitely a good time. I fully recommend Point Break Live to anyone that happens to be in the LA area and finds themselves with the opportunity. The company also stated that they do a parody of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, called, Terminator Too Judgment Play. I really want to see this one now as well! If any of you, my lovely readers, happen upon Terminator or hell get to see this little show, let me know how it went!